My STYLE - instagram

This week I am linking up with According to L for a little instagram play of my FAVORITE life moments over the last week.

Auntie time. The kids were so excited to have their aunt come over for dinner and play with them. And this means I get a little break from entertaining the babies.

Oh yeah DATE NIGHT. The hubby and I out by ourselves. We went to a movie - girly picture! Got to love a man that will allow you to pick the movie on our rare nights out without the kiddos.

Out backyard. LOVE IT. Just love to see it, hang outside, eat dinners, watch the babies run, watch the dogs play.

Don't forget about my pinterest craft time.

Our baby girl FINALLY got on her bike. She decided she was going to start riding with her brother just a mere 4 days before we took her on the Pacific Electric Trail - so proud of her. Even her grandma and grandpa came. Family time and exercise.

I went with my budgeted money and bought this amazing outfit. LOVED it. Professional yet oh so MYSTYLE.

My wonderful hubby - just relaxing after a long day. He is so good at smiling for me :)

We got on this OKAY I got on this bandwagon of wanting a new dining room table. I was upstairs searching craigslist (the ones I wanted are already gone - of course) then I searched local stores and was texting hubby downstairs the ones I like. We are going to go "looking" soon but we will not buy until we sale our current table.

So I hope everyone has an amazing last day of May. I am looking forward to another 3 day weekend - Disneyland here we come!

Trying to be FIT

You would think with my title momFITtingitallin I would be fit. I mean over the last 5 years I have been on a better lifestyle kick and I love it. Better eating habits, more active and I am getting more excited about exercising HOWEVER I wasn't as ready as much as I thought when I decided to take up running. It is more like jogging-dying at this point. I downloaded a music station on my iPhone, running socks from new balance and mapped my run on mapmyrun app.

Now the run I mapped I walk almost nightly and I was proud of myself most of the time doing it twice. The loop is exactly 1 mile door to door. The family even does bike rides on the same loop.

WELL I started out with Jogging oh yeah I can do this. Music going mapmyrun recording feeling good. At the end of the block I thought I was going to die my lungs were burning I had sweat pulled in between my boobs, down my legs - omg seriously? I HAD to walk the next block talking to myself - I can do this I can do this! Finally the last half I picked it up again and I pushed myself more and more. I even passed a few fellow joggers waving hi. I was burning everywhere my legs my lungs but I had to do this. I ended up jogging all the way back to the house where I stopped my run app.

Here it goes 10 min 47 seconds for one mile. I was gasping for air and I needed water badly.
I sat down sweating everywhere but it made me feel good that I did it! It makes me determined to do better. Also the workout I got was amazing plus it was alone time.

So here is too trying to be FIT! I might just like this running/jogging thing.

- If I can keep it up I might be able to do okay in the 1/2 marathon on my before 40 list!

Do you have mapmyrun? Do you want to be friends on it?

The Struggling Act

The struggling act - oh boy did I feel it today. That struggle between mom - full-time worker out of the home - wife (this deserves it's own post at a later date). With having my hand in so many things we are getting where this machine is somewhat a well oiled one. We have a routine (I thrive off of order, check lists, pattern) I like it that way it works for us - the kids know the drill. WELL that all blows out of the window when you have a little one not feeling well. Last night our little man woke up saying his tummy and head hurt. Ummm okay what does that mean to a 4 year old? Headache - do they get headaches at a young age? Did he hit his head? Does he have to go the bathroom? Is he hungry?

Well he didn't want to eat and he didn't have a fever - we tried rubbing his back, his head nothing seemed to work. So we gave him a small dosage of baby Tylenol and I told him I would sleep with him. I crawled into his twin bed and we snuggled. I don't remember when we feel asleep or for that matter when I did but the next thing I remember is my hubby waking me up to go to our bedroom. Fast forward to the morning routine. I was hoping and praying that he would wake up and POOF he would be fine. A BIG fat no! Still no fever but still said his head hurt and his tummy. I checked visually nothing. So I got him ready for school. The boy didn't even want a snack in the morning time - indication something is not right. I called my hubby and we both said let him go to school and just sometimes they forget about what is going on.

