THE NEW - The Last Resort Self-Defense

I am exhausted today BUT pushing through it due to my "high" from our 1st class with the The Last Resort (the website is about to be revamped). Here are links to my other postings about the company. love-what-i-do-but-to-make-difference and last-resort-self-defense (can you tell I LOVE WHAT I DO) But let me tell you what we have been up to. We have a NEW LOGO ------------------------------------- >
I love it!!! Also, the women last  night RAVED about it.

We have created a facebook page and a twitter account.

And we have created marketing material and the best part is we are getting this information out to WOMEN! We had a class at a local Curves and the women were amazing! They smiled, cried, reacted and reacted again!!! They left with a sense of "being in the know"!!!

I am so HAPPY that I am part of this.

The Last Resort Self-Defense
Our Mission:

To help keep the women of the world safe by teaching simple, effective self-defense.

Girl Strong

Kindergarten is NO joke

If today is any indication of how KINDERGARTEN will be OMG!!! Today was REGISTRATION day. Now we are lucky enough to live within the boundaries of a GREAT school district. I have been "preparing" for this day since ummmmm like November of last year ( planner hello). Well you know what I was not PREPARED for this.

We took the boy to get his shots (refer to my So What), I made sure to have not 2 BUT 4 bills with our name and address on it, I "pre" filled out a few forms, I dropped of the babies with their grandmother and headed over at 8:15AM for the 9:00AM start time. HECK I was 45 minutes early oh yeah I was armed with my kindle and iPhone - I can do this.

WELL the line was already 40 deep, 40??? What time did they start getting there??? Word to the wise for next year ARRIVE earlier. So I join in the line and I was fortunate enough to stand next to two veteran moms. We are chatting away and they say this isn't even a long line and we should get into the AM class - woo wee and we still have 30 minutes to wait. Well I look through my paperwork - where are the shot records???? Dash to my car they are in the car woo wee SAVE. Run back to line chat a little more and then it happens the other ladies chat about BIRTH CERTIFICATES I did not have his  OMG they won't enroll him if I don't have it. I literally sprint to my car in my coach loafers speed home run upstairs grab the item and his SS and race back  - 10 minutes to spare. THANK you LORD for living close to the school.

They start passing out the paperwork (which I already had part done). Well here comes in my EXPERTISE paperwork. I busted out that paperwork in record time. I was the first to turn in our paperwork so our little man is 1st kindergartner signed up. What does that mean??? That means that this bad a** momma got our boy in the best class in the AM session oh yeah!!!!

Next up CHILD Care. One of the key selling points of this school was the on site childcare. I went over to the class room and I was fortunate to meet with the director and talk about the education program in the child care as well. This was a concern for us because currently our boy is in full-time private pre-school where he is on heavy learning about 8 hours a day. SCORE. Well with our talk and paperwork our boy is the 1st on the list for the new year CHILD CARE. Can you say go MOM???

But with this panic I am a little worried what this school year will bring. The positive is at least when when our baby girl makes it next year mom will be a pro.

What is your kindergarten story?

So What Wednesday

I look forward to teaming up with Shannon for another wonderful week of SO WHAT WEDNESDAYS. Why??? Because it gives me a day to just vent (okay you can give me Mondays too hehe) but this way the rest of the week I am not still thinking about, wondering about - so Thank you Shannon.

So what - that I wore my new "my style" outfit twice this week - hey it was clean and once it was on the weekend and once during the work week.
So what - that I used the crock pot twice in a row and I might of not all the way cleaned it - but hey what meal doesn't go with loaded bake potato soup????
So what - that my little man was a BIG BOY yesterday and got 5 shots,  urine test, blood test and full physical he was a trooper so I let him have chocolate milk (if you know me I don't give my children chocolate, candy or soda) so this was a big treat.
So what - that we let little man pick out our dinner - Chiptole.
So what - that I let both of them enjoy the perks of the boys pain.
So what - that I let him watch a few hours of Motorcross to make him feel better.

Chocolate Milk Yummy

Mommy's LOVE fixes everything

Ice Cream anyone (really frozen yogurt)
 So what - that I did not exercise because you know what I wanted to relax, blog and watch recorded shows.

