Shrink a Size take #2 - Day #2 and life...

WOW Leap Day. It has been a while WHAT does it mean to me??/ Well It means that it is the year we vote for a new president, a new chance for recovery, a new chance to make a difference!!

With that said it is a time for a difference in my life. We obviously have a change for the good in our living arrangements for our children's education but I also want to focus on my health, our health!

Today we went from picking up the kiddos at school then headed to cheer practice (she is getting amazing) then it was off to the Rancho Cucamonga Shelter to get the kiddos their new Easter gift - a bunny this year (last year it was 2 goats). Meet Napoleon - we hope to bring him home tomorrow. Then we raced to dinner with my mother, brother and girlfriend then off to Petsmart for the needed bunny supplies. Needless to say we just walked in the door around 8 PM. I was/am exhausted but I made a decision to do something about my health. I did my DAY 2 of shrink a Size and I will be heading for cardio after I finish this blog.

While I TRY to get my exercise a "normal" day to day activity I also decided that it would be beneficial to list what I eat/drink all day and what I can improve on in the future.

With that said here it goes: TOTAL daily allowed 26
Breakfast: 1 cup multi-grain cherrios w/ 1/2 cup of 1% milk = 3 points
Snack: Banana = 0 points
Lunch: Greek Salad = 5 points
Snack: Choc Covered Fruit (2 pieces) & Pringles Wheat Stix = 4 points
Snack: Orange = 0 points
Dinner: Chiptole Burrito Bowl with Lettuce NO cheese = 10 points
Snack: Philadelphia Dark Indulgence with strawberries = 4 points
Drinks: Ice tea, water and hot tea

I earned 1 point for the Shrink in 14 days

Today I didn't do too bad on my food intake. I think for tomorrow I will focus on snacking on more fruit and veggies and less "snacky" kind of foods.

Here is looking to SHRINK a SIZE and becoming wiser and healthier on this road.

What is your goal?
What are you doing to get to it? 

In my element...homemade meals

I LOVE to cook and bake, not only is it healthier but it is cheaper and a peaceful relaxing thing for me. Over the last month I have not been able to cook or bake that much. With vacation then moving I was able to finallly get back into cooking.

With the move to the new house we have a LARGE functionaly kitchen and I am loving every inch of it. Last night I was in my element - I even had two little chefs in training.

With chefs in training and my mad skills (hehe) we made homemade spagetti, veggies and garlic bread oh so yummy.

As soon as dad pulled into the driveway we had the food hot and sititng on the table for our family dinner. I have to say sitting down with my family on an almost daily basis is the best feeling EVER!

When we sit down for dinner we get to talk about our day - it is so cute because typically the kiddos ask Momma how was your day?? I love that they are listening to us and intersted in finding out about our day just as we are about theirs!!
So excited to be back in the kitchen!!!

Getting back in the swing of things

I feel a little lost of sorts. I like my schedules, I like my routine, I like simple, I like checklists. WELL since our vacation then moving I have been all out of sorts. Even my check book was off and not in the good way. Like everything else my workouts have been put on hold - Shrink a size will be started again very soon.

With the new house we are slowly getting into a normal routine; figuring out commute time, decorating and even organizing as we go. Last night was the first night that I cooked a homemade meal and it was DELICIOUS. I am hoping by Sunday of this week we will have the photos/pictures hung up and my exercise routine started back up (I have lost 1.5 pounds since the cruise but there is still 15 more pounds to go to my goal).

Throw in the kids sports located by our old house - this might have to change and a few things still left at the house we are still going in between the two.

My shutterfly - yikes I haven't completed a book since December HOWEVER I did buy a groupon today for only $10 bucks for my next book - encouragement!!!

My blog - as you can see I was able to create 2 today that makes me feel better - relief, expression, therphy.

Therphy - made my next appointment - I like to maintain my stress (as best as I can :) )

Well I am off to pick up our babies, get the mail from the old house to race home to make dinner and then head to t-ball practice.

