300 Ultimate Ab and Core Challenge Let's Do this

300 Ultimate Ab and Core Challenge I am taking the lead from Shannon @ Life After I Dew.

I am always trying to find that next HEALTHY option that will help be fit and lets face it SKINNY. I joined WW 5 years ago due to a family health scare, just a mere 3 months later I was down 40+ lbs JUST with food. I hit it hard core. I have kept my weight plateaued for the last 5 years even after my pregnancy. I would LOVE to get a flat stomach and have the wonderful scale give me a weight of about 5 - 10 lbs less.

As you all read a few weeks ago I had surgery to remove my tonsils - well with that surgery I was doing a non volunteer FASTING. I was only able to drink water and apple juice (don't forget my liquid Vicodin either) for 9 days. Actually I didn't realize I was fasting until I bought a book about a juice fasting because I wanted a cleanse and then it hit me I already did that. With that fasting/cleanse I lost some weight, however the second you eat a lot of it comes back (I am still down 2.8 lbs from pre-surgery).

I ENJOY walking/jogging in my neighborhood I even LOVE my elliptical (watching TV is the best part of that exercise routine) and I started this Sunday - Thursday little daily workout plan  . I do like it and you do feel it HOWEVER with the results that Shannon is seeing I think I want to give this challenge my all!

1st Step - I actually printed out the entire workout with pictures!
2nd Step - I am going to go home tonight and have my hubby take my BEFORE pictures and do my first set TONIGHT.
3rd Step - do this routine NO MATTER what every night for at least 30 days! and then take it from there.

Day 1 - May 8th - I asked my hubby to do me a favor 1 - take a picture (check) 2 - to do this with me everyday NO MATTER what. I believe if I have his help and companionship through this we will both succeed. We got home later then normal due to cheer/t-ball and we took my mom out to dinner because of all of her amazing help!!! So as the kids finish dressing after their bath and I got on my gear for my workout my hubby yells from down stairs - "Hey babe where is that ab workout lets do it" - ahhh I love him. Well the 1st workout was NO joke. I did pretty well on the first part but when it got to the V crunch it went down hill from there. I am hoping over this duration my stamina increases. After we finished the workout and I downed a bottle of water I was off for my 2 mile walk in the neighborhood. Here is a picture from DAY 1 prior to exercising the side view isn't that bad but from the FRONT oh my the belly is still here after giving birth 3+years ago (I can't believe I am posting this - BUT I am determined and I am hoping to show you a mid picture that looks good!).
Day 1 Front and Side View 
Day 2 - May 9th - Today I did my cardio first (2 miles again) WRONG move after I got back I was a little stiff to do the abs but I did my best. Tonight I actually HAD to give hubby the "do this" eyes for him to join me. I did pretty well - except the stupid vup's. But Day 2 successful!

Well as I had into Day 3 and a mini-vacation weekend I pray for strength and determination to keep this up!

Does anyone else want to join? (no pictures needed if you don't want).

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  1. Good luck! I think the results look like they are awesome and you already have a pretty rockin body, so I imagine you will look ridiculous after you do this! Keep us posted.


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