MS Walk

This weekend we were able to participate in a wonderful cause - the National MS Society! TEAM Brut Force.  To give you a brief history on this: I started with the MS Society about 8 years ago. I joined because it was a local walk and I was trying to get in a little exercise while helping a cause. When I joined my current job 5 years ago they started to be a corporate sponsor. I asked to take it over and run the walk team. We are corporate sponsors because several of our employees families have been affected by this disease. With our corporate sponsorship and our walking team we have been able to RAISE large sums of money for this cause!

For this years walk - our team was able to raise $3775 dollars! What an amazing feeling. So next year please look for us - you can walk with us or donate to this great cause. Here are a few pictures of the day!

Making decisions

As adults we are making decisions ALL of the time, however as a parent your decisions become a little harder because they affect more then just yourself. I am and will always be a super planner so I make pre-decisions way in advance. But for me the hardest decisions are anything that has to do with my children.

- Do we put the boy in Kindergarten at 4 3/4? he will be one of the youngest, will be be mature enough, do I want him growing up faster? the questions are endless. On this decision due to him being in private pre-school for almost 2 1/2 years before kindergarten we decided to put him in.

- Just today our little girl is fighting something - no fever but horrible coughing. What do I do? Make my hubby take off work, take her to school and chance it, me take the day off OR bring her to my work. So THANKFULLY I can do that so look what I have on my floor today.

- Sports/activities - Do we keep pushing them? Do we keep trying new sports, continue on with the same ones, Do we put them in multiple? On this I believe on pushing them a little and trying everything underneath the moon until we find something they LOVE. The boy has tried soccer and flag football - didn't like either one however he was super young when he tried them. We put both in gymnastics and it was a hit and miss and the cost outweighed the good. Then the boy tried T-BALL he loves it!!! He is a southpaw and now hits the ball of a pitch not the tee. As for the girl we tried cheer right of the bat - the first session was HORRIBLE - crying, kicking, just standing. I wanted to give it one more try and thankfully woo wee she adores it. NOW the question is do we add another sport to our list??? Maybe t-ball for the girl or even dance. Maybe soccer or bmx riding for the boy???

- Swimming lessons. This has been on our to do list since the first summer our babies were with us. They LOVE the water, they swim amazingly with life vests or those foam tubes. So do we take them to the lesson??? With this we have decided to take the plunge (no pun intended ok there is hehe). Now we just have to look at our calendars we need 2 weeks straight of NOTHING so they can go - really when will that be?

- Vacations. We enjoy our little family getaways. They can be a week long or the weekend or even just a 3 day trip BUT with the boy being in school what do we do? Do we start planning vacation around school holidays and fight the rush of all the other parents/children combos, do we suck it up and take the boy out of school, do we just take shorter vacations? On this one IDK really. However, we already changed one vacation plans because it is the first week of school. What do you parents do with this?

- Childcare - ok for this we have both children in a private pre-school/childcare program that is only closed on like 5 major holidays it is WONDERFUL. But what do we do when the boy starts school? They have 3 weeks of winter break, 1 week of spring break, what about summer? For this winter break I have NO idea what we are going to do - what do you do??? For next summer the boy and girl will have one last summer at the private preschool/childcare and then that option is out. This decision is having me going crazy because I can't make one.

So these are just the decisions I could think of right now but there are soooo many more.

How do you make your decisions?
What do you do in these situations?

Kindergarten Readiness Program

So I am continuing on this path to get our oldest into Kindergarten (Kindergarten is no Joke).

Today was Kindergarten Readiness Program - Getting you and your child ready for Kindergarten.

There were about 20 parents (yet they told us 75 have been enrolled - maybe veteran moms). It was nice to be able to meet the principal and two of the potential teachers that would be teaching my son for the next year (and then the girl the year after). The teachers were super nice and I have to thank the LORD up above for people that pick this profession because NO way is it for me.

They handed out several assessment paperwork packets and I started going through them. I was sitting there trying to rack my brain of what I did in kindergarten. I came up with: playing, bikes, my long hair in braids, a boy pushing me - yeap that is about it. I don't remember: spelling, counting, zipping my own pants, telling time. GEEZ how times have changed OR my brain just doesn't remember that.

They filled us in on the following information (maybe you might need it too).

