Being the DD

My brother just turned 24 and this year he decided to have a themed birthday party - 80's workout theme.

Now before I met my wonderful husband (wait to see what I say about him at the end of this post) I would have stayed clear of dressing up for anything - but he loves to get in the spirit and despite my kicking and screaming - yeah right the instance I heard the theme I was on etsy for ideas.

So with our outfits on and ready to party.... Wait before this the hubby asked me to be the DD this time - typically it is him and me with my merLOT!

So this year good ole me did not take one sip of any liquor except water!

So why the HE** am I waking up feeling like crap? Feeling like I have a hangover, having to use the bathroom, pounding headache - wth???

I blame this all on my hubby and him wanting me to be the dd! Argh ... Well let me tell you he will be the dd from now on - jerk (ok with that vented and put in writing here are a few pictures from the party). And he told me he feels fine , of course! Argh

The party was actually a lot of fun - you can't go wrong with family and friends and a few games - musical chairs, twister and freeze dance - I kicked ass on the freeze dance!

Gettin fresh 
The happy 80's couple

my brother's gf doesn't like shots - hehe

two of my FAV men - my hubby and my brother


the guest of honor - the birthday boy!

Party animals

Brother and Sister FOREVER

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