As we arrive at school the CRYING starts big time (so worried about separation when he starts kindergarten). I promised him if he didn't feel better he would be picked up. NOW this kills me I would have loved to just take him back home - no scratch that - just kept him home but work calls and I think I mentioned a time or two I am very limited on sick/personal/vacation time. I hurry out of there to avoid the crying and talk to both of his teachers to fill them in. I even called and checked up on him. There were a few times that he was actually laying across the table not feeling well. Well crap now what? The hubby could take him home but sometimes it is a mother's love that cures it all (I hope so this time). So I stay at work as long as I go until the "guilt" eats away at me and I finally say SCREW it I am out of here. I pack up work that can be done from my home computer and I rush to get him. This is the day that I am so grateful I couldn't take it anymore. This is what the little man looked like as soon as we pulled out of the school parking lot. My poor little man. WHY DID I MAKE HIM GO TO SCHOOL? Why didn't I just call in sick? AHHH the struggle!

So as I sit here toggling back in forth between work and blogging I keep my ear to the door listening to make sure he is napping well. I am PRAYING that he feel better. 

I know there will always be moments where I am torn between work and family but it is the love of my kids that have me doing both. I KNOW in my heart being a full time stay at home mom is not in the best interest of myself or my children NOW having a more even split of my time between the two would be amazing!!! 

So What Wednesday

Another week another chance to link up with Shannon!

This week I am saying So WHAT to:

So what that I am booked the entire month of June and we are still going away for a family vacation the first week of July - I will need a break!

So What that I already did the math and we will save about 200 dollars a month on childcare when the boy starts school - oh yeah.

So what that I am super excited I have a button and a new logo thanks to the wonderful Leah!

So What that we are on a tight budget so it is time to hit the cupboard and me creative for the remaining meals until Thursday! - Doing good so far!

So what that I was worried about finding a book to read after I QUICKLY read all 3 50 Shades books.

So what that I have been stocking E L James on her website and twitter asking her to make another book from the point of view of Mr. Grey.

Coaster Cup Holder - pinterest

Well I did it again - I turned an idea from pinterst into my own!

Pinterest Idea

A few weeks - maybe a month ago I ran across coaster holder on pinterest. I thought this was an amazing idea. Our kids seem to go through 10 glasses a day and each time they get water the cup goes in the sink. I swear I could do a load a day in the dishwasher with just their cups.

Do you remember a few weeks ago we went to San Diego for our mini-mother's day vacation? Well while we were there we went shopping in Old Town and they were having street vendors and we were able to buy 4 handpainted coasters. We each picked out what we liked and we packed them away for our project.

Fast forward to this weekend - we headed to Home Depot with all of the other home improvement owners. We loaded up on gardening items and of course all of the material to make our project.

This project was a "joint" project. My hubby cut and glued all of the items together for me and I got to spray paint it - glossy apple red!

I think it came out so beautiful! I hope this idea works well for us!

Besides gardening and crafts we also fit in a wonderful bike ride. Our little man he is amazing - no training wheels and going off-roading already. As for our baby girl she is FINALLY getting on the bike - woo hoo! We went to our local trail and we rode over 4 miles ( I think). It was so much fun!


My Style - My Playlist

My Style is COUNTRY music and it is playing all of the time at work, in my car, on my iphone however with life comes changing and now I am liking a little out of that arena. So as we go into this long 3 day weekend I have songs in my head. I hope to be rocking out to them very soon (need to figure out how to get them both on my iPod and iPhone since they are not on the same iCloud).

Pumped up Kicks - Foster the people - Don't judge I know what it is saying but I love the beat.

Call me Maybe - CarlyRae Jepsen - Have no idea who she is but from the help of the HOUND on my iPhone I was able to pull her up.

Drunk on You - Luke Bryan - HELLO Who doesn't want to have someone drunk on you???

Angel Eyes - Love & Theft - I already put this in a blog but when you have a song that sings about you - hey you have to represent!!

Springsteen - Eric Church - just brings that love to your heart!

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 - I had no idea Ms. Christina  sang on this song geez what you learn on you tube!

What is on your playlist?

My only disclaimer is I have NEVER seen any of these videos before making this blog I just hear them on the radio.