Loving my life!!!

Red Solo Cup

Having children is always an adventure the latest is their love for Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith. They LOVE IT. Yesterday as we got on the road to school I told our boy that if he was good during school we would go buy the CD at Target. Well when I picked them up he was ready to head to Target for Red Solo Cup, TP and PT (yes he is now become my grocery list keeper :)).

Now I have to say that I actually like this song - it is cute, catchy and mostly true. But it is the experience that we get with our entire family with this song. The entire car - hubby, kiddos and myself are able to laugh and sing the entire song at the top of our lungs. It makes me happy to share these moments with them. Now I am sure we will wear the CD out very soon with as much as they want to hear it.

WOW is this a trend with our boy!! hehe

I just wanted to leave you with the picture I took this morning from the view of our new house. Loving it so much


I first want to say I am sorry for not mentioning this earlier AND skipping my Day 3, 4 & 5 of my Shrink a Size in 14 days. I will be back on the 14 day period very soon. I actually have a REAL excuse as to why I haven't posted or in that fashion worked out.

We are MOVING. We are so excited. We have prayed for an answer to help us. We are moving into a beautiful move in ready home, into the school district that is amazing for our kids (our son starts this August), close to family/work, a BIG back yard for events and our dogs and kids to play around.

So PLEASE excuse me over the next week - we hope to be fully moved in by this coming Sunday then everything should be back to what we refer to as normal.

Day #2 - Shrink in 14 days

Day #2 - only 12 to go!!

Woo wee I am sweating today. Today I switched it around and did my 33 minutes of cardio before my Plan B exercises. I think I worked out VERY hard today - the sweat is running down my back side and front. A little shaky again so I am eating a banana (free on weightwatchers plus).

Now I am a person that canNOT workout on an empty stomach. I can workout right after a meal and be fine. What is new to me is the fact that I have to eat right after, why is that?

Breakdown for the day:

WW Points USED =   22 (allowed daily 26)
Cardio = 33 minutes ( Weird timing I know. I make sure to do at least 30 minutes and depending my mood, time and show I am watching determines the time after 30).
Shrink in 14 days = workout B

I am feeling good today!

On this day my hubby is FINALLY feeling better - thank you GOD. Being a "single" parent is NO joke plus having an "extra child" sick hubby doesn't help.

 He even helped by taking my photos again.

IS anyone else joining me?
How was day #2 for you?

Day #1 - Shrink in 14 days

OMG I did it! 1 day down 13 to go.

Day 1 - I did the entire workout - easy yet you feel it in the areas that they say you will. My tummy is feeling good!!! I also worked out for 41 minutes on the elliptical for my cardio. I had my hubby take a few shots to PROVE to you that I actually did it!

Shrink a Size in 14 days Challenge - Pre-Day

Pre-Day - Found it!
So while I was on pinterest I ran across this article. I LIKED it, pined it and wait for it I actually printed it out! I am going to start this challenge and HOPE for the best. I put in 30 minutes on the elliptical for great measure!

Workout at a Glance

The Strength Plan
What you'll need: 2 sets of dumbbells (2 to 5 and 8 to 10 pounds); a chair.
Week 1: Do the exercise routine 6 days a week, alternating between Workout A (for your chest, back, and abs) and Workout B (for your arms, legs, and butt).
Week 2: Follow the same schedule, but challenge yourself by trying the Make It Harder options.
The Cardio Plan

Weeks 1 & 2: Walk for 30 minutes 6 days a week, alternating between the Speed Ladder interval routine and Power Walk workout.

