A little dress thing

Lately I have been in love with dresses. I have always been a skirt girl because you get to break up the body image. I have stayed away from anything that I thought would accent the middle section.

Well I picked up this dress and fell in love. Add a few accessories and bam cute outfit!

The dress is from Target and the little cardigan is from Kohls.

And I wanted to post a picture of my work photographer - my dear friend. He is subjected to all of my clothing nonsense when all he cares about is video games and t-shirts. But he is a sweety!
Can't you tell that he is so EXCITED to help me out???

So on this Friday I want to wish everyone a wonderful LABOR DAY and hopefully we all have a little fun, relaxation, friends and family time planned!!!


  1. Awe what a sweet guy! And I must say he takes wonderful photos as well. OH and LOVE the dress! I need to shop at Khols more, but I did find a few cute things at Target the other day.

  2. I love that maxi dress, you look so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up to Sunday Style :)

    P.S. My photographer is the same way, haha.


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