A little bit country ALWAYS

I am FOR SURE a little country at heart. I love my upbringing in FFA - yes I said it - Future Farmers of America. I love the smell of cows, horses, even pigs. What I LOVE the most is the family down home feeling you get. People that can fix things, that respect livestock, that work HARD, that have morals. I LOVE it all. Oh and how can you say no to a man in wranglers and boots (my hubby has a pair of black cowboy boots HOT). If you have ever watched The Pioneer Woman - OMG she has the life I would love to drop my family right into.

I was born and raised on a little (less then 1 acre) farm BUT IT WAS my home and I loved it. We were close enough to the city but far enough that we were in our little own world - septic tank and all. I had the opportunity to raise cattle, rabbits, worms, sheep, chickens, ducks and the list can go on BUT don't forget the many dogs and cats.

I want my kids to be as country as they can be in this modern world. We have thrown them a Western Themed Party and they enjoy their paid pony rides at Tom's Farm. Maybe one day we will have a horse of our own. Last Easter we got the kids goats this year our bunny Napoleon and NEXT year chickens!

Ok SO why this topic, why today? Well for work (which I love so much) we went looking for potential company picnic idea and we headed to Star Ranch in Corona. AMAZING, beautiful, rustic, romantic, inspiring made you feel on top of the world (okay we were 1200 feet up but still). Take a look at a few pictures below. I told my hubby and he had the same thought - dang we could have had our kids bday party there! Me I am thinking romantic couples ride and dinner!!!

Madness Mom Monday.....

OKAY I am really trying NOT to let this reoccurring Madness Mom Monday get to me. Mondays ARE the worse the first few hours of the week are torture to me. I have tried to find little things that can help me and the kids get through it. For one I let them sleep in a few minutes more on Mondays and then I first wake up the boy - he isn't as bad in the morning and even though he is almost 5 YES I get him fully undressed and dressed (only on Monday's believe me it helps). Then it is shoes, brushing teeth and I give him a banana and turn Mickey Mouse Club on. Then it is up to get.... HER. She is not a morning person or at least not a Monday Morning person. I talk nicely to her, pick her up and I also get her fully undressed/dressed for the Monday school day. THEN it happens CRANKINESS over kill. She is crying, whining and DEMANDING me to do things. My nice talking patience is starting to crack. I leave her be and race down stairs to make my lunch (see budget minded still) and think ummm raining YES crockpot time. I dice onions, brown some meat and dump everything in the crockpot for my Taco Soup - woo hoo dinner done.

Woo wee she has calmed down apologized and now wants an apple for after school snack (that goes in my lunchbox). I escort them into the car as I change the laundry. I have given brother the job of opening his sister's door and buckling her in. OK this saves me BIG time. Well just the other day when he was doing his job for me - my husband said, "Babe then she won't learn to do it herself." Yes he is right BUT then again he doesn't get himself ready and TWO kids EVERYDAY so you know what he can buckle her and help out MOM and at this rate if she doesn't learn for another few months/years I DON'T CARE.

We are buckled in and ready to pull out. Not bad actually only 15 minutes behind today. We are on our way to school -  not even bad traffic. I get the kids into school she runs into her class and then it happens HE doesn't want to go to school today the tears come out, the whining, the MOM I want to be with you today - OKAY first off heartbreaking and another reason as to WHY sometimes I would love to be a rich stay home mom. It makes me sad to leave him like that BUT he does enjoy school A LOT and he is very smart and you know what I have got to get to work. I give him tons of hugs and kisses and tell him I love him and I RUN out of there. On my way out my telephone was ringing - it is a company phone so I have to answer it. GUESS who it was my husband.
Can someone tell him that he SHOULD not call me between the hours of 6 and 8 am???? Seriously!!!!!

And on top of that I forgot my BREAKFAST I didn't even get to eat OMG!!!

Ok I have vented, bitched, moaned I am good now. I did weigh in today since I didn't eat not bad!!! Not Bad!!!

I will not let this CONSISTENT Monday Mom Madness overshadow our incredible weekend.
And it was INCREDIBLE.

First off our kiddos let us sleep in both days!!!! OMG priceless.