  • To start kindergarten 2012 - 2013 year your child MUST be 5 by November 1, 2012
  • To start kindergarten 2013 - 2014 year your child MUST be 5 by October 1, 2013. Then every year after that your child MUST be 5 by October 1st.
  • The school system is going to a NATIONAL program. In the past California had their own standards, NY, Texas, etc... they all had their own program. - Now I LOVE this because what if we move??? What if you move??? This way you know 2nd grade is the same everywhere!!!
  • They still have the classics of instruments, music and play time BUT they incorporate them into the lesson plans.
  • That the the assessments are generated via computer - they are using technology to better teach our children. EX: if all of the kids can point out the colors they do not have to teach them what color is what they can start out with spelling them.
  • Starting with the 2014-2015 year the annual assessment tests will go from 100% multiple choice to only 40% multiple choice and the rest will be writing and problem solving - UMM I think this is great because LIFE can not always be answered by a multiple choice question.

After the meeting was over (I did win a raffle prize for the boy so he will be excited) I went over to check on the child care offered at the school. I LOVE the child care director, she is super nice, amazing and she took the time to talk with me about the program. THIS WAS A BIG selling point for us and this district and move. She said she will be contacting me on May 11 - and I will be racing up there to fill out the paperwork our boy needs to be in child care before and after school.

As I walk to through the campus I notice start to just think WOW my baby will be here in less then 4 months - OMG how did he grow so fast. The campus have children that are my size - really at 5'5 I am the size of 4 - 6th graders! Also, this campus has hooks outside of the rooms to hand their backpacks - not sure about this but I think just another adjustment for me.

Is anyone else going through this?

So What Wednesdays!

I always look forward to my wonderful Wednesdays so I can join up with Shannon @ Life After I Dew.

Today I am saying SO WHAT to:

- So What that my first day back into working out I wore jeans - hey I worked out right????

- So What PET PEEVES section

                      - Why do pedestrians just slllowwwwlllly walk across the street. I always jog across    or   pay attention to other vehicles, really people.

- Why do cars merge in front of you then almost stop to a crawl.

- So What that I have only know my sister 1 month (over my 31 years) but not seeing her for this last week is killing me.

- So What that my new love are these funky socks!!!

- So What that I am so SUPER excited for Giuliana & Bill Rancic  - they deserve this family!!!

- So What that I am NOW on full housewarming party mode and I can't sleep because I am thinking about food, placement of items, what is still left on the list, etc...

- So What that this face just lifts my heart so much :)

Thanks for reading and stopping by, what are you saying SO WHAT to today!!!!

The "Illusion" of kids

The two most important kids in my life spending my last day of recovery together. A day just the three of us enjoying ourselves the kiddos being excited I let them "ditch" school and stay with me. Fun times, lunch, nap time, movie and snacks, dinner time, bath time then goodnight kisses - a wonderful peaceful day just for the kids. - THE ILLUSION


It seems like almost EVERY time I imagine, plan and coordinate a day/event for the babies well umm it doesn't go like I thought it would. Sometimes it seems the more I do for them, give to them, cater to them the WORSE my day goes.

Now let me FILL in our day that I mentioned early about in my FULL recovery.

We get up in the morning - correction no sleeping in because the boy wakes up first and then he makes sure that his sister is awake to and then both of them jump into my bed to make sure I am awake. I send them off to their rooms to give me a few minutes to wake up and make my bed. They TRASH both rooms from top to bottom and then it happens " He did this mom, she did this mom, etc...". So I send them to THEIR own rooms no crossing over!!! Then it is time to get dressed. I lay out all of their clothes. The boy complains about what shirt I picked out and his new socks are too hard to put on - really boy you have been dressing yourself for over a year now come on. Then the girl - oh yes the crying starts, she can't get her shirt on, the VELCRO shoes are just too much today for her - more crying. Finally I give in and help just so we can get ready.

We head down to breakfast BUT wait brushing teeth that was a one stroke of the front teeth and they were done - back in the bathroom I sent them and watched them this time. Breakfast well that went actually well. We then set down for a few minutes of game time - not to bad except the yelling and throwing of pieces. We do clean up and then we need to get out the door for my doctors appointment. With actually very little screaming they were in the car and buckled and already playing their v-readers before I pulled out of the drive way.

At the doctors it went fast in and out in no time so I promised them lunch (let me point out I promised them LUNCH prior to the doctors if they did well - bribes got to love them). We had to lunch where they sit us in a booth. The girl sits next to me but she loves her brother so she moves on his side he gets mad and then climbs under the table to get to my side. She is ok with it so we get to order our lunch. Soup and bread the same thing we get every time we go there. Mom I don't want soup, mom I want crackers, mom. Ahh will you guys just eat! After the soup is too hot and I add the ice we are good to go...until the bread arrives now there is no interest in the soup. We finish up lunch in less then 30 minutes and we are off to the store to get them snacks and a movie (why I am still doing this is beyond me but just maybe they will be wonderful). We get to the store they help me with my reusable bags, pick out snacks, get the movie and we are checked out into the car very quickly. We pull out of the parking lot and they are out. SCORE one for mom. We get home the boy wakes up but thankfully goes right back to bed while the girl has to be carried up. For the next two hours PEACE. So they should be good we can do this.