Your 2-Week Turnaround

Day 1 Strength Plan A; Speed Ladder

Day 2 Strength Plan B; Power Walk

Day 3 Strength Plan A; Speed Ladder

Day 4 Strength Plan B; Power Walk

Day 5 Strength Plan A; Speed Ladder

Day 6 Strength Plan B; Power Walk

Day 7 Active rest (no formal workout, but keep moving throughout the day)

Day 8 Strength Plan A with Make It Harder options; Speed Ladder

Day 9 Strength Plan B with Make It Harder options; Power Walk

Day 10 Strength Plan A with Make It Harder options; Speed Ladder

Day 11 Active rest

Day 12 Strength Plan B with Make It Harder options; Power Walk

Day 13 Strength Plan A with Make It Harder options; Speed Ladder

Day 14 Strength Plan B with Make It Harder options; Power Walk

For continued success, repeat or modify to alternate cardio and strength workouts.

I am going to start this challenge tomorrow! look for Day 1 - 14 on here!!

Will you join me? I hope you do and if you do or don't can you please pray that I am successful, keep with it and lose a few pounds/inches along the way!!

Here is to Shrink a size in 14 days! 

A day in the life of raising a BOY...

Today was one of those days that make you go WOW with raising boys. Mind you this is typical but today STOOD out.

We started off the morning with my little man wishing me a Happy Valentines Day - too cute and made my day. Off to school they go so excited for their parties (however yesterday after not being at school for 9 days of vacation time he was kicking and screaming and crying to get through the door).

My big boy

When I picked them both up the head teacher spotted me and said "Oh we have a funny story about what your son said today." MY THOUGHTS - OH NO what did he say???? Is it embarrassing, silly, scary, what?? Did he see something that the "parents" were doing, say something!!! What could it be - and yes this went through my head all in the 5 seconds before she told me.

"Today during their valentines party we served apple juice in the clear small plastic cups. He was sitting with his friends and he said - Hey we can play beer pong with this. We can drink it real fast like this. My daddy plays beer pong all the time." The teacher went to him and asked "What did you say?" Alex replied "Beer Pong, we can use these cups and you drink it really fast, my dad plays beer pong all the time." The teacher said they were cracking up and just had to tell me.

WELL I just had to laugh out loud BECAUSE think GOD it wasn't mommy and her wine   it wasn't something really bad. I called my hubby right away and he was stunned and started defending himself about his drinking ( he doesn't drink that often) but OMG I was rolling and laughing so hard.

Fast forward to t-ball practice. This is his 1st practice and this league requires cups. We just pulled it out of the box to put on him and he asks what it is. I told him a cup and he said Mom you are silly cups are for drinking. That made me crack up. With more explaining we were off to t-ball practice with a boy playing even more with his cup then before.

This evening he did AMAZING. Also, this t-ball team is organized, all players showed up, team mom rocks and the coaches are super nice. As we say our Thank yous and byes and I am a proud momma of the boy that ran, hit and tried to catch the ball he.... steps on my toes with his cleats - yikes!! What a way to end it.

So here is a typical day in the life of a mom of a BOY.

Do you have any funny stories?

Things your kids say?

Happy Valentine's Day - LOVE

For me I LOVE Valentines Day NOT for gifts, flowers, chocolate (last night I went to Rite-Aid to get my hubby so medicines and the line was out the door with people buying last minute things) or anything like that but for what the day means.

If you go to wikipedia it can give you the ENTIRE meaning
but for me is a special day in my heart.

My hubby in 2004 proposed to me on and he planned everything down from the trip, hotel, ring, even my clothes and activities. Now yes I know A LOT of people get engaged on this day, married on this day BUT for the super planner like myself and control freak behavior being SURPRISED almost killed me until he got down on one knee.

With him planning everything as a SURPRISE I actually broke up with him the day before our trip and his mother called and yelled at me telling me I was GETTING in that car and enjoying myself no matter what - I got in the car!

Valentines day means LOVE, the beginning of my TRUE happiness. I didn't know LOVE until that day. And NOW I have his love and the two most amazing kids that told me this morning Happy Valentines Day mom!!!!

So on today cherish those that you LOVE, hold them tight, give them kisses, tell them everyday!!!

However, I did receive a rose from an employee (he gave one to all the females at work) and strawberries from another person!

