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Trying a new link-up!

Dear momFITtingitallin blog, looking over my posts I just feel so happy for doing this for myself. To have something that I put a lot of time and energy in and I appreciate every moment of it.

Dear BLOG followers of mine, thank you for reading, thank you for your advice, thank you for your comments and thank you for a few that have crossed over to a budding friendship!

Dear Friday - thank you for getting here very quickly and opening our family vacation starting tomorrow.

Dear Hubby - thank you for taking great care of our babies while I was gone to Hotlanta work trip.

Dear FAT - I would really appreciate it if you disappeared and NEVER came back.

Dear DVR, please do not crash while we are gone for vacation because I am planning an entire weekend dedicated to just you!

Dear budget - thank you for standing firm!

Dear Groupon - thank you for the amazing idea for my birthday - now I am set. Cooking 101 for me and my hubby - romantic, sweet and just us!

ZAGGORA Winners are....

The give a way winners are

Thank you everyone for entering the give-a-way! I enjoy the pants so much! Please send me your delivery information, email, size and color you want and I will get to ZAGGORA right away!

Jennifer D.
Lindsey G.

Mary HappyMommy

An unexpected amazing educational trip - instagram trip

Heading to Atlanta and leaving my family was a BIG deal for me but I knew the education that I was about to have would be worth it BUT what I didn't realize HOW much I would enjoy the education that I was going to be expierancing. My BIG bummer was that I could not share this with my family. With exploring food and local attractions I am wanting to do this with our family as well.

HOTlanta wasn't as HOT or humid as I had feared. Now don't get me wrong it was HOT but bearable. Mid 90's everyday!

Here is a little tidbit into my amazing education trip via instagram:

CNN Tour - this was not even on my to do radar but the HR people I traveled HAD to do it and it was amazing! If you are in Atlanta please go see it. You walk thru the studios, up the tallest escaltor and see live producation.

The Next stop on this train was a stop at the Coca-Cola factory. I have been to the one in Las Vegas but since this is the headquarters for Coca-Cola there was no stopping them here. I am standing with the inventor of Coca-Cola John Pemberton. NOW as you guys remember I give up soda for about 1 1/2+ years so why go? HELLO I use to LOVE Coke Zero and I have always preferred Coke over Pepsi and hello I was in Atlanta lets do this. There are over 60 flavors for you to try - that is not my thing. BUT I will tell you I tried the Coke Zero flavors. NOW don't worry I am not going back to drinking soda it just isn't my thing BUT hey I was at the headquarters! Not only did I get to SEE all of the drinks but we watched this great 4D show - reminds me of Soaring at California Adventure. So I put on my glasses and took a seat! A great ride, a little water spray and getting poked in the back!

Ok traveling with colleagues is a different experience - it isn't you guiding the ship or being too demanding or even pre-set plans. So by the time we toured both places I was STARVING. I am use to eating every few hours but they were not up for that. So finally about 2:30 we were finally getting lunch. We relied on YELP and let me tell you every food place we went to was amazing! We thought pizza! We arrived at Antico Pizza - a MOST! It is a local attraction that has the highest reviews. Now I LOVE pizza and I prefer thin crust and I was not let down here. You first walk in and you are like where do I eat? Is this for real? OH YES it is. You order your pizza as is (no special orders at this place) and you get to wait and eat right in the kitchen! It is like family seating so we actually sat next to a nice couple! The enviornment is friendly and very homemade. The PIZZA was fresh, thin crust and the best I Ever had! The 3 of us shared one pizza so I was satisfied but not stuffed!

After a great lunch we were wondering what else we could do. Well one thing the hubby and I like doing is trying local Cupcake shops and we found one - CamiCakes pretty good! Look at the ones we sampled! Hubby would have loved the Mint one!

The days are long and the HEAT and light seem to stay for awhile so with time to spare we headed to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Park. We made it just in time. We toured the vistors center, the firestation and we got to see the outside of MLK Jr's house. It was also nice to see the memorial tomb for MLK Jr and his wife. Now I have never been much of a person interested in history - bc I only seem 2 see it via books - but going and touring and reading about it AMAZING. I want to teach our kids history this way!

On Sunday I was present for the opening ceremonies and our speical guest was.... Condoleezza Rice! Now I have a favored a certain polictical pary but I don't follow the news, I don't voice things very loudly so I didn't know much about her. HOWEVER, I didn't care much about her speech but what I did enjoy is her Q&A. She was real and relatable. She made her point and her thoughts very clear and she enlightened me on a few things.

Another "educational" piece from this trip was ME time. I started this trip traveling with 1 person then add 1 more person and it was ummm hectic. I kept a smile but the first chance I got I went on my own. I ate dinner by myself, I went to the pool by myself, I went to the gym by myself, I went the the different seminars by myself, I walked the expo by myself. I actually LOVED it. Me time is nice.

So What Wednesday

- SO WHAT that I am so EAGER to get home I have been sitting at the airport HOPING and PRAYING for a stand by flight - 6 hours earlier then my actual flight - no luck yet - please pray for me ladies!