Beauty - Face Regiment

You have one life, one face, one get the point. I TRY very hard to take care of myself - emotionally, physically, mentally and of course my skin. I am big on sunblock for my hubby and my kids they get lathered up everyday before they go out  - head to toe HOWEVER for me I am not as regiment with that except when the hubby hounds me. BUT as for my face oh I PROTECT that baby. I love to wear hats and shield my face when I lay out and I never go out without my daily SPF on my face and lips.

I have received lots of compliments on my skin. It is very healthy. It is part genetics - I have very oily skin BUT I also take care of it. I try (when my budget allows) to get facials every other month - I have done this for years BUT what do I do on a regular basis?

I have a daily routine that I LOVE and I think the proof is in the pudding :)

Every Morning I wake up and wash my face with COLD water nothing else. I then apply my Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer SPF 15 and then I apply a little lip gloss and I am out the door. I am a NO makeup girl. I have worn make up but very few times.

Every evening I wash my face with the Neutrogena WAVE - love this! It makes my face feel so clean and soft. After that I jump in the shower and apply the Clean and Clear blackhead eraser. After the shower I apply a little bit of the Aveeno again for the evening.

This routine is CONSISTENT no matter what and I even through in a few self masks throughout the year as well.

I wish I was this regiment with sunblock on my entire body - progress baby progress!

And I can't end this little post without sharing one of my prides and joys - Our Sons T-Ball button is securely pinned on to mommy's purse! Love him!!

Here is to wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

My LOVE for reading: Getting Lost in 50 Shades of Grey

This year has gone by so fast. It amazes me that we are heading into Memorial Weekend the kick off to SUMMER 1/2 way through the year - I just can't believe it.

One of my LOVES is BOOKS they are something that I hold dear and near to the ME. I enjoy books because I like to get lost in them, I like to enjoy every emotion with them. For the last few years I have had a goal (and reached that goal) of reading at least 50 books a year. It is something that I work hard on. Reading is FOR me it is emotional, educational, an escape, romance - LOVE IT.

This year I am not quiet at my goal - with vacations, moving, parties, work, LIFE, I have just not found something that I WANT/HAVE to fit into my schedule until.......

Since I enjoy reading so much I thought that I could let you in on my thoughts of some of my MOST read list books. The first Trilogy I am writing is about is the HOT TICKET right now.

E L James Fifty Shades Trilogy. (I first mentioned my style for this book here )

I typically stay off of the bandwagon but with reading blogs, websites, twitter, radio and my friends reading it I had to try it. I was hooked from page 1. This trilogy had so many aspects all pushed in one.

1. NEW - the newness of SEX to both partners.
2. GROWING Up - Over the 3 books you see both characters grow and change. Even though Mr. Grey is 27 he is still so young emotionally and then you see why he craves control.
3. Unconditional LOVE - HE loves so hard yet he can't fully express himself other then sex - or he thinks. Through the books you see him blossom into the MORE of flowers and heart. She loves him despite her fears and insecurities.
4. Happiness - that balancing act that we all go through - to ensure that your happiness OUTWEIGHS all of the other crap. Even though he is controlling he does it because he is scared he is worried about her safety.
5. SEX - kinky, raw, yet some vanilla! It is eye opening for both characters and this reader as well!

This is just a few of the items I felt for this series. I could not get enough. I had MAD moments, upset moments, HOT frustrated moments, crying moments, moments of not being able to stop reading.

NOW let me say I prefer books in a series because you get to continue on the story, see where life takes them. This book did NOT leave me wanting anything more. The entire relationship came full circle and the ending of this book left me feeling GREAT about this book, these characters, this concept!

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to every women and man out there! I can see why they call it "mommy porn".
I have two worries after reading these books:

- What am I going to read after this that can capture me as much as Mr and Mrs Grey?
- I am worried about the MOVIE - I have my own vision of how they look, how they sound and oh please make sure it is RATED R - because I know some scenes will need to be altered but don't take away the merit of this book!

What are your thoughts?
Do you have any suggestions for my next book?

Listicles - What my hubby should do

BLOGS they are so wonderful to read, to write and most of all to LINK up to. Today I am linking up over at Kimberly Korner for Monday Listicles  YES even though it is now Thursday and my last two blogs have been link ups - geez I need my own material - tomorrow I will work on that :)!

