A day of remembrance

Everyone grieves in their own way. I had told you all that I was taking a break so I could be with my hubby during this difficult time in his life. He is taking the death day by day and there Are no rules as to what to feel, how you feel or why you feel. I wanted to be by his side if he wanted to cry, to laugh, to talk - anything at all I just wanted to be there for him.

He decided he wanted to go hiking where his dad had taken him many times. We actually first did this hike last year for my birthday with my brother and his girlfriend - so we invited them along this year too. A strong support group is what he wanted. We even think this hike will be come an annual hike too!

We headed up for the beautiful hike amongst the waterfalls and shade. Being during the week there wasn't but a few people on the trail. We made it to the top in no time. At the top my hubby took a moment to reflect it was good for him to take this Moment for himself.

After our hike he wanted to go to Oak glen - a favorite of his dads. While we were eating lunch we got a unique surprise - wild peacocks just walking around - even jumping on nearby cars.

So take the time you need to do what you love, how you feel, just be you. There are NO RULES.
Grieve how you want and what you feel is for you and YOU only.

So through this time I am sticking by my man NO MATTER what.
LOVE is like that too NO RULES do what you want!

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