- So WHAT that my hubby told me the chicken for leftovers was dry like this: Babe it is weird I can eat hamburger meat and steak just fine but when we eat chicken it is a little hard on my throat. - Well silly leftovers do get more dried out but dually noted - you can cook for yourself - no no jk. I will make sure to marinate them longer.

- So WHAT that reading every one's comments make my day. Seriously the blogger world of friends is an amazing circle and I am so grateful for all of you!

- SO WHAT that I am addicted to twitter as well! Give me a follow @shareeandrade - twitter gives you real time help, suggestions, pick me ups and plain funny sometimes!

- So WHAT that I ALWAYS misspell "elliptical" and "exercise" and yet I use the words all the time (yes they had to be corrected in this posting as well)

- So WHAT that I am so overwhelmed and excited that my fellow blogger Friend Lindsey and I started a BLOG FRIENDS BOOK CLUB - check it out maybe you want to join!

- SO WHAT that I am checking who entered my give-a-way daily - ladies it is a good one! Check it out.

- So What that I use AMAZING a lot!

Blog Friends Book Club

Lindsey and I are starting our first book club!

After we read the Fifty Shades trilogy our world felt a little dried up and nothing felt like it would be as much fun to read as those books were. We decided to navigate through books together and then thought- why don't we invite others to join?!?!

So that's what we are doing- we are inviting all of you to join our book club.

 First book on the list is:                                            
 MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche


Description from Amazon:

 "When Rachel Bertsche first moves to Chicago, she’s thrilled to finally share a zip code, let alone an apartment, with her boyfriend. But shortly after getting married, Bertsche realizes that her new life is missing one thing: friends. Sure, she has plenty of BFFs—in New York and San Francisco and Boston and Washington, D.C. Still, in her adopted hometown, there’s no one to call at the last minute for girl talk over brunch or a reality-TV marathon over a bottle of wine. Taking matters into her own hands, Bertsche develops a plan: She’ll go on fifty-two friend-dates, one per week for a year, in hopes of meeting her new Best Friend Forever.

In her thought-provoking, uproarious memoir, Bertsche blends the story of her girl-dates (whom she meets everywhere from improv class to friend rental websites) with the latest social research to examine how difficult—and hilariously awkward—it is to make new friends as an adult. In a time when women will happily announce they need a man but are embarrassed to admit they need a BFF, Bertsche uncovers the reality that no matter how great your love life is, you’ve gotta have friends."

So join us on this reading journey. Our goal would be to read a new book every month, but sometimes life gets in the way so we shall play it by ear. All the kinks haven't been worked out yet, but I'm pretty sure we would like to offer a link-up to review the book when it is done.

Anybody want to join us on this reading journey?

***UPDATE from Lindsey***

Okay, so Sharee and I started navigating into this book last Thursday(ish) and let me tell you it SUCKS! Like it was a HUGE disappointment and I wasted $16 on it. I can't even bring myself to finish it. After the first few chapters I no longer wanted to follow Rachel on her journey to find a BFF. I get her concepts and even agree with what she is looking for, but having to read every boring detail was painful. I then thought- okay I will just read the end to see if she finds a friend. Well, it got so bad that I now no longer care if she found her BFF. Eff Rachel's search! I'm over it.

So, we am asking all of you out there- Do you have any good book recommendations? Please! We need a new book, and we would also love if you would join us in reading the new book we find.

Please, please, please shoot some ideas our way.

****UPDATE from Sharee'****

I have been a way about  a week for business so I thought this would be a great time to start and finish this book. OMG it is a very SLOW long read with little enjoyment. I can relate to her need for friends I can remember a time that I wanted MORE but since I am not in need of mass friends I don't care. Take for example Lindsey and I? We started off as blog followers, blog commenters, then email started and now we even text often. I like to text her when I do something good or about to cheat on my healthy lifestyle. I believe you should open yourself to possiblitlies - that is what I took from Rachel! So with this blog I have already found Lindsey and a few other blog pals that could turn into friendship.

So, we formed this book club to OPEN up to loves - reading new and interesting books (some our not working out) AND friendship with a common love - book club!

So grab our button and join the Blog Friends Book Club!! Any suggestions! 

Is that Normal?


Today I am linking up with Allyce over at Chalk in the Rain for Is That Normal?

1. Is it normal to lie about your age? I would say it is normal but for me I love my age I think I get better with age - almost 32!

2. Is it normal to have mistaken someone for the opposite sex? Does it count with babies? Because oh YES all the time.

3. Is it normal to go #2 in a public restroom? This is a NORMAL and yet personal question - but I don't mind at all when will I ever see these people again.

4. Is it normal to sit RIGHT NEXT TO a stranger at the movie theater? NO it isn't unless the movie theater is super packed. This bugs me about people why do they come sit right next to me.

5. Is it normal to lie about your weight? HELLZ yes! I will lie about it until I am so dang thin that I want to YELL it over the intercom!!!

6. Is it normal to sing and dance in the car?  Yes it is - I sound the best in the car and oh yeah the shower!

7. Is it normal to take self-pictures in public? With apps like instagram, facebook and twitter of course and also I am traveling so I want to send pics to my hubby!

8. Is it normal for women to have a gun license? Sure but I don't currently.

9. Is it normal to post pictures online of yourself in a bikini? NO it isn't - now family vacation pictures that I am in - in a bikini okay.