On Saturday morning my hubby (see even a nicer tone already) got up to work on the back yard as I made breakfast and cleaned up the house. Then it was time for t-ball. HE DID amazing and we even had a lot of family fans in the stands!!! He was so proud of himself. My mom ended up coming to our house after t-ball and helped with the backyard and dinner. Sunday turned out to be another great relaxing day. I was able to rush to Marshalls - my new fav store. I bought a few glass vases for the kitchen and my new outfit that I love - everything was well within my budget! We ended the weekend with a birthday party limo ride to Medieval Times.

My name is Sharee' and I am an addict....

ADDICT for so many things. I LOVE shopping, finding ways to lose weight, STAYING busy all the time (then feeling overwhelmed), decorating and the list can go on.

My first addiction is SHOPPING. OMG I love to shop - I think my next profession should be a personal shopper. Even though I do love to shop I am even better at shopping for sales, deals, clearance and coupons!!!! Now add sales, deals, clearance, coupons and FREE shipping delivered to my work (not home then my hubby would really see what I get) and BANG addiction. This week alone I received my Scentsy order, Amazon order (garage stuff) and my Kohl's order. Did I mention that orange/tangerine is the NEW hot color for Spring and I am LOVING IT.

So with my addiction comes ummmm the need for money. Well we would like to stay debt free, pay of our vehicles and continue to save so that means that we are on a TIGHT budget. We set down this week and went over our budget and did a little tweaking. I even started the old school envelope method and put money in different compartments for the things we need to pay use. What we did was also set aside FUN money for the both of us to use as we please - so babe don't worry about my packages at the door they will be from my fun money!!!

NEXT addiction - trying new workouts. I have to do this because I either get bored or lack of time so I am trying to squeeze in anything. When the real point is that I have to STICK to something and it will work. Just last night I ran 1 mile around our housing track. It is exactly  1 mile around from door to door!!! Along with that I tried this new workout (yes another one - I will still squeeze in Shrink a Size somewhere). I found it on Pinterest - Daily Workouts . Enjoy!! Here is to another workout! Even the kids helped me out today. I even FINALLY signed up for the Spinning Class again!

So What Wednesday - take 2

I enjoyed expressing my So What's last week I am joining in again with the wonderful Shannon.

- So what that I sneak away (everyday) to play Draw Something and Words with Friends - can you say ADDICTED.
- So what that I am on a new kick of PROTEIN shakes (keeping my fingers crossed on this one)
- So what that I started my List on Tuesday
- So what that I am so excited to plug in my new Scentsy and new flavor Sunlit Morning ( I just got it in the mail today)
- So what that my husband wants to spend Easter weekend riding/camping (insert sarcasm here) instead of celebrating it at our new home with BIG yard... sighhhh
- So what that I just got my new iPhone 4s and I haven't even brought out my regular camera since
- So what that I worked on TLRSD stuff for hours last night and then a BIG idea hits me square in the forehead today :)
- So what that I look forward to So What Wednesdays and reading others So whats :)

Kindergarten HOW can it be????

As you have all read before we bought a new house so we could be in a great school district - that being said I can NOT believe that in 1 week we have to go register our little man into KINDERGARTEN (no joke I checked the spelling on this 100x - would be bad if I spelled that wrong). Tonight we told him that we would drive him by to see his NEW school. It is literally right down the street from our house (AMAZING).

With getting all of our paperwork ready for registration I pull out our handy dandy little list:

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist - and this list reassures me as to why my hubby and I choose daycare/preschool for our little ones.

"Childhood should be a journey, not a race"

1st this list BLEW me away but what got me the most was how much he knows on the list. It became that moment that you are so proud of your little man - and just maybe we made a good great decision.

The list has 25 things - some I would assumed would be on there - counting, cutting, the alphabet letters, trace.

My hubby and I went down the list with him just to see where he was at. He did WELL on all of them.

Bathroom needs - this one scared me when he started pre-school - will he know when to go, can he go by himself, can he wipe, etc... I can say I don't worry about this one anymore! woo wee

Separate from parents without being upset - this one is a struggle - not a big one anymore unless we go away from school for a week or more. But mainly he is good with this.

Button shirts, pants, coats and zippers - he has the zippering down pat but the others ummm I guess I need to work on that.