I put in the movie, pop the popcorn and a few cookies and milk we are set! They are doing well...then it happens the movie ends the boy wants this wants that wants my iPhone wants wants wants. The girl just wants to listen to the music and dance BUT oh wait the boy doesn't he turns of the TV she cries I get frustrated. Typical pattern.

I put the tv back on and send the boy to do whatever. I have to make dinner. Then the screaming starts. The boy turns the TV off again, the girl screams - do you see the cycle??? I bring the boy into the kitchen for time out. This puts me at 4:57 pm WHAT THE heck???

My illusion is dead in the water...

Does anyone else go through this?

Last day of recovery

Woo wee - I can tell I am on my way to FULL recovery. The only thing on my agenda was a trip to the doctors for my release. The last few days have been wonderful so I thought with my decrease in pain and my increase in eating I wanted to spend the day with the babies. I planned a day at the park, picnic lunch and just good old time ditching school. WELL guess what we woke up to drizzle and cold weather - really??? after 2 weeks of perfect nice hot outdoor weather to this. My one day with my babies and no work and no school.

But this momma couldn't let a little weather get us down. 

We slept in (a little 630am) and then it was breakfast and a quick play session - I bought them a new Melissa & Doug puzzle set at Marshall's yesterday. Then we were off to my doctors appointment for my 2 week check up. He told me I am healing up greatly and he released me to work tomorrow. After the doctor I took the babies over to our fav Italian restaurant - but we only get veggie/barley soup and cheese toast - YUMMY. It was nice to just sit with my babies and chat and enjoy a nice warm meal on this cold day - and hello the bill was only $12 bucks :) !!!!

After lunch we went to the store to get a movie and snacks for our afternoon time. I looked into the indoor jump houses but none around us have open play times on Monday, miniature golf - well I think I might get to exhausted chasing balls everywhere, NOTHING is playing at the movie theaters for the kids, then I thought Color Me Mine - I love that place but a little expensive. So with movie in hand and snacks we raced home. Before we got home both kids were OUT. So nap time for the babies and blog catch up for me.

I am patiently waiting for them to wake up (yeah right I have my phone turned off, the door to the office shut and I am not TALKING at all so I can relax just a tad more).

While at the store I did get my supplies to make this for our living room (thanks to Pinterest). Mine will be similar (hopefully).

What do you do on work/school ditch days?

PS - stay tuned for my first giveaway I am super excited to share it with you all!!!!

So What Wednesday

So excited it is So What! Wednesday again with
- So What - I LINK up every week.
- So What - I wore the same clothes for like 2 days - hey I have been recovering.
- So What - that recovery is the best diet EVER - I am in shorts I have NEVER been able to wear.
- So What - I am actively trying to give up cursing BECAUSE my daughter told me the other day that No she isn't a little shit - yikes BAD mom moment - how do they hear everything???
- So What - that my daughter asked if she could cut a piece paper - Yes honey have fun - umm it was my receipt to return my shoes to MARSHALLs - so mommy taped that puppy up and ran to the store for my return.
- So What that in my 20's I was taking shots with SALT and in my 30's I gargle with it.
- So What that I am a little over Draw Something and Words with Friends - sorry friends.

Liebster Blog Award - really me?? so excited

Today is the FIRST day I am feeling like I have a little energy - ate a little which made me happy and also gave me the needed energy. But I still didn't have anything on my mind to blog about until now....

I looked over on my twitter account and a fellow blogger and tweeter Faith, Grace and Giggles received the Liebster Blog award and she choose my blog too!!! Now before this I did not hear about any award or this award - so of course I had to google it!!

"The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, Liebster meaning favorite or dearest, to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting the award the recipient must then pass it on to five more blogs of note."

Here are the rules:

- Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.

- Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.

- Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.

- Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.

- Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

So to keep the Liebster award going, I am giving out the Liebster blog award to the following 5 amazing blogs which you should also check out if you haven't already:

My Children want me

As I sit here on my 6th day of recovery by myself I am catching up on my DRV shows, blogging, twitter, facebook, shutterfly, instagram and loving my forced down time. I come across a fellow blogger According to L and her post is about your children wanting you. I started thinking OMG I do this, I am this. I linked to the article she referenced Your Children Want You and it makes me step back and relish the great time I do have with my children and why I do what I do.