10. Is it normal to like the smell of gasoline?  OMG I LOVE it! Is that normal??? hehe

What is normal?

Guest Blog from Leah from Lovely Life of Leah

Hi Everyone - another day in HOTlanta means that another one of my wonderful blogger friends is helping me with a wonderful guest blog! I think what is funny is my two guest bloggers approached weight/fitness/inspiration and I love it because as a women I am struggling with this always. So any inspiration, real-life stories help us on this journey.
So without further chatting by me here is :

Hi I’m Leah from the Lovely Life of Leah. I’m so excited to guest post on Sharee’s blog while she’s away. Today I’m going to talk to you all about staying motivated in your diet and exercise routine. This is something we all have trouble with. Whether it’s being motivated to start eating healthy, or to start or keep working out,, it’s tough to prioritize these necessary things, when we’d rather be doing anything else in the world. Everyone knows that diet is 80% and exercise is 20% of being healthy.

What you need is to find a way to make it fun. Just like marriage, you constantly need to rekindle the *spark* you need to make that same commitment to your health and fitness. Sometimes it’s as easy as running out to target and getting a new workout outfit. Or possibly you need to invest in a personal trainer to get you moving. Maybe it’s trying a new activity like zumba or water aerobics. With fun options like this, a little time and creativity will get you going and to rekindle that *spark.*

But what if it’s not that easy? What if the reason you feel unmotivated is because of something out of control. You’ve lost your job, or suffered a miscarriage or something else terrible and unexpected and there is NO WAY you can force yourself make a healthy dinner, let alone go to the gym.

What happens when life isn’t fair?

You Keep Fighting.

We each have so much strength, it’s astounding. Whether you are religious or not, you’ve heard the saying “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.”

And it’s true.

You are stronger than you ever thought possible, both mentally and physically. You just need the right tools to get there. The most important thing for you not to do is to have self-doubt.

There is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that says,

“Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny. “

What is it that you need to do? Is it to start going or keep going to the gym? Is it to start eating healthier foods? The resources are there, you just need to look for them. The YMCA offers scholarships no matter what your financial situation is. The library offers free cookbooks and the internet where you can research healthy foods.

There is NO EXCUSE for you not to be motivated. You just need to find what it takes to rekindle your healthy *spark.*

Always an excuse

I seem to always have an excuse to fall off the "healthy" path. In part that is from me maintaining my weight for the last few years. BUT as mentioned oh I don't know 1000 times I want to be thin, be fit, be skinny according to the scale. Now I have found many things that work: weight watchers helped me get down that 40+ pounds to where I am know but this last 10-15 that I would LOVE to lose just isn't coming off. As you all read I do workout I do eat healthy more then not but still nothing. Now my needed venture the Zaggora pants are allowing my leg and tummy to be smoother and tighter but the scale isn't doing anything. The last big weight loss is when I had my to tonsils removed and had a forced cleanse. I think I lost like 8 pounds but that was due to not eating the instant I was able to eat again I went right back to me weight.

So excuses I have a million:
I am tired
I am too busy
I will do it tomorrow
I will be working
I will be traveling
I won't be with you tomorrow
It is too cold
It is too hot
I want to read
Etc.... The list goes on

I had a few eye opening feelings recently: A picture of my super amazing sister in law. She looks amazing (now mind you she is several inches taller then me). She looks hot, she is healthy, she is thin! Damn what I would do to spread my current weight over 3 more inches of height BUT since I can't I have to keep on truckin.

To further the story I was her inspiration a few years ago. With my success on ww she joined and the results are amazing. NOW she has become my inspiration!

So when she posted a pic on fb the other day - I was so proud of her and so jealous! What was I going to do to do better?

First you remember I packed my workout clothes and shoes? Oh yeah and they came out on Sunday! I worked out in the hotel bedroom for my daily routine and then I headed to the gym for more cardio. It felt great I felt good! I was so proud I myself .

Then it happened 8 o'clock and I am starving. I order room service soup and salad over an hour later nothin so I canceled it. - I went to bed hungry but that was better then eating that late someone else we helping me for sure.

I am bound to have more excuses but I want this, I need this and DAMNIT I deserve this for me for my family! Ok mainly me but still!

The next "inspiration" was during a very special moment ( I won't go any further) but it opened my eyes. It was just the kick in the ass I needed.

So even tonight I did another set of my daily routine and hit the gym again (watching Olympic trails again).

Since I always try to FIT in the healthy lifestyle I need every reinforcement I can get so today I am encouraged actually the last two days so I will take it and RUN with it!

Guest Blog from Lindsey at From Nanny to Family

Hi Everyone - as you have been reading lately I am in HOTlanta for a H R conference. While I am away a wonderful person (Lindsey) that I have been drawn to via this wonderful blog has agreed to do a guest blog for me so my little piece of the web doesn't go bare! I hope you enjoy her as much as I Do. THANK YOU Lindsey!

Without further wait here she is:

Hellllllooooooo momFITtingitallin followers! Since Sharee is away soaking up the Georgian heat I thought I would stop by and introduce myself to you all so her little slice of the internet didn't get neglected.