Today's topic is:


1. Take care of ALL of the hubby/daddy duties without being reminded (now I have to say he does very well at this BUT there are still times that I have to say - "Babe the trash is getting full"). Things that fall under that belt is: trash, cars, dogs/rabbit and putting away his laundry (another topic another day on this).

2. Magazines - WHY do they have to be everywhere in the house?? In the kitchen, by the side of his bed, by the recliner down stairs?? Why everywhere? They have a nice little spot under the coffee table please use it!

3. Haircuts for the boys - HELLO when your hair is long that means the boys hair is long too just go just take the two of you please just go!!!!

4. Helping others - he is very sweet, very generous with his help and time for others HOWEVER when you don't tell me I don't know and I don't know to plan around them or what if we already had plans??? Then I am stuck!!! TELL ME.
5. Dirty Clothes - they go in the hamper - not on top of the hamper, not on top of the washer, not left in your gym bag, not on the bottom of your closet, not in your truck!


Love him because he always smiles for my pictures!
1. Loves me despite my craziness (a big hit here and why we have been together going on 8 years strong)

2.  AMAZING DAD - he gives them that push to be adventurous, try new things, is that hand that leads but pushes at the same time. Teaches them to ride bikes, jumps curbs, plays tag, reads a book to put them to bed, hugs them did I say AMAZING dad.

3. Hard worker - he does it all. Great with his hands - mechanically, home wise, work wise, yard wise and his pool business!

4. Balance - he is the ying to my yang, the patience and soft words when they are needed and the Stern NO when they are needed.

5. Being REAL!

What should your hubby do?
What does he do wonderfully?

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew

- So WHAT that I enjoy NO have to read all of the Link Ups!
- So What that I am not fully sticking to my 30 day challenge - it might take me 40 or more days- but I am still going !
- So WHAT that I am so excited for this Memorial Weekend - yard sales, family and swimming (ok laying out).
- So What that I already heard/read about the Grey's Anatomy season finale so I have no interest in watching the last 4 episodes on my DVR.
- SO what that I am almost done with the 50 Shades Trilogy - WHAT AM I GOING TO read after that. (I heard today that this mommy porn series states: 1 our of every 4 books sold in America is a 50 shades BOOK - I know I can vouch for that for my three that I bought within 2 weeks).
- SO what I got it in my head that I want to go with the family on another mini-vacation for 4th of July - we are thinking Lake Havasu - the kids have never gone before (need to save up).

What are you saying SO WHAT to?


This weekend was the dedication of our beautiful daughter. We are a little (okay a lot) behind from when we did our sons. When we were blessed with our son we had him dedicated before he was a month old WELL when life hits you - married, 2 kids, 2 careers, several business adventures, moves, etc.... the second child kind of well they don't get things right off the bat. We waited (okay finally got to it) almost 4 years after our sons YIKES. 

That being said it was an amazing time. For this dedication we wanted it to be at the same church that our son had his. It is a small family church that my hubby's parents have gone to for as long as I know and it is also the church that my grandparents still go to. My BFF has a daughter that is about 2 + years older then my daughter and we combined our dedications. 

DEDICATION - is when you THANK the LORD for blessing you with this child at the same time telling HIM that you still need help on this journey called parenthood.

It made it even that more special for me that my daughter and my BFF's daughter were dedicated at the same time.

For us it is also the time that we open our daughters eyes to religion and who the LORD is. It is such an emotional spiritual occasion and it makes us feel so blessed to have each other, have our children and to have an open mind with religion. 

We were so blessed to have A LOT of our family and friends with us on this day. We had four generations in the building, parents, 6 grandchildren, are siblings with us and their spouses/significant others and so many wonderful friends. FRIENDS are the family you get to choose ( just love this quote). 

After an amazing dedication and service we headed to my sister-in-law and brother-in-laws house for a wonderful lunch. They were so sweet to offer their home and time for our wonderful gathering. It was nice to spend time with family relaxing and laughing! Here is a picture of our "matching boys" and she wanted to be in it too!

Remember my SO WHAT last week well here are the results of our matching outfits!