Count to TEN - so proud to say he can count well over 50!!!

The list goes on but I am still in shock that I could have a child old enough to enter kindergarten yet proud of him. We love him so much and can't wait to see him continue to grow into this amazing little man.

P.S. - his sister is super sad that she isn't joining him yet. We will see how this will turn out with them being separated. Currently they are in different classrooms but at the same school.

Monday Madness PLUS A trip to the doctor's

Monday Madness was in full swing today. Got up late, kids coughing, accident in a  bed, goodwill to put outside and ADD a doctor's visit to boot - ahhhh Monday Madness I dislike you.

Ingredients for Guinness Cupcakes

Finished Guinness Cupcakes

Kids Rainbow Cupcakes

Me and the cuz

My brother and me

Me on St Patty's day
I especially "dislike" Monday Madness after a weekend that was amazing yet TOOO short. I am going to piggy back on my last blog St.Patty's Week and share a few photos of our fun. So what made this weekend WONDERFUL. Staying indoors and not even leaving the house on Saturday until 5 pm to drop off the kiddos at their grandparents for a sleepover, hitting the St. Patty's Day party with the family, drinking my favorite merLOT blackberry wine and then sleeping in on Sunday until 9ish and celebrating a friends 3 year old birthday party in the snow!!!
So waking up to Monday Madness - sad :(
Add a doctor's appointment - having problems with my tonsils and I
Think they will have to be removed - have a referral appointment SOON.
My honey and Guinness

St. Patty's Week

Yes that is right ST Patty's week. I have always enjoyed celebrating holidays however St. Patty's Day holds a special place in my heart. It was the 1st holiday that my bff Erin and I celebrated together 8 years ago. WOW 8 years we have been inseparable - crazy!!! Our 1st St. Patty's day we went out (during the week night) to find a green drink. We ended up at the place that would be our home away from home for 8 months. A little whole in wall bar that we BROUGHT a lot of excitement to. We walked in and ordered 2 shots of something green and 2 beers the bartender said $12 bucks so we each put a $20 down she was like NO $12 TOTAL - ahhhh OUR BAR!!! So this holiday means a lot to us (even though we haven't been able to spend many St.Patty Days like that again).

Getting ready for baking


Rainbow Cupcakes
a classic hungry hippo
Now, I have ALWAYS celebrated St. Patty's Day and this year I am making my kiddos Rainbow/pot of gold cupcakes for school and I am going to try out the Guinness Cupcake for my hubby (his fav beer). My mother came over to hang out with us and I wrangled her into helping with the cupcakes - my mother DOES NOT bake or cook so this was a rare treat for us. But as we are baking away she was talking about buying a shirt that says FOREVER Irish - I was like okay why?? I am just Irish 1 day a year. OH NO we are IRISH. Who knew?? I didn't??? So everyone I am IRISH. WOW :) hehe

After another night filled with laughter, food and fun we ended it with a came of CLASSIC hungry hippos - who doesn't love this game :)

More to follow about St.Patty's - I will post pics of the finished products and maybe a few pictures from the St. Patty's Bash on Saturday. Until then everyone enjoy a drink for me, with me :)

So What Wednesdays!

Today I am linking up with Shannon at  lifeafteridew for So WHAT Wednesdays!!

+ So what that I am kicking my butt and not losing weight on weight watchers
+ So what that I am going to spend my  lunch going to the tanning salon
+ So what that at this moment I don't care that YOU didn't call,text or even say THANK YOU.
+ So what that I have my opinions, state my opinions and HAVE opinions
+ So what that I am addicted to Pinterest
+ So what that I am in LOVE with So WHAT Wednesdays - Thank you Shannon.

Partners in my life

Partners in my life. If I didn't have them I would be lost. 1st up is my partner in crime - my bff Erin. She is the one who I can call at 4AM or 4PM to chat, cry, scream, vent or just bs about the latest Ryan's Roses. She is the one that helped me through the hardest times. She knows me better then I know myself sometimes. She is the one that I was with when I got my 1st, 2nd, 3rd OKAY all of my tattoos. She would be the person sitting with me in jail!!! I love her to pieces. With out her I would be a crazy mess.