You can usually find me blogging at my little slice of the internet {From Nanny to Family}. I like to keep it real over there. I am pretty open and honest and if you read my blog you know that I talk about all things on my mind. On my mind lately? Weight. My weight to be specific. You know why weight is on my mind? Recently I was told that I am fat. Gasp! I know- it went a little something like this.

We were at a neighborhood BBQ and I was eating my weight in food {and drink} that night. I was feeling pretty good. The kids were leaving me alone for a minute, so I took a big gulp of my beloved riesling and sat back for what I thought would be quite awhile. I was wrong, because a few short seconds later the cutest little three year old came right up to me. She was so darling! That is until she opened her mouth.

3 year old girl: Why is your belly so fat?

Me: {horrified}

3 year old girl: {now pointing at said fat belly}

Me: Well, my belly is fat because I eat lots of food.

Me: Is your belly fat?

3 year old girl: {lifts up her dress to see her belly}

3 year old girl: No my belly no fat. You belly fat.

In comes her Mother to rescue the day. Until she only dug a deeper hole.

"Charlotte this lady's belly is fat just like Mommy's because we both have had lots of babies."

The hole is now severely deep. Her Mommy just knocked our situation from cute and funny to real.

I let it slide, because actually what I wanted to inform her Mommy is that I have NEVER EVER had a baby because I am a step-mama, so my belly is for real fat because of food- the end.

So needless to say since that darling three year old and her not so darling Mommy have pointed out my belly fat I have hit the gym. I mean not hard or anything, and I'm sure still gulping my grown up beverages isn't helping my weight any, but I suppose a little healthy{er} food, a little wine, and a little gym all even itself out somehow in the end. Am  right? I'd like to think so.

Proof that I headed to the gym- well I dressed for it. For real I did workout and that hat was a bad idea seeing as it just ended up holding all my sweat on my head and now smells. Fail.

Thanks so much for letting my stop by today Sharee! It was a real pleasure. If you would like to find out more about me and my beloved belly fat stop on by my blog and don't forget to say hello.

Ready for HOTtlanta

By the time you read this I will be in HOTtlanta, Georgia for the SHRM (Society of Human Resources) 2012 Conference. I am the President- Elect and Treasurer for the local IESHRM Chapter. I have the opportunity and honor of attending for FREE again this year. This trip will be my first to Atlanta and I am beyond excited. The trip has been booked and planned since November of last year but man did it come fast. The conference is PACKED with speakers and h r related courses.

I am proud of my packing job this time (I typically WAY over pack) : I am proud to say that I packed my daily routine workout, workout clothes, zaggora pants, tennis shoes - I plan on hitting the gym or working out in my room in between all of the seminar courses. I also packed my bathing suit for a little me and Vitamin D time. I went to the same event in Las Vegas last year were I learned that jeans and tennis shoes are a most - so much walking. So this year I brought a few nice outfits but mainly comfy/professional jean outfits and tennis shoes. I can't forget my iPhone charger, kindle and laptop just in case I have work things that need to be done AND all of this needs to fit in one suitcase and carry on OH YEAH!

As mentioned earlier I have the people in place to help with the babies and I have to remember that I will be 3 hours ahead of the babies because I want to talk to them every night!

Going away for business is a bitter sweet time. I am excited to travel to Atlanta and grow my H R knowledge and lets face it a little time to myself BUT to be away from my family (and not just a car ride away) is a little bit to worry about.

Will they be okay?  - yes they will but still
Will they be happy? - yes kids are resilient they can refocus in a heart beat
Will they be fed? - oh yes even if it isn't veggies with every meal I know they will not go hungry or live off of junk food
Will they match? (yes a concern for me) - NO they won't but for three school days that should be fine and I won't see it so that works.
Will they miss me? - I really hope so - I will send them pics and videos of me!!! And I hope that people send me some too!

In my absence I have a few wonderful Blog Followers turned into Friends that are helping with my wonderful blog and have GUEST blogs for my space on the web.

Looking forward to sharing with you my trip!

Zaggora Hot Pants - GIVE-A-WAY time

Let me tell you HEAVEN. I bought these via a groupon and it has to be my best buy EVER. I am into finding fitness that is easy, fun, time sensitive and oh yeah works and gets me results. I have been steadily working out for the last few years and hitting it harder at some moments. So when I saw these pants I was like lets try it. I am willing to try almost anything BUT I only share and promote things I like, believe in and that show results!!!

I received them in the mail and I was so excited until I opened them - they looked funky and they rubbed together when you walked WTH??? Well I put them on - LOVE THEM. The first time I wore them I just walked from my parents in laws house to ours (1.8 miles I believe) and I was feeling it. By the time I made it home I was dripping wet everywhere. I took the hotpants off and I swear it was like I peed my pants - I was that sweaty.

Day two I wanted to see how much these puppies could do. I put them on and hit our elliptical for 35 minutes at the highest settings. I had sweat again everywhere it was even rolling down my legs - again it was like I peed my pants (and rest assure I didn't pee my pants). I sweated so bad that I took them off in the bathtub and washed them there!