I am on pinterest - for many reasons but what started my quest is their upcoming Carnival Party. WHY? do I throw them such lavish parties? Because I love them so much they are my true miracles I want to them enjoy and know that their BIRTHs are the most amazing days of my life. I cherish their birthday because I cherish them so much.

I am on blogs, twitter, magazines, everything to be better, to get advice, to get help because I know that this momFITtingitallin needs help.

I took from the article that THEY do want me despite all of the hoopula. And I agree.

Because moments like this:

When the boy tells me I am the best mommy ever! No reason just told me
What the girl runs up to me and says I love you mommy!
The look on their face when then see me after school
How they ask how my day was at the dinner table?
How I am at EVERY practice/game/parade to cheer them on
How they THANK people for coming and visiting them

I just love them and with the HELP of the above blogs I know they LOVE me too. They love me unconditionally, they love me because of ME.

I blog, I tweet, I pin, I shutterfly FOR me, these are the only activities that are FOR me about me. I understand everything we do is a choice: full-time outside of the home worker mom vs stay-home mom/worker, pre-school vs not, nanny vs outside environment, take a picture vs make a mental memory. EVERYTHING is a choice. I choose to continue on blogging, tweeting, pinning and shutterflying HOWEVER I am going to do it for a set amount of time AFTER my kiddos are asleep (along with working out when I am fully released). And I know that I will be the best mom, best wife and best friend/family I can be - and doing the above for my self will help!! and Hey maybe all this social media will someday support our family (here is to dreaming big). So if you would like to continue supporting me, supporting our family on this adventure please FOLLOW please COMMENT please share with us!

TWITTER: @shareeandrade
PINTEREST: ShareeAndrade

I would love your support and of course I will support you on what ever your choice in life is!

How does your child show you love?
Show you that they love you unconditionally?
What is your choice?

Mid Recovery Recap

I thought I would give everyone a mid-week recap of my recovery. It has been very difficult more so then I ever imagined. I am on day 5 (suppose to be the hardest according to the doctor) and here is where I am. I still have no appetite which means I have no energy. I still have difficulty with eating - I have tried jello, mashed up avocados, cold mashed potatoes, soup, cottage cheese NOTHING tastes good or goes down easily. I am drinking a lot of water and apple juice and staying on my meds - EVERY four hours. The meds thing - I rarely take meds, I don't like to, I prefer to get through whatever it is naturally BUT SCREW that this is killing me and I take my meds.

Now I say I don't have an appetite and that is just one issue the second is I can't OPEN my mouth - it is sore it actually hurts A LOT to open it especially on the left side (the worse tonsil side). So even when I do try to get food down I can't get it in my mouth. Today I made myself asparagus soup (I let it cool before trying it) as soon as I took a bite it hit my tonsil less area and BAM pain. Luckily it was around my meds time so I took my scheduled amount and went to lay down. It seems that only sleep/resting is what I can do without pain.

That leads to the next issue - brushing my teeth. It hurts so even though I am brushing they are not getting brushed fully at this time AND forget the tongue not happening (getting brushed).

So with that everything leading up to day 5 has been HORRIBLE. I am still holding off my answer as to if I would advise this yet... Stay tuned.

However, today was a day to be with my family and I wasn't letting this issue get in the way. Last night I baked Coconut Vanilla Bean Cupcakes. The kiddos and hubby got to enjoy it along with our brother and sister that came to see our house for the first time. They brought over our nephew Jeremy he brought a ray of sunshine to this auntie (pictures to follow soon). After the grand tour it was time for NAP oh yeah.

I woke up to these two incredible kiddos. How could you not be happy with that :)

After our nap my sister was coming to hang out and help take care of me for the evening. She treated me to a mani/pedi and great sister chat time. We delivered dinner to the fam bam and then we were off to Panera Bread. I tried and wait for it actually ate a little bit of mac n cheese. But I could only eat a handful of bites because it was very rich and just heavy. But my energy level kicked in high drive and we went shopping - ok I forced her to buy herself a pair of shoes (with my coupon of course hehe). We headed home and spent time with my babies - they love their auntie. They even thanked her for coming and hanging out with them (too precious). Before the night was over we ordered our matching sister necklaces - now this was so IMPORTANT to me - my first sisterly matching thing!! I was like a kid in a candy shop (I have been bugging her for a week about making sure we do this) - thank you SISTER and thank you etsy.

As we ended the night I was so excited and happy to have spent the evening with her. In only a short period of time I have grown very fond of her and I love having her around.

What do you and your sister do to bond?
What does sister time mean to you?

