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This week on MY STYLE I thought I would tell you about a part of me that  means so much and is oh so my style. My style is my own I like what I like despite what others think (okay I would prefer people to like it but hey). One of the ways I express myself is through my TATTOOS. I choose to have all of my tattoos on my back - that way I can choose who gets to see them or not.

If you have read my tag line

the unspoken truth of life as a 30ish working mom and wife while having tattoos, toddlers and truth

It states toddlers - you read about them daily.
Truth - oh I tell it and live it.
Last tattoos -  yet where are they?

Well here you go and let me tell you my journey with them.

ALL of my tattoos hold significance to me and I have generally got a tattoo when a major thing was happening in my life.

My very first tattoo is the one on the far bottom right - two hearts together one has a devils tail and one has a devil horns. My gff and I were both going through our divorces in early 2004 this was a period of time that I went for it - I went out, I went out on dates, I went out drinking - I was finally living the 21's (at a later age). One drunken night that we thought yes TATTOOS are what we need. We found a tattoo shop went in all excited and eager to get this done - well you know what they won't let you get a tattoo drunk wth??? I wanted it now (really because I didn't want my encouragement to be gone and to chicken out). So we did the next best thing we made an appointment! My gff and I came back and oh boy was I nervous and it hurt. I went very small with color (as you can tell my skin holds it well).

The next tattoo came in early 2005 - I bought my condo - just me myself and I did that! I went and got the nautical star - I love red, I am born in the summer and it was freeing for me to do this on my own (my hubby/then boyfriend did move in with me).

If you can tell in my picture I wanted ALL of my tattoos to flow together eventually covering my entire back in one piece! Now the next tattoo is the heart with my hubby's name in it with the words "true happiness" in it. This came after we got married in December 2005. I was at a point in my life that I was extremely happy with ME, with my life and that in part was from his love for me! He really helped me with my true happiness. He also has my name on his back with true love and an eagle (I need to post a picture soon). Just a short time after we were married and we started trying for a family and we found out we would not have babies I went through a tough patch. I went to get professional help and I finally started to see the light behind the clouds so that is why under neath the true happiness and heart with wings is a sun breaking through the gray clouds. The tattoo was my final release of the pain and it brought LIGHT back to my happiness.

Several years went by and we ended up with two beautiful wonderful miracles. So I finally had the nerve and reason to get another tattoo. This time I wanted a LARGE tattoo - I went for the Cherry Blossom Tree ( I have been called cherries by several for a long time and my fav color is/was red)

In China the meaning of cherry blossom tattoos is represented as a sign of power. Mostly in the domination of the female persona. So if you are a strong willed female that values you freedom and liberty then the cherry blossom tattoo is perfect for you. 

This tattoo was the biggest and hardest for me to get. It hurt SO BAD. I was able to sit the first session for a little over 2 hours to get the tree and a few flowers. I actually left the first session without my babies names - the reason for the tattoo. I came back in two weeks to finish it and my body and brain did not have enough time to forget the pain so the second session he filled more in and made sure to list my "true miracles" HOWEVER I was done before the actual tattoo was finished. I think looking at it you cannot tell that it is incomplete but I want to get it finished.

If you read my My Wish List before 40 page I want to finish my tattoo so here is to getting it done (within the next 8 years).

Tattoos have been such a great outlet for me to display and feel my main emotions in life. Beauty hurts and to feel TRUE HAPPINESS you have to sometimes feel pain.

I cherish each and every tattoo so much and I would love to see yours as well.

So Please LINK UP and spread your joy, your art, your inspiration, your tattoos!


  1. I love your tattoos!! Im a big fan of having tats! I have 4 right now but have several more planned!

    1. Thank you! I love them dearly! Would love to see yours!

  2. I have one tattoo, it was for my turning 21. Its of a tiger, one of my favorite animals. When I get married I hope to add to the scenary with a male tiger and some baby cubs :) I think that is great, that your tattoos tell your story. It was nice to walk with you down memory lane.

    Stopping by from Chasing Joy's FBF.... a little late :)

  3. I'm your newest follower from the Friday Chaos blog hop. I'd love for you to stop by. I love this post on your tattoo's!

    Kimberly @

  4. Ok I LOVE your cherry blossom tattoo. I could never get a tattoo myself (I have NO tolerance for pain) but it is beautiful (my whole blog is cherry blossom themed.. it is kind of like my "signature" flower/tree). It is super gorgeous. I would totally get something like that if I ever got a tattoo..:)

  5. Awesome stories about your tattoos - this was really neat. I loved reading about them and what awesome significance. I loved reading this post today.


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