A day in my life

My days generally by in a blur. They seem to be packed from early morning to late at night - trying to FIT everything in sometimes - okay all the time - needs more hours then I have.

A typical day goes like this:

5 am up and at it. I always do a morning stretch it lets me adjust to the idea of beginning to open my eyes and the day. I have gone to taking showers at night bc it saves me time in the morning and I want every minute I can in bed plus with my workouts at night forces me to.

550 am - my first attempt in nice words to get the little ones up. I turn on all lights, pull out their clothes for the day, prepare their toothbrushes and talk to them about the day. When nice doesn't work yelling seems to.

600am - today was a good morning down stairs in record time. I gave them a morning snack and vitamins and let them watch one show before we left for school. While they do that I am eating my Multi-grain Cheerios and making my lunch for the day.

A day with smiles is always wonderful
631am - we are the road to work/school. Getting on the fwy we love to rock out with music and we talk about school and what they are doing after school today.

700am- kids are dropped off and I am ready to start my work day. Today i had two new interns start and a lot of duties to finish before I leave to Atlanta on Friday. I have one presentation, 2 lunch meetings, several legal items and bills to get paid along with safety awards. Busy week ahead of me.

Noon - today I ate at my desk so I could race to Target to get a few house items (cleaning supplies- we gave up our maid) and kids toothpaste. Stayed within our budget to and only got what was on the list!

415pm - I raced from work to school to home to get the babies ready for swim lessons - leftovers for dinner to save time!

530pm - swim lessons - woo wee we made it. They did amazing today! The boy is there! He just doesn't like to use his arms very much he would rather kick and swim underwater. The girl she loves to use both her feet and arms but doesn't like to float. A few more lessons and I think we will be set.

630pm - homeward bound for baths, clean the kitchen, read to the babies and take care of the animals.

800pm - kids headed to bed - bathroom, brushing teeth and prayers.

830pm - mom wanted to fit in excersice. The daily routine and then hit the ellpitical.

9:30 pm - almost forgot to bake strawberry cherry chocolate chip cupcakes for our daughters last cheer event tomorrow. Love to whip these up last minute.

1000pm - time for a shower (I get real sweaty using the zaggora pants - I am having a give-a-way for a chance to win one of three pairs stay tuned).

1030pm - sat down to finish my blog and catch up on reading the blogs I follow!

Well I am exhausted and my eyes are slowly closing. I am off to bed.


  1. dang girl, your day wears me out just reading about it! Showers at night are an absolute must... for sure!

    1. I use to LOVE showers in the morning BUT I love my sleep

  2. Busy busy lady you are. I look like a lazy bum compared to you, and you still get in a workout! I need to be more like you.

    I really enjoyed reading this post!

    P.S. could you please look into taking off the word verification? I think your comments would go up

    Love ya!

    1. Thanks girlie for the advice on removing the comment verfication!!! :) I can't stand that! I didn't even realize I had it!

  3. BTW yes you are normal and yes that is awesome that you fit everything in... of course this comes from your older twin (haha) two peas in the pod.

    Thanks for your blog and you are truely an inspiration so much that i'm contimplating a blog... well maybe I'll start with a jornal:)

    Oh yea btw... love your pict of Alex with that cute swim instructor (hehe)


    1. I just adore you! And that swim instructor is amazing :)

  4. Super mom!! My lazy butt would have bought some cupcakes on the way to the cheer event. :)

    And seriously, props to you for still squeezing in a workout after a jam packed day!

  5. Hey you do the nice and then yelling thing too! I think we might be soul mom sisters :) oh and I NEED that cupcake recipe...like, right now. Nommmm. U r awesome lady!

  6. The fact that you still worked out at the end of that long day is awesome! Way to go!

  7. Don't you just LOVE last minute baking - super fun:) Enjoyed reading about your day.

  8. Wow...you have to be exhausted! Can't wait to read more :)

  9. And...I'm tired now! Just reading your schedule. You are amazing girl! Thanks for sharing a little sneak peek into your life with us ;) Thanks also for linking up! Come back every other Monday!! Have an excellent week!


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