30 things (3) Parents

Best of Both Worlds

I was FINALLY catching up on the blogs I follow and found this. I like how she says pick what you want - you don't have to everyone.

So here it goes

I am going to start here

3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

I have a wonderful relationship with my MOM. She has been my mom, my dad, my friend ALONG with the best grandma! We do get a long great however we do have our moments. To check out a little more about my mother go check out this post!

This does say "parents" but for me I only had my mom. My dad was in an accident right before I was born and he has been disabled my entire life. He has not had an active role in my life - which makes it even harder when people say - hey you look like your dad... ahhhhh..

So there in a nutshell is my parents and my relationship with them

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