2012 Ultimate BLOG Party

I am linking up to the 2012 Ultimate BLOG Party. Thank you for stopping by - here is a little insight into me.

I am a momFITtingitallin - toddlers, tattoos and my truth. I am 31 years old and in the best place in my life and myself. I have grown and continue to grown into someone I am very proud of. I am a daughter to a wonderful mother, a sister to a younger brother who is one of my BFF, a sister to an older sister that we are just finding out about each other (we just kindled our relationship a few weeks ago), a wife to the most wonderful hubby, a mother to TWO true miracles, a full-time out of the house worker, a business owner (to several companies) and a best friend to the few luckiest gals I know :).

Through this BLOG I am being honest and dirty when necessary. I hope you take a look around and if you like what I have to say please become a follower!!!

House Warming Party Planning mode

As I sit around and "recover" for the 4th day in a row I am getting BORED out of my mind, what to do... Plan our House Warming Party!!! Woo hoo. I have even started my House Warming Board on pinterest - check it out.

The party came about not because we were going to have one but actually people were asking if we were going to. So hey WHY not. We are so happy with our home and community and would LOVE to share it with everyone  and I love to PLAN.

This party needs to be simple, low key and just about having fun BUT that doesn't mean that I can't have a blast hosting it. An "Open House" party - come when you like as long or as short as you like.

Decorations - umm not really just the house
Backyard - hubby is working on that and it is looking amazing this extra RAIN is helping it out a lot.
Food - what is a party with out food. I am thinking appetizers and lots of them enough that it feels like you have enough to eat.
Drinks - oh yes BRING on the wine, water, ice tea (we have a new party holder for this) and I even saw a few cute items on pinterest to store the drinks!!!
Space - this will be the first gathering at our new house and this time we have the parking and the space in side to house everyone!!!
Invitations - to everyone including the new neighbors! Going to post this via facebook (check) and an evite (check)! Thinking hand delivery of a few to the neighbors since I don't have their information yet - just found out I can print my evite invitation woo hoo (check).

Here are a few of the ideas I already found and just HAVE TO HAVE!!! Now I am off to find more items for the party! Hope you can stop by :)

The man beside this woman

This blog is about me and my life and as I look through the postings there are references but nothing MAJOR about my true happiness - how is that? Because he is MY perfect mate.

I can not even fully explain my love for him ( I will try of course).

He is my husband, my friend, my best friend, the father of our children, the person that supports me in everything, my encourager, the person that gets me to try new things, he is the person that stands by my side no matter what. He is also the person that can tell me NO with a smile on his face WTH???? The person who kisses me goodnight every night and doesn't leave with out giving me a kiss in the morning, he is that HOT man that can fix anything, he researches stuff, he never criticizes me, he takes care of all of the hubby/dad stuff, he is the BEST father EVER, he steps in and does it all (even the girls hair)  he takes on projects for everyone, and he is the best at shopping - yes he is (he dislikes it but when it is just me and him I love it), he will even buy my feminine hygiene products without saying a word,  he loves me back FULLY, unconditionally and from the start of it all!

I love him so much I am thankful for him in my life!

True Happiness

Leftovers, reuse, recycle

As I sit here at home I tried to go to work but couldn't make it all the way through. I am wondering why I am not hungry. I have not ate since Monday night at 6 pm. I have tried to eat: shakes, Popsicles, mashed up avocado and even whip cream – it either hurts to bad to open my mouth or the food tastes horrible. But even though I am not hungry I still have a family to feed. Today I am #thankful for LEFTOVERS! I typically cook ONLY what we eat for dinner and enough for my hubby’s lunch the next day but for my surgery we had enough to keep them eating for the last few days (thank you Skinny Taste for our recipes this week).

I am a BIG believer on NOT WASTING and reusing as much as possible. First off my GF’s and I pass down clothes it seems monthly for our children – this helps me not feel so bad when I just have to have that CUTE outfit because I know it will be used for awhile!

Grocery BAGs – watch out I am queen with these. I use them at the grocery stores, Target (hello 5 cent credit for each bag) and the mall EXCEPT Kohl’s their bags are great for the goodwill pick up.

My lunch bag – got this at Target and it holds so much. Which is perfect because I bring my lunch daily including my freshly brewed ice tea!

My reusable cup – LOVE LOVE these. I got one free from a vendor about 6 months ago and I use it daily. I even bought two more for my home. This quarter I even bought them for our safety award!!!

So as I take a quick breather to drink more of my meds – what do you do to reuse, how do you deal with leftovers?