Day three I didn't feel much like working out (grocery list time) so I put them on after work and just did normal things around the house - laundry, dinner, working outside, preparing the menus for next week and I even slept in them. I woke up NOT as sweaty but a nice moisture that I could tell they are working. - OOPS then I read the QandA's section it said not a good idea so I have a chance to breath - dually noted for the future! But I did like putting them on when I got home just for a little extra help!

Day four I wore them to my spinning class - talk about SWEATY.

I am already noticing how my pants are fitting a little better after just 3 days. They seem to be not as tight in the thigh area so far - I am eager to see how it goes after more time. How simple is it to slip these babies on as soon as you get home even if you are just going to the supermarket or hanging at home. My next goal is to wear them while I play tennis and bike ride!

Another think I love about these pants is how smooth my skin feels after I peel them off - oh so smooth like a babies butt!

I am so excited about this product that I reached out to ZAGGORA to do a review and guess what a GIVE-A-WAY. We are doing a give-a-way for THREE pair of the Zaggora VIVA pants. You get to choose the color and size!!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Life via Instagram

WOW another post another link up - but today I am feeling HAPPY again, I am feeling good, I am looking good.

I linked up about TWITTER - big fan and now I am linking up about INSTAGRAM.

I enjoy instagram - capturing memories, sharing memories and it posts the picture directly to facebook and twitter all with one button!!!

So with out further delay here is my past week in photos:

We started our week with our off-roading trip for father's day. We had a blast!

Our daughter had her last cheer performance for the season. We will be back in August!

The kiddos brought up plants that Home Depot taught them to plant and they wanted to help dad put them in the flowerbed! Too Cute

Dressed up my jeans the other day with these bad boys! LOVE THEM.

Decided that I needed a little color in my life!

I 'WON' this on the @massageenvy twitter party!

My babies are up and ready for school and their fieldtip today. Mommy is a little bummed because I won't see them for awhile because of my work trip! So another reason this picture will stay on my phone!


Meet & Tweet Twitter Hop

Our Reflection

Social Networking is becoming one of my favorite things to do. Blogs and TWITTER top my list.

Twitter is a world that you can type something and you will get several responses to: help you, encourage you, suggest things for you, support you, make you laugh, make you cry and above all there is always someone somewhere available!!

So while I was reading my blogs today HOW COULD I PASS UP THE opportunity to do a MEET & TWEET.

I have already "followed" many!!

I am linkup with Neelly at A Complete Waste of Makeup

my twitter account is @shareeandrade

I would love to chat with you more often!!

GO link up!

Ups and DOWNS

This blog of mine is growing and helping me so much! I write because I actually enjoy it and I love sharing my experiences and reading others. On this journey called life where I am FITting it everything I have learned to focus on the positive and dwell less on the negative or not so happy moments. Well I am forewarning you the below is my writing of a bad moment, bad morning but it was a release to write about it.

Do you have days like this below?

Now I know life isn't full of pretty flowers and happy moments all the time - however I am trying to shine light on the happy and push down the unhappy moments.

BUT some days you just can't keep the unhappy down.

My mind set is one that I want to stay in my place of ZEN. Life is going well and I want to be HAPPY for that I want to embrace it and enjoy it and I seem to write about the happy often.

BUT  there are mornings like this that I just want to pull out my hair or maybe the kiddos hair. Mornings like today are the days I am praying for work to start and the kids safely dropped off at school.

I swear Tuesdays are becoming the NEW Mondays. It started out with me getting out of bed late which already put the day in motion.

The morning went like this:

The boy wouldn't get out of bed.
The girl peed while standing up in the bathroom (really why??)
Then I had to give the girl a bath.
The boy still wasn't out of bed.
The girl out and getting dressed.
OH WAIT I need to put sunblock on you - great the one day she gets her self dressed!
The girls shoes are too big - I yell just get the other pair.
The boy is dressed.
OH WAIT I need to put sunblock on you.
The girl finally puts on a pair of shoes - the wrong foot in the wrong shoe - change them.
The boy brushes his teeth - oh great toothpaste all over his face.
The girl wants to take Tinkerbell in the car - YES FINE OKAY.
The boy now wants to take his monkey in the car - YES OKAY FINE.
Can we watch a show?  NOPE we are running late - they get upset - I try to explain when you don't listen you don't get out of bed you don't get to do the fun things (same speech different day).
Can we still have a morning snack? Yes
The girl needs her hair done - only 1 rubber band mom - okay fine.
Head down stairs - PLEASE turn off ALL lights.
Mom she didn't turn off the light. So BOY you turn it off  - come on.
Snack time - check.
Packed up the cupcakes for cheer tonight.
Lunch - packed that.

THEN it happens the little girl comes to me and says mommy be happy we love you
(FYI I am crying as I write this right now).

My morning was just crappy and driving me crazy. Literally I told them please be quiet for the ride to school several times. Sometimes they are the death of me but then they do the sweet things like that and it makes me temporarily forget the craziness of this life.

So I am learning to embrace the crazy unhappiness and letting it go SUPER FAST!
Don't hold on to the feelings, the grudge - just feel it and let it go so I can get quickly back to my ZEN spot.

Is that normal???

