Clearing your mind...hiking

HI Everyone  - thank you so much for all of your understanding and support for my break. The reason I needed a break to stop and smell the roses and reevaluate what is important and deserves my time was the sad truth that we had a death in my husband's family. I don't think death can truly ever come at a good time or you can even be prepared for it. I wanted this break so I could be with my hubby and support him in anything that we wanted to do or feel. One of the things that we love doing is hiking. We have hikes with the kids, without the kids. For this latest leg we just had an adult trip with my brother and his girlfriend.We actually got in two hikes ( I will blog about the other one soon).

Hiking is a way to clear the mind, enjoy the scenario and really focus on what is important.
What started out as a relaxing boring hike on a trail lead to us making our own path through bushes taller then us. Nothing less then an adventure with my honey. We ended up having a dirty blast! Round trip was 3.7 miles but a lot of that was straight up! We also added in my couch to 5k - that for sure was a challenge but very rewarding.

I thought I would go with the zaggora pants to get my sweat on OMG did I. If you look close enough you can tell that I worked it! - on a side note I can tell how much leaner and thinner my thighs are my pants are proving that!

I am so glad that I put my honey and his wants first. It also allowed me to refocus - I am feeling proud of myself, my hubby and our choices.


  1. That place looks so beautiful. I love to go walking! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

    1. Thank you. It was incredible! Thanks for stopping by!


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