My style a little feisty

I am giving HIGH Fives about:

1. Me and my better fiesty mood today.

Sometimes you just have to get up and make the day the best you can. Today I am feeling feisty and ready to tackle on the world - until the end of the workday of course. Then it is time for family time and the Olympics.

Today I went for fiery red and bold black. NOW first off I think even 6 months ago I would have never wore this outfit but times are changing my confidence is building and I am enjoying being ME so I want it to reflect out side to!

The pants and shirts are from Marshall's at a total of 30 bucks.
The sandals are old and cost probably 15 dollars.
Throw in my new necklace (I won not and I love it - it has a verse from a song that is me to the bone - devil n her angel eyes).
Can't forget my bands for arms bracelet
I even painted my nails to match!


2. Being able to FOCUS all of my love and support to my hubby this week.

3. Family time - I know a crisis can either make a family or break it - this one is bringing us back to a spot that should never have been lost.

4. That I have stuck to my workouts and feel amazing about it - even though a certain pair of pants are just not having it.

4. Tickets are bought and we are gearing up for the Toby Keith concert.


  1. Looks awesome mama!I love the pants and the shirt and the necklace- love it all! Also glad to hear you guys are making it through everything.

    1. Thanks girlie! I was a little shocked that I actually bought them but NOW I love them. Thank you for all of your encouragement and sweet words during this time.


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