Look what I won....

I am ALL about socializing, growing my exposure and meeting new people. I can't get over the amazinness (yes I wrote that) that I have found in the blogger community. I rarely see negative marks and I have found so many people giving wonderful advise, suggestions and encouragement and even a few bloggers that have crossed over to friends. SO link up to and lets spread the happiness!!

This week I wanted to show off my outfit that I won from the give a way at From Nanny to Family from Shabby Apple!

I was BEYOND excited to win. Remember that awesome budget that we put are family on? Well IT sucks because I love to shop I love clothes - well that budget is very limited. So with this gift card I was able to buy a few things!!!

The first think I bought is not listed but was a wonderful nail polish. But my FAV find is this skirt.

Today I feel a little "teacherish" or as my photo taker said "easterish" but to me I loved it. I paired it with the bracelet I won a few months ago and I even painted my nails a beautiful shade of mint that matches perfectly (watch more on this I did my first "nail polish" swap and I loved it).

30 things (3) Parents

Best of Both Worlds

I was FINALLY catching up on the blogs I follow and found this. I like how she says pick what you want - you don't have to everyone.

So here it goes

I am going to start here

3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

I have a wonderful relationship with my MOM. She has been my mom, my dad, my friend ALONG with the best grandma! We do get a long great however we do have our moments. To check out a little more about my mother go check out this post!

This does say "parents" but for me I only had my mom. My dad was in an accident right before I was born and he has been disabled my entire life. He has not had an active role in my life - which makes it even harder when people say - hey you look like your dad... ahhhhh..

So there in a nutshell is my parents and my relationship with them

A day of remembrance

Everyone grieves in their own way. I had told you all that I was taking a break so I could be with my hubby during this difficult time in his life. He is taking the death day by day and there Are no rules as to what to feel, how you feel or why you feel. I wanted to be by his side if he wanted to cry, to laugh, to talk - anything at all I just wanted to be there for him.

He decided he wanted to go hiking where his dad had taken him many times. We actually first did this hike last year for my birthday with my brother and his girlfriend - so we invited them along this year too. A strong support group is what he wanted. We even think this hike will be come an annual hike too!

We headed up for the beautiful hike amongst the waterfalls and shade. Being during the week there wasn't but a few people on the trail. We made it to the top in no time. At the top my hubby took a moment to reflect it was good for him to take this Moment for himself.

After our hike he wanted to go to Oak glen - a favorite of his dads. While we were eating lunch we got a unique surprise - wild peacocks just walking around - even jumping on nearby cars.

So take the time you need to do what you love, how you feel, just be you. There are NO RULES.
Grieve how you want and what you feel is for you and YOU only.

So through this time I am sticking by my man NO MATTER what.
LOVE is like that too NO RULES do what you want!

My style a little feisty

I am giving HIGH Fives about:

1. Me and my better fiesty mood today.

Sometimes you just have to get up and make the day the best you can. Today I am feeling feisty and ready to tackle on the world - until the end of the workday of course. Then it is time for family time and the Olympics.

Today I went for fiery red and bold black. NOW first off I think even 6 months ago I would have never wore this outfit but times are changing my confidence is building and I am enjoying being ME so I want it to reflect out side to!

The pants and shirts are from Marshall's at a total of 30 bucks.
The sandals are old and cost probably 15 dollars.
Throw in my new necklace (I won not and I love it - it has a verse from a song that is me to the bone - devil n her angel eyes).
Can't forget my bands for arms bracelet
I even painted my nails to match!


2. Being able to FOCUS all of my love and support to my hubby this week.

3. Family time - I know a crisis can either make a family or break it - this one is bringing us back to a spot that should never have been lost.

4. That I have stuck to my workouts and feel amazing about it - even though a certain pair of pants are just not having it.

4. Tickets are bought and we are gearing up for the Toby Keith concert.

Clearing your mind...hiking

HI Everyone  - thank you so much for all of your understanding and support for my break. The reason I needed a break to stop and smell the roses and reevaluate what is important and deserves my time was the sad truth that we had a death in my husband's family. I don't think death can truly ever come at a good time or you can even be prepared for it. I wanted this break so I could be with my hubby and support him in anything that we wanted to do or feel. One of the things that we love doing is hiking. We have hikes with the kids, without the kids. For this latest leg we just had an adult trip with my brother and his girlfriend.We actually got in two hikes ( I will blog about the other one soon).

Hiking is a way to clear the mind, enjoy the scenario and really focus on what is important.
What started out as a relaxing boring hike on a trail lead to us making our own path through bushes taller then us. Nothing less then an adventure with my honey. We ended up having a dirty blast! Round trip was 3.7 miles but a lot of that was straight up! We also added in my couch to 5k - that for sure was a challenge but very rewarding.

I thought I would go with the zaggora pants to get my sweat on OMG did I. If you look close enough you can tell that I worked it! - on a side note I can tell how much leaner and thinner my thighs are my pants are proving that!

I am so glad that I put my honey and his wants first. It also allowed me to refocus - I am feeling proud of myself, my hubby and our choices.