I thought I was SUPER women until...Tonsillectomy

OKAY I thought I had a high threshold for PAIN - I mean I have tattoos (a back full), I gave birth NATURALLY with NO drugs...until recovery time of my tonsillectomy.

I am pre-warning you GROSS - truthfulness to follow.

Lets back up a little bit - my entire life I have had this little cough like clearing my throat and I have been misdiagnosed with strep throat more times then I count, then just about 3 months ago I started getting SORE throats really bad not a cold but just sore - it ended up being tonsil stones. Have you ever looked into the back of your throat and seen white spots on your tonsils. Well I did and I pushed it and stuff came out - GROSS. This made me RUN to the doctor. He said that there is no rhyme or reason for this and it is not CURABLE. I have two options 1 - I can try to gargle after every time I eat and hope it helps or 2 - have surgery. People have told me that it is a rough recovery but again I thought I had this in the bag.

pre-op photo

my supportive hubby

Tuesday of this week I went in for my surgery with my loving hubby there to support me. The hospital staff was amazing and treated me so nice. The surgery was simple and easy and one of the best things is their new bair program - cute warm socks and a heater they attach to your nightgown.
What I didn't realize was the aftermath. I woke up and my throat was killing me I mean I couldn't talk, I couldn't swallow, I was in pain and this was just after surgery.

When I got out of surgery I received this picture - now you can tell why I was in pain GRAPHIC picture. First I didn't realize that tonsils were that big and 2nd WOW my tonsils were impacted.  

My tonsils - white is the stones

RECOVERY: I am suppose to drink tons of water - I am trying very hard on this and to be honest it is the only thing I can do. I tried ice tea it tastes nasty, I have tried a banana/strawberry non-dairy shake nasty, I tried a big stick and I can't even suck on it and to boot the little I did get was gross.

I don't feel good at all. I have been religiously taking my meds every 4 hours (I am not use to taking drugs even after my elective surgery I didn't take any meds) but this oh man. So as I sit here in my two day hair, two day clothes I don't even have energy to shower and my wifely duties are on hold (not that he would want to with my lack of hygiene right now). This is only day 2 and what worries me is the doctor  said day 5 is the worse.

I am now at the point that I don't even want food - so side bonus maybe I can lose a little weight.
I am going to PLEAD the 5th right now if I would recommend this surgery - give me two weeks (the recovery time frame) to tell you my answer.

The doctor told me I would be cursing him for two weeks but after that I will be so happy. Here is to that being TRUE!

Well I am off to my only activity right now - watching TV, blogging, twitter and facebook.

If you have any of these signs I described please go to the doctor. 

So what wednesday - the reason I got out of bed today

I look forward to So What Wednesdays so much I am not letting my surgery get me down (see my next blog)

- So what that my kids know every word to Red Solo Cup by Tobey Keith and mom accidentally bought the uncensored version.

- So what that I stare at the person that I passed for driving so slow thinking they are getting my brain waves telling them they are bugging me.

- So what that I use the My Notes section in my iPhone so I don't forget anything that I want to say SO WHAT about.

- So what that I keep forgetting to buy toothpaste (and it isn't on my to do list now either) and we are using the trial size the dentists give you.

Family Filled Easter Celebration

Easter is a time to celebrate, be with your family and just be filled with hope, love and faith. We ensure that we spend it with as much family as possible.

I love this time of year - the weather, the love, the joy, the look in my children's eyes when they get to find the eggs or see what the Easter bunny brought them.

This weekend was filled with a lot of family time. The Easter celebration actually started over a week ago when the grandparents took the babies for an overnight visit and egg hunt!! Then this weekend we enjoyed the sun and the great outdoors of our home. We got a taste of our wonderful weather and even got a little swimming in (ok the babies did) and I laid out!!

My sister came over to meet the kiddos and hubby (again no photo WTH????). She brought the kids gifts and OH MAN they are enjoying them but what is great is how they warmed up to her so quickly - I believe kids are a great indicator of a persons character! The girl even asked for her when she woke up!

The bunny has great taste
Our Easter celebration consisted of homemade cupcakes, school parties, a rabbit named Napoleon, a visit from the Easter Bunny and FAMILY time!!!
me and the girl LOVE

The Family and Napoleon
me and the boy ANGEL

Some of my fav people!!!

Opening Series Game - Angels 4/6/2012

WOW!! I went to the Opening Series Game of the Angels with my sister. I have to say this was an exciting time for me. It was the first event she invited me to and I felt like a little kid let loose in a candy store or like a shopaholic and an endless credit card limit! I was beyond excited so excited I didn't want to go. I try to avoid when possible (bizarre but true).

