His and Her Questions

So this was interesting because this clued me in that my hubby isn't interested in my blog - now don't get me wrong he encourages me to do, he loves that I found something I love to do - ahh that is the answer because I am doing it not him not his passion. Geez having him answer the below questions were like pulling teeth. Now he smiles for all of my ridiculous pictures, he is my camera taker and he knows not to bite into his plate until he knows if I am going to do a post about- so really it doesn't get any better then that PLUS he gets to live and experience all of this stuff first hand! And he is still happily married to me - another big plus!

So this may be the last his And hers, we will see.

What is something weird your spouse does while asleep?
His: I don't know I am asleep before her. 
Her: OMG where do I start he snores, he jerks, he grinds his teeth, he tosses and turns, he sweats, the list is pretty endless.

Which of the 7 deadly sins are you? (anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony)
His: pride when I asked why he said really - takes pride in taking care of the things we own - house, vehicles, yard, quads, trailer 
Her: Gluttony for punishment - is that the right meaning???

What was your favorite hiding place as a kid?
His: I didn't have a hiding place. 
Her: I lived on a farm so anywhere behind the big gates or in the cypress trees. 

What music artist do you love that your other half hates listening to?
His: talk radio kfi 640
Her: Um since being with me I think he has embraced my love for Country.

What has your other half recently done that made you love them 
Him: being there for me during the death of my father 
Her: He forced me to admit that I just have too much on my plate and he helped me stick to the decision of cutting back. 

What is your favorite hole-in-the-wall place to eat? (or favorite restaurant in general)
His: Buffalo wild wings
Her: I love fresh chinese food and panera bread with a little Tio's mexican taco tuesdays.

What do you admire most about your significant other?
His: her unending drive to do everything for herself me and our children 
Her: How well he puts up with me and my craziness. That is true happiness! HE is always there for me and loves me despite it all.
Ideally, where would you like to be 5 years from now?
His: Debt free
Her: Debt free and slowing down a little.

Who wears the pants?
His: Me as I laugh 
Her: I would love to say that he does or actually really I do but we do communicate and make decisions to together. I am more aggresive then he is in starting the process.

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  1. haha this is funny. I didn't know you grew up on a farm. I guess I learn something new about you everyday. Love. I might have to have my hubby do this as well.


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