My Style - for today anyways

Today I am feeling good, I am feeling frisky and when I feel good I like to dress pretty - with a side of military. This is one of my favorite outfits - simple, sweet and cheap. I bought this dress a while ago on clearance at Target for like $8 dollars. I love pairing it with BROWN tone items and I can't forget my Bands For Arms bracelet made out of my hubby's marine uniforms (LOVE THIS - check it out). In the picture you can't tell but I have gold sandals on and a wonderful bronze necklace and of course my sister gold necklace!

I have to say real fast that I typically run into work and have my friend Jason take my pictures and he is the one that captured my style today - he said I looked militaryish!

My style always matches my mood and of course the activity that I have to do for the day. Typically in our office it is Hawaiian shirt day - can you tell I work with a lot of men - or casual day just t-shirts and jeans. I seem to do the opposite (of course I do). I like t-shirts and jeans on Monday and then I work myself up the rest of the week in dresses, skirts and slacks - hey you know me can't be part of the crowd! Now as I mentioned before I do have to dress for the "occasion" so that means that I don't have a weekly pattern like the others in my office.

Another inspiration that hit me MY STYLE today is the song Angel Eyes - see above. I love when a song tells little tid bits about you. Little bit of Devil in her Angel Eyes - rebel heart of country - tailgating - kiss me smile - Little bit of heaven with a wild side!

Lastly I can't finish MY STYLE for today without the mysterious Mr. Grey. The more I get into this book the more I get in tuned with SEX - yes there I said it. SEX is this a hidden activity? No one seems to talk about it (unless it is the last affair that has come out). I believe we all have/had/want to have sex (most of the blogs I read our about moms - and I did have sex at least once to get my babies). I realize that sex is an intimate part of someones relationship and I am not wanting to read/hear novels (Other then Mr. Grey) about it or get the step by step play BUT I see nothing on it, why is that?

I am WILLINGLY on this Mr. Grey bandwagon can you say ADDICTED! I read the first book in 2 days and I am now almost done with the second book patiently trying to finish it to get to the third book. This series of books are like a car crash for me I can't STOP staring/reading. Now the punishment part would scare me but it is the entire relationship from both parties that is intriguing me. You can see little bits into why he is the way he is and how they are both TRYING to accommodate Love each other. I always love a good book and when they are in a series FORGET almost everything else. Typically I am trying to fit in my reading but because this book is also having me WANT my husband A LOT - he thinks I should KEEP reading. :)

What is your style for the day?
Why do we not talk about sex?
What are your thoughts on the sex/passion/Love of the Fifty Shades novels?
What are your thoughts on SEX talking?

25 Things About Me

Today is like my Monday so that means I get to catch up on reading the blogs I follow. Tuesday is proving to be great I got surprised and excited that I am tagged in one of them! Thank you Lindsey @ From Nanny to Family. It makes me happy and intrigued that this blog that I LOVE to write is being followed and read by others too!

So without any further hesitation here are 25 things about me:

1. I LOVE my career - I feel into it 5 years ago (Monday was my anniversary).
2. I have traveled since being married to New Zealand, Puerta Vallerta and Cancun - before that I rarely left California.
3. I am NOT good let me repeat HORRIBLE with any activity that I have to put things on my feet.
4. I had a birth present (for my birth) - my faithful dog Vanessa (she was put down years ago) but she was by my side ALWAYS.
5. I am on my second marriage - I was first married to my high school sweetheart and then we grew apart.
6. I was told by two different doctors that I would not be able to have a baby.
7. I have 2 children - 1 boy 1 girl - 1 born via my heart 1 born via my tummy (so there doctors).
8. I am addicted to shopping - like very bad!
9. I have a BIG bark but no bite.
10. I have NEVER been in a physical altercation EVER.
11. I LOVE my cheap WildVines Blackberry merlot wine.
12. I can not tell you the name of any song.
13. I don't like to be the "fad" generation so I wait things out (I read Twilight after all of the books were read and the movies hit the theaters then I ate that stuff up)!
14. I get a long with men WAY better then women (this is why I have about very few BUT amazing female friends).
15. I love attention but I do not like to be the center of attention.
16. I can not get one-liners right or slogans.
17. I am on a mission to say US, we and OURS (not doing to well in this blog - yikes)
18. I have an older sister by a different mom and I have a younger brother by a different dad - mixed up bunch but love them dearly.
19. I helped raise my brother - I feel more like a mother/son relationship then a sister/brother relationship.
20. I have ALWAYS been an old soul - except for those 8 months in between marriages.
21. I trust EASY, I forgive FAST, I don't EVER forget!
22. I use my grandmother's telephone number for all of the store reward cards - hey she is the only person I know with a land line and she has had it for over 35 years!
23. Our kids (hey I did it) are the best parts of my life!
24. I am a VERY emotional person and I wear my feelings on my sleeve.