I am taking advice from my lovely Blogger Friend Leah to post as much as I want when I feel it! Thanks Leah! A few days ago I was reading fellow blog posts and ran across this. Just Chalk in the Rain

And I think everything I do is "normal" so I thought it was fitting.

1. Is it normal to drive 5 mph over the speed limit? 10 mph?

Umm I don't know what is normal but typically if my kids fly up in the backseat I took that speed bump limit a little to high.

2. Is it normal to pick a wedgie in public?

Umm if it is a crowd of people I don't know - then go for it.

3. Is it normal to put makeup on even if you aren't planning on leaving the house?

I don't wear makeup so this is a mute point for me .
4. Is it normal to go skinny dipping?

I think once or maybe twice in your life you need to try it!  

5. Is it normal to use the restroom while on the phone?

I use the phone ALL of the time in the bathroom with my family and close friends!

6. Is it normal to check yourself out when passing by a window/mirror?

I think it just happens. I don't even know I am doing it so yes super NORMAL!

7. Is it normal to keep folded laundry in the basket instead of putting it away?

Yeah however my life is more like never folded and kept in the dryer until I get another load
to replace it.

8. Is it normal to turn and walk the opposite direction when seeing someone you know in a store?

Yes, Yes and Yes!

9. Is it normal to drink coffee/soda from a straw?

I am an ice tea drinker and i HAVE to use a straw but nothing hot.

10. Is it normal to hover the toilet in a public restroom?

Oh Yes, normal!

Do you think this is normal?

So What Wednesday?

Another week, another link-up, another chance to say SO WHAT with Shannon!

So WHAT - that I leave for Atlanta this Friday at 6am and I have NOT packed one item, I have not printed out my plane tickets, NOTHING.

So what that the only thing I have done to prepare for my work trip is to schedule the help for my kids. They will be watched by multiple family members. THANK YOU!

So what that I do that for my hubby but when he takes off for a weekend all he worries about is having his keys??? really?

So what that I am so excited to blog that I am having to RESIST to only sending out one a day - the ideas are rolling!!!!

So what that my gf dropped off clothes for my daughter and that means I have to go through my clothes to pass on too - I think the bags will sit in the closet for a few days/weeks/whatever!

So what that I am beyond excited that my birthday month is coming up!!!! I am turning 32 and loving life to no end! Bring it! - need ideas check out my gift list page!!!

So What that Tuesday this week turned into a Monday.

So  WHAT that with writing all of my SO WHAT's down for Wednesdays it allows my happy to shine once again and you know what I am as giddy as a young school girl - just am and loving it !!!

A day in my life

My days generally by in a blur. They seem to be packed from early morning to late at night - trying to FIT everything in sometimes - okay all the time - needs more hours then I have.

A typical day goes like this:

5 am up and at it. I always do a morning stretch it lets me adjust to the idea of beginning to open my eyes and the day. I have gone to taking showers at night bc it saves me time in the morning and I want every minute I can in bed plus with my workouts at night forces me to.

550 am - my first attempt in nice words to get the little ones up. I turn on all lights, pull out their clothes for the day, prepare their toothbrushes and talk to them about the day. When nice doesn't work yelling seems to.

600am - today was a good morning down stairs in record time. I gave them a morning snack and vitamins and let them watch one show before we left for school. While they do that I am eating my Multi-grain Cheerios and making my lunch for the day.

A day with smiles is always wonderful
631am - we are the road to work/school. Getting on the fwy we love to rock out with music and we talk about school and what they are doing after school today.

700am- kids are dropped off and I am ready to start my work day. Today i had two new interns start and a lot of duties to finish before I leave to Atlanta on Friday. I have one presentation, 2 lunch meetings, several legal items and bills to get paid along with safety awards. Busy week ahead of me.

Noon - today I ate at my desk so I could race to Target to get a few house items (cleaning supplies- we gave up our maid) and kids toothpaste. Stayed within our budget to and only got what was on the list!

415pm - I raced from work to school to home to get the babies ready for swim lessons - leftovers for dinner to save time!

530pm - swim lessons - woo wee we made it. They did amazing today! The boy is there! He just doesn't like to use his arms very much he would rather kick and swim underwater. The girl she loves to use both her feet and arms but doesn't like to float. A few more lessons and I think we will be set.

630pm - homeward bound for baths, clean the kitchen, read to the babies and take care of the animals.

800pm - kids headed to bed - bathroom, brushing teeth and prayers.

830pm - mom wanted to fit in excersice. The daily routine and then hit the ellpitical.

9:30 pm - almost forgot to bake strawberry cherry chocolate chip cupcakes for our daughters last cheer event tomorrow. Love to whip these up last minute.

1000pm - time for a shower (I get real sweaty using the zaggora pants - I am having a give-a-way for a chance to win one of three pairs stay tuned).

1030pm - sat down to finish my blog and catch up on reading the blogs I follow!

Well I am exhausted and my eyes are slowly closing. I am off to bed.

Lead by example

I believe in leading by example not just because I say so
(okay on some things YES just do it because I say so).