A dash of Southern - Meet Rachel

While on this blogging community adventure I get the amazing ability to meet wonderful people. I am also able to get connections with people that leave to inspiration, friendship and support.

On this adventure I have meet Rachel so without further gossipping from me here is Rachel at A Dash of Southern please go check her out.


Hi y'all! A Dash of Southern {ruralrach.blogspot.com } has became my proud little corner in the big blogging world. I'm Rachel, a teenage girl proud to call a small town in rural North Carolina home. I'm a full time student enjoying southern living, while cooking too much food & crafting way too often. I have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up," so for now I'll stay content blogging about the do's & don'ts, and the yes's & no's. God has blessed me with an amazing life and i intend on living it to the fullest!! Feel free to stop by my blog and say hello, not only do I love communication but I love meeting new people!

Taking a break

Do you ever feel that you just need a break?

Source: theberry.com via cheryl on Pinterest

A break from giving 100% to everything, everyone?

Well ladies and gents I am there with the social media. I just need a break, I need to disconnect, I need to refocus. I need to not be glued to my computer/my phone.

I am enjoying my life so much - I love connecting to people via the blogger world, I love my twitter world BUT there is also a time that I need to step back and refocus a little. I take everything I do very seriously and I want to GIVE my all to everything/everyone I touch. So with social media I make sure that I read ALL of the blogs I follow, I enter give-a-ways, I do link-ups, I read the others in the link-ups, I reply to the lovely comments people leave me BUT I need to reboot - I need to focus a little on doing nothing - just for a short time but just to breath and not feel bad.

Twitter is the same way - I like to retweet, favorite and respond to as many people as I can.

So this week I am giving myself to my hubby and supporting him (more on this later). I am not abandoning anyone or any social media outlet but I am also not going to run and check my email, my iphone, my ipad, my twittter, my blogs - every few minutes. NOW that doesn't mean that I won't stop by over the next week but I am not putting my added pressure to have this on my to do list.

I have just about given up on facebook - except the ability that I can post instagram and my pinterst items there and of course spreading my blog!!! Baby steps people, baby steps.

So to all of my wonderful blogger friends, followers and guest bloggers. I am still here but just need a little break.

For those that I am doing guest blogs for and vice verse I would NEVER let you down no matter what is occurring in my life.

Thank you for allowing me this little break. I do appreciate all of you very much. Joining the blogger community has been one of the best leaps of faith I have taken. Be back shortly (knowing me it will be sooner then later).

Photo A Day July - Week #3

I hope everyone is enjoying this Photo A Day for the month of July as much as I am. I am seeing alot of them pop up on my instagram as well!

Are you on instagram? I am - follow me at momFITtingitallin or shareeandrade.

So week #3 what do you have in order for me????

Day 15 - Fingers - hold them up people! They were eating ice cream and had little sticky fingers!!!

Day 16 - Sign - this is my sign I want to live by

Day 17 - Your addiction - can you say iPad and iPhone - at the same time. Yikes addicted maybe just umm alittle

Day 18 - plate - with so much on my "plate" lately I have really enjoyed my runs look what I get to look at

Day 19 - animal/insect/pet - My children are my crazy #animals (don't you love how we can make any of these geared for us) - This was my birthday hug!

Day 20 - Eyes - here are the eyes of the man I love and support so much - and apparently he supports me in everything I do too because he does silly things like this for me.

Day 21 9 o'clock - My weekly routine and I am loving it!

Dinner is served - Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Bake MY STYLE

My Good friend Lindsay over at From Nanny to Family had this awesome recipe and I put a little twist on it.

I love to take recipes and turn them into my own so here it goes.

Mushroom and sun dried tomato chicken bake

3 chicken breasts - I beat my flat
1/2 c milk
25 vegetable wheat thins - smash them up
Dried parsley
Pam spray
Shred 4 cheese 1 cup

Put the milk, cheese and smashed up wheat thins in 3 different bowls. First dip the chicken in the milk, then the cheese, then the crackers. Put them on a pam sprayed pan and then I put a little more cheese on top of them and sprinkle pepper and parsley on top and cover it with tinfoil for 30 minutes. Uncover it and cook for 10 minutes

Cook at 400 degrees for 45 minutes

Mushrooms - slices
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Green onions -diced
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 tablespoon of sour cream - nonfat

Put everything in a skillet and saute. After the veggies are sauteed add the cream of chicken soup and sour cream on low.

When the chicken is done put in on your plate and pour the mushroom sauce over it.

I paired our dinner with a fresh garden salad and Mediterranean pasta (from my surprise party).

Delicious - thanks Lindsay for the inspiration for me to turn into MY STYLE.

Fridays Letters - mainly the boy this time

I am so happy it is FRIDAY. This week went by in a blur and do you know that that means we are only 2 weeks away from our boy starting school. This week the boy FINALLY had an amazing day at school so we could take him school shopping. What an experience. Now we are in the mind set to pay CASH for everything. So we have a budgeted amount of money for the kids each month. In anticipation of school shopping we have also sold a few items on craigslist that we don't need anymore. So we walked into Kohl's with cash, coupons and giftcards. This year the boy is into Angry Birds, Mario Brothers and anything Tony Hawk - we were in luck.