So here is too learning 25 things about the following people too!

Kristen @ First Name Smith
Liz @ According to Liz
Jesse @ The Freestone Four
Mrs S @ Suddenly Snowden

So What Wednesdays

Welcome to another WONDERFUL Link Up of

SO WHAT Wednesdays with Shannon @ Life After I Dew

- So what if it is the wrong season for these amazing boots. I have wanted a pair of RAIN boots forever. I just found these on clearance at Target for like $10 bucks and with my Target card I got an additional 5% off and free shipping!!!

- So What that I am Mrs. Matchy Matchy tooo! Look at the coordination for our daughters upcoming dedication AND of course it was all based on the daughters cute yet summery dress!

- So What that I am a BIG neat freak at home but the second I get to a hotel room - watch out! Hey I don't have to clean it, clean up or touch anything SO I let go!!!

- So What that I am addicted to Starbucks Black Ice Tea Unsweetened with Lemonade - BUT PLEASE don't say Arnold Palmer that is too beneath them - really??? I might have got my hubby addicted to Frappuccino's as well.

- So What that I waited up for my hubby way to late last night and slept in to much that I couldn't take a shower - yikes - oh well that extra 5 minutes will get me through me day.

What are you saying SO WHAT to?

Mother's Day/Weekend Mini-Vacation

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mom/grandmother/god/aunt's out there!

This year we celebrated my mother's day with a family mini-vacation. We did this trip right! We picked dates ahead of time because the hubby had to take furloughs - so why not turn it into a trip? We booked and pre-paid for our hotel and we also already paid for our tickets to Safari Park. We saved and brought our money with us CASH ONLY trip!

Our trip out to San Diego was relaxing and peaceful - KEY we bought the kids 2 new movies for the trip - Princess and Cars Mater Tales.  The car was loaded up - driving snacks and all!

and I received the best gift ever - both of my babies told me Happy Mother's Day and told me I was the best Mother in the WORLD!!!

This weekend was the weekend that I gave up CONTROL (other then you know planning WELL in advance and pre-booking everything hehe). The hubby was on a mission and boy did he succeed. He picked all of the food options, he drove the entire time, he was in charge of the kids and he handled all of the money. All I had to do was get in the car, relax and enjoy!!!! Have to say an amazing FIGHT free weekend.

I even went with the flow on the food choices - at first glance I was a little scared a time or two but went with it. The food was amazing, the prices were good and we (all of us) enjoyed ourselves.

Here are a few pictures!!!

Candy Shop

All ready to go

Mother's Day with the kids at their school

What did you do over Mother's Day?
What was your fav moment?

High Five Fab Friday

I didn't want to end my week without giving my all in my blog! This little blog is becoming BIG to me! I want to THANK each and everyone of you that read it, support it, comment on it and hopefully enjoy it.

So fast forward to FRIDAY and I want to give my self and everyone a BIG HIGH FIVE!!!

I found this link up while reading through my blog's section! Thank you Suddenly Snowden!

On this Friday I am Saying HIGH FIVE to:

1. This week has gone by in a blur. I finally got to my therapist this week (ahh THANK heavens calm has reentered my life). I am back to seeing her every other week until the first week of our son starting kindergarten in August.

2. Enjoying every moment, every second, every guest, every bottle of WINE, every bite of food at our house warming party (big success) and not worrying about capturing it on film (sad know that I don't have pictures but ahh the memories).

3. Not stressing about our mini getaway that starts tomorrow! Reservations made, tickets bought but not even one thing packed - hey I still have tonight!

4. Registering our son for the before/after school child care program - payed and done - 2nd in line baby!

5. Proud of myself for sticking with my exercise routine this week and actually enjoying!!

What are you saying HIGH FIVE to?