I am going on two years without coke zero. It amazes me that I have stuck to it so long - I didn't even give it up when I was preggo. Why did I give it up now then? Well my hubby and I kept telling ourselves along with telling the kids you can't drink soda! Well how horrible is that they we kept drinking it in front of them. So about two years ago we decided that we would give it up cold turkey! It has been a success. Instead I only drink brewed ice tea and water and the kiddos get water, juice and milk. On fathers day at the burger place they didn't have fresh brewed ice tea do I said heck with it lets get a soda. They had coke zero on the fountain! I took one drink and poured it out - I couldn't stand the taste! Impressive! Anyways what started out as a healthy choice and example for our kids has been going strong!

FUNNY STORY - our kids went to the movies with their grandparents a few months ago. Well you know grandparents they like to spoil their grandbabies so they told them they could get anything thy wanted at the snack booth. The grandparents asked if they wanted soda both of them said (very loudly) we don't drink soda only water and milk! Ahhh so proud of them! See with us making healthy choices are kids are too.

Another item that we have changed our view on is chocolate. Now I am a BIG fan of anything dark chocolate. But from birth we said NO CHOCOLATE for the babies. Well parents can kids can't situation. Why the rule? For one we didn't want our kids to snack consistently on sugar and fattening candies, along with their teeth. We ensure they floss, brush and mouthwash twice a day but cavities yucky. So just recently we decided the kids good have dark chocolate but in moderation and a special treat. Halloween candy they get to pick out a few pieces they want and then we donate the rest. So moderation is the key - not only for us as adults/parents but the babies.

Well balanced meals - I LOVE to cook for my family. I sit down weekly and plan the menus and prepare the grocery shopping lists. I try to get the healthiest yet tasty meals for my family. I believe we ALL eat the same at the same time. This past weekend I made mini-chicken pot pies. I made the pot pies with 98% fat free cream of chicken soup, white chicken breast meat, peas, carrots, green beans and mushrooms along with a crust made out of the fat free ready to bake biscuits. OH so yummy and the healthier version. Our kids know that every dinner and lunch there has to be some type of vegetable. We are teaching them that they have to TRY everything ( a little harder with the boy). By eating healthy and all of their veggies they can grow up to be strong, smart, happy moms/dads! The eating veggies also goes for the hubby - I have expanded his horizon as well. LEAD BY EXAMPLE HONEY!

Exercise. As a family I would LOVE for us to be active and fit as much as possible. We are showing our kids that by being active individually and as a family you will be healthy and happy. For myself my kiddos see me on the elliptical, riding a bike, running, doing my daily workout routine at home. When I am doing my exercising they like to try them with me as well. As a family we go hiking, take walks, ride bikes and try to be outside as much as possible. Putting this "healthy" lifestyle with them when they are young will help in the their minds that being fit is important and easy when you do it in your everyday life! Last night we walked to the local park where the kids could play a few minutes on the playground. Once we got there they have exercise machines throughout the park that we tried. At each stop the kids wanted to watch us then try it themselves. Such a great FREE family exercise session. Even this morning on the way to school they asked if we could exercise after school again!

Adult life. Being that we are two working parents we want our kids to grown up and be successful at anything they want to do. I don't think that our kids know what we do other then being "mom" and "dad" but they did tell us they want to grown up and be a mom and nurse for the girl and the boy said he wants to be a dad and a firefighter. I proudly told them they can be both!

Reading - I am an avid reader: kindle, books, magazines - just love it. My hubby also likes to read magazines and he recently got a kindle fire that he is putting to use. We read all the time - in bed, in the living room, in the play room, at the table - we want the kids to see great habits. This is leading to the kiddos taking out their books and "reading" with us as well. We also read to them almost nightly since birth. A great habit to share with the babies!

Happy Father's Day

I am sitting here full of joy as I listen to my hubby snore away on the couch after having a wonderful day! This year he decided he wanted to go 4x4ing in Big Bear and eat at the Get the Burger! If you are ever in Big Bear please give it a try - bring cash though.

My hubby was up before anyone and any alarm for his day. My mother came with us to enjoy the beautiful day as well.

Today was to celebrate the fact that our children have the most amazing father - he is there, he is present, he encourages them, he is their biggest helper, he is their everything. I was so lucky to have found a man, a partner, a friend, a lover that is also the best father!

So today was ABOUT him - here are highlights of HIS day!

My Current...

My Current book that I am reading is:

After reading 50 Shades of Grey I needed to go in a different direction. I put this book in my Amazon wish list for a while and when I was on there a few weeks ago it came up that the price was reduced to $3.99 - hey I had to get it. I LOVE IT - it is an amazing book. The way she lives her life and explains the ups and downs of being a mom - it is so relate able. I would recommend this book to any mom! If you live near me you can have mine tooo!

My Current favorite show:

Tia & Tamara - don't you remember them from Sister, Sister? I thought it was a cute show and now they are all grown up married, babies and careers. I guess this is the newest reality TV show I am addicted to. Plus a lot of our regular shows are over and this is just starting!