So when she invited and I said YES the crazy girl part came out. What was I going to wear? Lets see I own one YES one article of Angels gear and it is too big. That wouldn't work. Luckily there are  A LOT of die hard fans that I work with and they lent me their gear! So as you can already tell I am not a sports fan - so my biggest worry was what to wear!! After that was settled (and I was advised not to wear my 6 inch heels by the sister WTH).

Just me
This evening was not only bringing anxiety for just the meeting but I was also meeting someone very important to my sister so my stress was a little elevated (okay A LOT). After a few words with my BFF they both told me to just enjoy. So that is what I did.

A backseat trip to Hooters and a margarita later I was smiling! Once we got to the stadium - OMG the Angel fans are no joke - they were geared out, tattooed out and man they know every player. I noticed that only one player on the Angels still wears his pants old school (that counts as paying attention to the game, right????).

The seats were amazing. The game was a little slow UNTIL the 8th inning and then the magic happened 5 runs!!! Maybe they scored because I finally got my hot dog???? hehe

I have to say the night was amazing and I look forward to attending another game for two reasons
 1 - to get a picture of me AND my sister at a game
 2 - she loves the Angels!!!

Our view

Friday Fire Works


Thinking it will never happen

Have you ever been that person that you THINK that "that" won't happen to you? It could be a car accident, not getting pregnant, winning the lotto, needing that life insurance policy - the list goes on.

Well, unfortunately since having children (and probably way before that) I think of as many WHAT IF's as I can. I can remember when I was about to give birth to our daughter I was so scared - I have a little boy and a hubby to take care of what if I die during birth (it could happen). So what did I do I went out and created a LIVING WILL for myself and my husband. I look at wills, car insurance and life insurance as items that you have and NEVER want to use!

Our wills include what happens if I die, if my hubby dies, if we both die. NO want ones to talk about death but it is something we can not control and I wanted to ensure NO MATTER what happened our family would be able to function, to live, to have things set in place.

Now you can have a lawyer draw one up, go to LEGAL ZOOM or what I did is I got a free template online and I had it notarized for myself, hubby and the person in charge of our estate if we both pass away.

You can include as much or as little as you like but here is an idea of what I included in ours:

1 - If one or both parents die how our life insurance money would be used and saved
2 - If both of us pass away who would be in charge of our estate and our CHILDREN. Now this to me is the MOST IMPORTANT item. We wanted someone we both loved and trusted and who would do ANYTHING for our children.
3 - Medical issues - do you keep alive on machines, medicines, etc...
4 - Belongings - anything in particular you want to go to someone
5 - Money - what accounts we have, what bills we have
6 - GET IT NOTARIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, I went a little OCD on this but it is very important to us!!!!

Now you ask WHY am I bringing this up. Well I am about to head into surgery next week to have my tonsils removed and they will be knocking me out. Anytime my health comes into question I look over our wills and ensure that everything is in order!

With that I recommend EVERYONE to have this especially if you have little ones!!!

It is better to have it and NEVER need it then NEED it and not have one!


How did we get here? a family of four

I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and it makes me wonder - how did they get where they are (meaning family life, kids, hubby, etc..). The more I read the more I see others story and the want and desire to share mine (more then just listed on ABOUT me).

I started this BLOG for me - to express myself, so share about our lives, to document our lives BUT even more I realized that I am expressing my TRUE self and that helps me and can help others.

So here is a little MORE background to how we got to this wonderful beautiful family of four!

August 2004 my bff and I decided we wanted to buy quads (keep in mind we didn't have a truck or trailer or even experience on them BUT dang it we were getting them truth be told I made her get one).
After spending over $8k dollars on the quad and gear the dang thing wouldn't work. I took them back to the store. The service writer AKA now my hubby laughed at me and even flirted (I had no interest) I just wanted my bike to work. The next day he called me back and apparently it was operators error YIKES!. He told me I could pick them up. I picked them up and he asked me out I told him NOPE. He called again the next day and we had our first date that Friday night. He came to pick me up in the dorkiest outfit ever (is mom later told me it took him like an hour to get dress - oh geez) and a little ford ranger that had the check engine light on the entire time. He took me to Black Angus and we literally talked (both of us) for over two hours IT WAS AMAZING. We just had this connection. That was the first night for us and we have been TOGETHER every since. He even told me he loved me 21 days into our relationship!

That Valentines Day he planned an incredible romantic weekend in Laguna (surprises I dislike so much). For this romantic weekend he proposed - I was so much in LOVE and so excited!! We moved in together and planned our wedding for December 2005. A fast courtship but we didn't want to wait any longer. We had an amazing wedding in Lake Arrowhead, California (all so I could wear a fur lined cloak and fur boots).