We were able to walk out with a total of 19 items for the boy 1 shirt for the girl and 1 birthday gift for our nephew for a grand total of $168.59. HOWEVER, the best part is seeing the savings amount at the bottom of the receipt $272.61 dollars. So to get this great deal we paid with our Kohl's credit card and then paid it off on the spot with our cash! To top it off I have a $30 KOHL's cash and 15% off so momma is going back to get a shirt I was eye-balling - I went back and got it oh yeah!!!

Now it wouldn't have been me if I didn't make the boy try on EVERYTHING and take a picture for your wonderful people to see how cute he is, his clothes and his personality!

So FRIDAY thank you for being here.
So BIRTHDAY thank you for being awesome.
So SON thank you for being good so we could spoil you with amazing clothes for school.
So BLOGGER community have an amazing weekend!
So COUCH to 5K thank you for another great week of workouts - adding another session tonight.
SO HUBBY thank you for being you and making this year more amazing then last year PLUS no drama!!!!
So FACEBOOK friends, TWITTER, TEXT thank you for allowoing all of the Happy Birthday Wishes to come through made my day even better!
So WEEKEND be refreshing, lonnnggg and slow.

Random Thursday - My Celebrity Look-alikes

I wasn't going to post this at first but hey with the Celebrities they gave me HELLO.

Getting this outcome made me day even sweeter!!

Very random yet very inspiring!!!

Who wouldn't want to be like Jennifer Aniston - Rachel!!
Sarah Michelle Gellar!!!

Randomness bonus today!!

It's OK Being Me Being Happy

Today I am saying It's Ok Being Me Being Happy!!!!!!

Its Ok Thursdays

Well I woke up a older me! I am appreciating everything in my life right now. I have to say the older I get the better I feel: emotionally, physically, mentally, confidence, financially, career wise, and the list can go on.

I believe in life there will always be someone happier then you, sadder then you, skinner then you, fatter then you, healthier then you, make more money then you, make less money then you BUT as I get older I am okay with that because I am happy with ME.

It has taken a broken rocky road to get me here and I am learning to embrace the downs as much as the ups (oh I hope my therapist reads this hehe). Growing older is growing wiser for me. I am caring less about what others say and feel and FOCUSING more on me and my family.

Don't confuse my self-confidence as a bashing story for others far from it but I want to enjoy myself instead of others telling me I shouldn't be happy for my self because others are going through a rough spot. I have been in rough spots and had things happen in my life that sucked but I never wanted to take someone else's happiness away. For example when we were trying to get pregnant and couldn't our dear friends got pregnant the first month they tried and we were so happy for them - why would I NOT want them to be pregnant and be happy about it? That is silly.

So as I sit here the ripe old age of 32 I am seriously saying and feeling that i am happy.

And today that is what matters. So happy birthday to me!

It's Ok that I woke up to many text messages and facebook posts wishing me a happy birthday that just brightened my day even more.

It's OK that I am happy!

It's OK that I LOVE LOVE my birthday.

It's OK that I am wishing myself a wonderful day!

So What Wednesdays - SURPRISE

So what that I am a big kid and LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday.

So what that I LOVE presents - giving them AND receiving them- who doesn't.

So what that I DON'T Like surprises - this is because I start hearing little tid bits here and there and I have control issues people.

SO WHAT that my hubby and his mother pulled off  an amazing SURPRISE for me and I was actually shocked and excited for it.

SO WHAT here is the detailed version of my SURPRISE....

This weekend was filled with surprises - great surprises!

We have an out of country relative in so a meet and greet party was planned and sent out! We arrived and to my surprise they had kept a secret from me the party was for my birthday! My mom , brother and his gf were there along with my hubbies family! Talk about shock! I was so happy. They had decorations, a cake with my picture on it, food, my fav Cuban burgers and don't forget presents!

After they said "surprise" we were all able to swim, chat, drink and just have an amazing filled day.

It was such a joy to see our kids playing and swimming - little jumping fish I tell ya.

After food and swimming we opened my presents. My mom got me my sunglasses a while ago but she still got me another gift card to target oh yeah! I also received my favorite wine and a nice candle set. And the biggest surprise was my..... iPad! Oh yeah and it came with a coach case! They had it personalized for me as well - true happiness true miracles - in reference to my hubby, my babies and my tattoos! I even got a few cards that made me tear up!

After a day in the sun and just overwhelmed with love we got one more unexpected surprise. My mom watched our kids while we headed to the chino demolition derby! So glad we got to go. This was the most entertaining derby I have very seen. Flipped cars more then once and of course our friends family won it this year!

So with a weekend full of great surprises we let Sunday be full of nothing! We stayed at home relaxed, cleaned, played with my ipad, we even slept in until 9 am can you believe it? We did get our grocery shopping in too.