My Current Favorite food is:

I tried and LOVE the grilled romaine hearts salad. You spread a mixture of olive oil, pepper and seasonings and then paint it on the cut romaine hearts and let them sit for about 10 minutes. You fire up the grill HOT and put them on for no more then 45 seconds. Take them off and I covered them with diced tomatoes, red onions, bacon, feta cheese and dressing of your choice - yummy

My Current Favorite Tweet is:

I got a reply and retweet from @GretchenRossi & @BrookeBurke-Charvet

My Current Favorite moment this week:

Spending time with my baby and hubby relaxing and enjoying down time.

Magazine Collection Worth it or Not?

I LOVE reading, I love searching the Internet, I love to read about baking, cooking, gossip, relationships, I love finding new information, I love seeing new trends, I love to  - do you get it???

Well something I realized is that apparently I love magazines too. I was ranting and raving in a previous blog about my hubby and his magazines all over the place and then I find out I have 6 different magazines coming in my name - I think why I don't notice is because I keep them neatly under the coffee table.

I am sitting here watching my DVR of Bethenny's new talk show (LOVE IT) and catching up reading all of my newest additions of the above magazines while the babies sleep. Quite time is such a blessing.

So out of 6 magazines here is what I ear-tagged pages:

- BBQ Hearts of Romaine - you have to try this. AMAZING
- Boot camp blast - well it is ear-tagged but nothing more then that
- Great Urban Race - this is interesting and I want to look more in to it  - BFF check this out

cooking with Paula Deen
- Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Pasta Bake - this is going on the dinner menu for sure!
- Homemade BBQ sauces - yummy but have you seen the items you need to can? really not going to happen

FamilyFun- Nothing this time yikes

Woman'sDay - Nothing this time

Eating Well - my sister sent me this one! - thank you
- Feta, Corn & Chicken Salad with Smoky Tomato Dressing - this is something I want to try and would be a great lunch item just for me!
- Cherry, Wild Rice & Quinoa Salad - Quinoa is one of my new fav foods!!

- Swim Smarter - GREAT article. I am happy to say that we have them enrolled in swim lessons our third one is tomorrow.
- Quesdilla Creations - My kids LOVE quesdilla's and this article gives you different recipes (Greek inspired is one I would love - add feta cheese, tomatoes, red onions and olives - yummy)

Okay so I take the time and read these lovely magazines and I get what 9 things that I want to do. Out of that I might do 4 and maybe like 2 of them?? WOW

I am wondering if this is a good investment. I enjoy reading them - ok back up reading is over stating it I really LEAF through it until I find something that I like.

Do you read magazines like that?

One of my worries with having all of these magazines is what do you do with them after? I use to just put them in the blue recycle bin because I would tear out pages I wanted to keep NOW I keep them whole (ear-tag them) and then I donate them to the local library (I black out my info first).

Budget HERE we come

Remember a few posts ago I stated that we are a strict budget and I am trying hard to keep it well. Guess what happened I bought that wonderful table - there went my budget. I swear I have no control. Well I was reading a fellow blogger A Day in the Life of Us. and she is doing this Buy Nothing New attitude!I don't know about the NOTHING new for a month or even a year but what it did do is show me that a budget can be done. The first think I did was get a printable calendar and I wrote down EVERYTHING that my hubby and I spent money on - and you know what?? the first week we spent over $1000 - how is that possible? Where did that money go? Where is that money when we are not spending it?

I also re-evaluated our budget and set up "accounts" for things like house, kids, vacation, hair, vehicles along with our groceries and EXTRA money. We are allocating money towards each thing and hoping not spending it unless it is for that item.

I posted on facebook and twitter - saying we are on a strict budget so please don't ask us to buy anything or invite us if it costs money - DRASTIC I know but I always want to support friends and family so I buy - tupperware, make-up, cards, etc... BUT I have to put us first and this budget is important to us and our goals.

So, GOALS what are they.

- SAVE money for the designated above areas.
- HAVE NO credit card debt (just got a zero balance target and kohls card bill)
- Pay off our vehicles early and have NO PAYMENTS oh yes!
- TAKE Vacations

So please everyone HELP me/us on this journey. Maybe it will be a shopping cleanse that I need.

Fingers crossed, toes crossed, please let us accomplish this!!!!!

My Style - graduation and cars

 This week I am CRAZY BUSY with work because I have SO much to get done not only at work but at home as well before my work trip to Atlanta BUT despite all of that I was able to have an enjoyable two weeks!

Last week our little baby boy graduated from pre-school (yeah yeah I know). I just can't believe our little man will be 5 and heading off to big boy school - where is the time going. So with my emotions on high I thought I would dress it up a little for his big day. This dress has been in my closet for a while. I wore it to my brother in laws wedding a few years back (oh yeah it still fits). I added a cute sweater on top to ensure that it could still work in the office. (DRESS - JC Penny's, Light sweater top - Kohl's, Shoes - Payless)

The graduate and his teacher

This week I am eager to show you what "my style" would be if I was single and had no kids, no daycare costs, no need for a backseat. A dear friend at work - Jason - pre-ordered this amazing Subaru sports car and it just came in. Let me tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am and have always been a SUV large vehicle driver/lover but man me pulled this in the driveway and I got weak in the knees. I don't know if it is because it is new or something I have never owned or the fact that it is just HOT or it is just that moment of "single" appeal. NOW he bought a stick so I can't drive it but don't I look good????