 I wanted to start a family right away - he not so much, but needless to say we went off of ANY way of stopping it from happening. 1 1/2 years into our journey of marriage and "not" trying for a baby (but really trying). We were told by the doctors that we would not naturally conceive a child together. I am a person who gets a problem solves it and moves on. I wanted to be a MOM I knew that (pregnancy optional). We looked into IVF and other options but at the end of the day there was NO guarantee we would have a baby. We opted for adoption. We ran down to adoption agency and put our application on file. We payed our fees, filled out paperwork, expedited everything (I just thought it would be best to be complete), background checks, references, the list goes on -- WELL exactly two months after we walked into the agency we walked out with our little man. He was meant for us. We feel in love with him the moment we heard he was born. We were able to meet him at 10 hours old and bring him home at 24 hours old. He was amazing. Literally overnight we went from happily married to happily complete....or so we thought.

Enjoying being a new parent and adjusting to taking care of someone else was incredible. I loved it. He was an ANGEL baby. So sweet, so understanding, so just perfect. Being that my life went to VERY full in a short period of time and the doctors saying that we would NOT have a baby naturally birth control was NOT a concern. Well what do you know. A few months later I found out I was a few months pregnant. WHAT???? Are you serious? I am pregnant and I have a newborn YIKES. I knew that I had to be the only FALSE positive pregnancy TEST. Nope we were pregnant.

So our little man turns 1 and 1 week later I give birth to his sister! She was a MIRACLE and she is named after her brother - because with out him we truly believe she would  not be here.

So then we became a COMPLETE family of four (for sure now!).

Our little girl has been "the boss" from birth - demanding, center of attention and is now growing into the mother like personality and she is so me!!!

Our little man went from the ANGEL to the best big brother, smart cookie and ADVENTUROUS soul - he is his own person a little bit of me and a little bit of his dad.

Fast forward to today and we are just so blessed and happy.

And now you can see why I am the momFITtingitallin and loving every moment of it!!
I hope you enjoy seeing a little further into our story.

What is your story?
What is your journey?

It is OKAY to be happy

It is OKAY to be happy! Seems like that would be obvious right? Not for me. I have this way of living my life that I hold back - just a little but enough that I don't fully enjoy ANYTHING. Well you know what that STOPS right now. I even brought this up to my therapist and I asked her to remind me that it is okay to be happy.

NOW let me clarify - I understand that there are ups and downs - GEEZ I have them all the time, I will help you, I will cry with you/for you, I will help you with your problems, BUT above all I want to enjoy my OWN happiness. I am in no way wanting to rub it in any ones face but being HAPPY is OKAY. Talking about being HAPPY is okay, SCREAMING on the top of your lungs is okay!!!

I am so fortunate to have an AMAZING hubby - don't get all clouded we are not perfect BUT we are perfect for each other. We are in a GREAT spot right now and I want to drink it up!!! Our kids are growing up so fast - Time flies even more when you have babies. My family is good - healthy, employed, loving, caring, HAPPY. My career - is going well - I truly believe that we are on the rebound!!!

Now I want to SCREAM, I want to YELL because I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I am so HAPPY!!!

I just found out a little over a week ago that I have an older sister! ME what really? It has always been me and my brother against the world. But now I have someone that I can look up to, someone that has experience, someone that is ME :) We have been a part for over 31 years and I WILL not waste anymore time without her! So everyone here is my SISTER!!! I think we look alike (and for me I have always been the odd one out - both my mother and brother have blond hair light eyes :))

So What Wednesdays...

I know it is BAD but I look forward to Wednesdays mainly for this post and linking up with Shannon @ lifeafteridew. It is also bad that I have to FORCE myself to write my own SO WHAT before I read all the other link ups because I LOVE others SO whats so much I might steal them hehe :)

So for today this is what I am saying SO WHAT to:

So what THAT I enjoy finding my hubby's holey socks and ensuring that he will not wear it again.
So what that I have been putting our poor boys cup upside down for weeks for t-ball.
So what that today when I was racing to work because I had lab work today before work and all of a sudden I heard a siren and FREAKED out - it was the boy's vreader - yikes mom slow down.

So what that I had an amazing weigh in yesterday and I had pizza for dinner :)

So what that I looked down in my front seat floor board and saw this - does your car look like this?

So what that I FEEL super pretty today and I wanted to share it with you.
So what that I enjoy So What Wednesday's so much that I will be writing two blogs today! Keep reading - I have a new family member to introduce you to!