Then there is my partner in my family. That would be my brother. We would do anything for each other, we are typically each others first call when something happens. We tell each other our secrets but NEVER tell anyone else. We can fight like cats and dogs and still say I love you at the end of the conversation. He drives me crazy but I couldn't have a more amazing brother. I trust him with my life and my babies too.

Wait for it my PARTNER in LIFE. That would be my wonderful hubby. The one I share everything with, the one I don't want to go a moment with out, the one I think about, dream about, curse at then still kiss before bed time, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and the one that I raise my children with. He is my tag team partner!! I don't know how single parents do it. I am so grateful for him!!

This weekend is a classic example of how we are great partners in life. Our son just started t-ball and with us still settling in our house - I wouldn't do it without him. We assist each other all the time. We fit in t-ball opening ceremonies, hair-cuts, lunch, shopping, t-ball game, naps, house maintaining, baths, dinner, clean-up and we even started running as a family nightly!!! I know that i could do this with out him but KNOWING that I have him and I don't have to be alone is the best feeling.

On top of multi-tasking this weekend and with his support (watching the kiddos) I was able to create an Easter centerpiece (via pinterest), baked cakepops and even fit in my Shrink a Size twice!

So happy after his 1st Padre's Game!!!

Start of the cakepops

Easter Centerpiece

Alexee stole her daddy's hat

The cutest face ever

Crap... 3 1/2 years later and 10.8 pounds heavier

So today is Tuesday my weigh in day and that damn scale said that I weigh 10.8 lbs more then I did after walking out of the hospital AFTER giving birth to my daughter. WTH???? Really how can that be?? I workout on a consistent basis, I eat with the idea of what is good/bad for me, I track my points, I track my exercise, I DON'T eat the animal style fries, I gave up my Coke ZERO - why??? If I am not seeing results.

Something has got to change.

First off I need to lay off the sweets (which is going to be funny when you finish reading this blog and say what I made with the kiddos tonight), increase the intensity of my workouts and try the "no white" products method of eating - no carbs, no sugars, etc... aka blan I am fearing.

Today I went to lunch with two of my close male friends (business partners as well). One of them is CRAZY into health foods and since I started out our lunch moaning about my weight he was determined to keep me in line. Even though I gave him that stare like don't tell me what to do I am glad he was helpful. So I didn't even touch or eat 1 chip and I ordered a chicken salad with avocado NO cheese and NO dressing - good ole salsa to top it off. It was delicious and I didn't feel bloated or over stuffed afterwards.

Fast forward to the evenings baking task: Homemade peanut butter cups for the neighbors. I found this Peanut Butter Cup Recipe I did sub for Natural PB but other then that I went by the book. They looked amazing, super simple to make and I was able to plug it in for my weight watchers points (4 points each). Dang it if I didn't test my goodies tonight I would have been well under my points - oh well. Lesson learned stop at one and GIVE the rest away.

With that I made sure to increase my ramp and intensity on the elliptical and did about 31 minutes today while I was on the phone - sweating like crazy. I also included my Shrink a size routine as well.

My hubby encouraged me to look back into my classes (yeah trying to fit something else within my life). I am going back to spinning . My first class back in a looonnnnng time is this Friday!

Food intake (all good except those dang PB Cups)
26 points
Bfast - same ole 4 points
Snack - banana
Lunch - salad 5 points
Snack - pb cups and choc - 9 points
Dinner - stuffed chicken and lemon mashed potatoes (ww recipes) - 8 points

My thought for Tuesday: Don't get down Get MORE motivated!!!! I can I will lose the weight I want/need to!!!

Make it Count Mondays Day # 5 Shrink A Size

Making it count! This is turning into being one of my motto's and today proved it. I woke up SORE from yesterday but it made me feel good about myself. Since I was feeling good about myself it reflected all day in my attitude and my appearance- I walked taller (could have been the 2 inch heels hehe), I dressed up and the smile was from ear to ear. The day went by SUBER fast and before I knew it the work day was ending. But that is when the fun started. I zipped off to pick up the kiddos and we were off. Today my hubby and I were scheduled for a couple massage - a gift to ourselves due to the move packed couple of weeks. My mother meet us and took the kiddos to dinner and then she surprised us with keeping them longer so we were able to head to a "date" night dinner - Pick Up Stix  - but to us it was quality time just the two of us and no cooking or cleaning!!!

