Hi Followers, Individuals that comment and Readers,

I wanted to let all of you know that I read EVERY comment and I reply to EVERY comment.
Well I just found out yesterday that when I reply on my actual blog you don't see it (learning things everyday).
So yesterday one of my loyal friends, follower and reader told me that she never sees my replies??? What are you serious???
She then helped me set up my account that I receive emails for every comment and hopefully you have your email hooked up to your comments so you and I can strike up a conversation or at the least you can see that I am so grateful for your comments that I REPLY to them all.
So if you have commented in the past - check back at the post and see my reply OR BETTER yet continue to comment and you will see me back in your inbox!!
Thank you to each and everyone of you!! My short time in this blog community has been so uplifting.
I appreciate your time, your comments, your encouragement and your following abilities (sometimes my brain is a little pinball machine style).

So as I start this THURSDAY I am THANKFUL for you, for your words and for your support!!

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