We headed home to our normal routine of baths, bed time stories and tugging in. I then headed downstairs for 44 minutes on the elliptical and Day #5 of Shrink a Size.

Feeling Positive, Feeling Good.

How about you? Do you have a routine you are liking? What did you do today to Make it Count?

Here is my food intake for the day
26 points total and today I stuck with it!

Bfast - same old same old 4 points
Snacks - banana and choc covered pomegranates - 3 points
Lunch - sandwich with avocado - 7 points
Dinner - garlic chicken, brown rice, cream cheese wontons - 12 points

Family, Friends, Fitness and Fun weekend recap

Junior Pilots

This weekend celebrated my father-in-laws birthday by taking him to the USS Midway in San Diego. I have to say it was a lot of fun. The kids ran around (men included in this) looking at everything and lost to the world. It was so sweet to see the 3 boys just so excited about airplanes and the ship. Being a person who didn't have a father figure in my life it is so important to me that our son has that with his dad and grandfather.

Did I mention that we did A TON of walking!!!!

After the ship we headed over to Karl Strauss. If you haven't ate there before PLEASE try it out. It has large portions (we have a lot in the fridge leftover), killer dishes - I tried one of the loaded mac n cheese dishes yummy (wait for the points later yikes but well worth it), DESSERTS everyone got something different but still so delicious (I kept with the plain vanilla bean).

So with that I am taking a day of rest and be happy that I can have these days that I can spend with the family and not worry about my eating. Another great thing with Weight Watchers.

Saturday Food Intake: 26 points allotted
Bfast - same old same old 3 points
Snack - swiss cheese 1 point and choc 3 points
Lunch - WATCH OUT 27 points OMG!!!!
Dinner - passing
Grand Total: 34 points
I went over 8 points which were taken from my exercise points for the week!! I am not bummed at all we had a good time, I enjoyed myself and now that I had extra points to cover it and tomorrow I will start fresh!!

Sunday was the first day that we really got to be just at home (despite grocery shopping). We meet the new neighbors next door and their daughter came over to play. I have to say I love that we have neighbor kids and have a house that they can come and play at. My bff also came over with her daughter so we had 4 kids between 5  and 3 and they had a blast. My son is a LITTLE excited that he is the only boy :) hehe.

While the kids played the bff and I worked out to Jillian Michaels Kettlebell workout OMG it was difficult yet enjoyable. NO PICTURES we were very sweaty!! After that we were off to walk my new complex. It was a beautiful day and a lot of our new neighbors were outside and friendly. I am so excited to be part of a young family community!!!

As the hubby and kids ate a pizza for dinner the bff and I ran out to Taco Hut. The burrito was large enough for us to split and still have left overs. I hope to have more days just like this. Good friends, fitness, food and FUN.

Sunday food intake: 26 points total
Bfast - wait for it something different waffles/sugar-free syrup and a banana 6 points
Snacks - canbury mini eggs, dark chocolate covered pomegranates - 8 points
Lunch - hummus and pita bread - 7 points
Dinner - part of a burrito, chips and salsa, taco - 10 points
Grand Total: 31 points - I used 5 extra workout points!!

Still feeling good and motivated.!!!

Shrink a Size Day #4

Was not feeling it tonight so I am thankful that I am making myself BLOG about this adventure because if not I think I would have passed.

So as I have sweat rolling down everywhere I want to type this and head to the shower and sleep well (I hope).

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and did set B. PLUS me and the hubby raced to see who can do 50 sit-ups faster - dang it he won. :(

The Days food log:
26 points total:

Breakfast - the same everyday - 3 points
Snacks - pretzels - 1 point
Lunch - sandwich - 4 points
Snacks - strawberries and the dark choc cream cheese (2.5 servings) - 8 points
Dinner - Salad with lite blue cheese - 2 points veggies 2 points and cheese 2 points
Ice tea, milk and water all day

Grand total - 27 points ( I used one of my exercise points to cover the extra point).

Feeling BETTER since I worked out!!!

Thanks for keeping me honest!!