Getting outside of your box

I am very much a homebody type of person. I went to school at Cal Poly Pomona because I could live at home I seem to stay within my box - my box is between the 10 and 60 and 15 and 57 - I am not joking about this - ask my friends and hubby and they will confirm it. I get anxiety in my chest when we drive into LA. I am afraid of the unknown so I stick close to what I know. WELL I am here to tell you DON'T be like the old me. GET out there TRAVEL, try new things, anything out of your norm. You can cut your hair short if has always been long, you can try a new product, where something you never thought you would BUT the goal is to get out of your box.

Up until about almost 8 years ago I was in my little box and enjoyed myself didn't know what was out there because I didn't look. NOW my fear is easing up and I am slowly enjoying trying new things. Today for example my hubby took me to see invenTORI because I am obsessed with anything Tori and Dean!! I watch all of their shows, read all of her books and follow her on twitter, facebook, etc... So we drove out to Sherman Oaks - for me this is FAR. But today my excitement didn't allow the anxiety to enter my body. While we were out there we walked the streets, ate at a new place Stanley's Restaurant (amazing by the way) and even sampled organic sweets from Buttercelli Bake Shop. Now I know some of you are reading this and going PLEASE lady are you for real??? But there are those that are reading this and going OMG that is me.

Either way today was about trying new things, new places and opening myself to the possibility of NEW and CHANGE.

I am so glad I allowed myself to be carefree instead of CONTROL FREAK and the day was amazing.

THe QUESTION to myself is what is next????

What can you try that is out of your box?
What scares you?

Girlfriendology Guest Blog

I just woke up to my Girlfriendology Guest Blog. The blog is about Being Prepared, are you?

Please take a look at it.

Vacation for the family

We just got back from our vacation. AMAZING. We had a total of 11 people go. We went as a family to celebrate my mothers 50th birthday. We had my grandparents, my mother, my brother, my cousin and his girlfriend, my other cousin, my brother, my hubby, our two kids and myself!! What a packed ride. We took the 4 day 4 night cruise from Long Beach on Carnival Cruise. It took us to Catalina and Ensenada. I would recommend this trip to the young, old, single, married, with or without kids!!!

I have to say that we all chipped in and had a party bus pick us up and drop us off both ways - it was easier, faster and so much more relaxing.

Ready with their own luggage

The men

Cousins 4 life


the ladies

Jeep Excursion

Winery tour

argh pirates

Hole n One

Beautiful night at Ensenada

As we boarded the Carnival Inspiration cruise line the KIDS were so excited. They had their own luggage to carry and they did great. With all 11 of us on the cruise we headed to check out our rooms - cute, cozy and just enough space for the week. I was thrilled with our location and headed up to check everything out: running track, gym, miniature golf, spas/pools, bars, casino OMG you name it they had it all in one spot.

The best part of the trip was the ports. Taking our kids to Catalina and showing them around the island via a golf cart made their day. It was a little cold that day but still perfect enough for a little shopping.

The next port was Ensenada. Just the BIG kids got off of the boat and we enjoyed a Jeep Excursion through the countryside and ended with a winery tour. After we meet with the babies for lunch the hubby and I headed off to do a little shopping on the streets of the town. A bracelet and drum set later we were headed back for a little relaxation.

Did I mention the SHOWS. Another great thing aboug being on the cruise. We watched a few: SHOUT - a show with singing and dancing - for me the highlight! We also watched the newlywed game and my hubby entered but lost (thank heavens) the Hairiest Chest Competition.

oh wait how could I forget the FOOD. TOO much food that is for sure. I ate way out of my weight watchers points. I do have to say I still fit in my pants but they are a little tight (that is okay though I headed to the market last night and filled up on all of our favorite healthy items I even made my veggie 1 point soup).

All in all this was an amazing family vacation. If you have KIDS this is a most because of the Camp Carnival. It is a daycare/fun zone on the cruise for FREE. Our kids played, watched movies, did ABC's, face painting, shirt painting and they even came up with books, shirts and games! Our daughter wanted to stay the entire time and play with her new friends while our son was not sure each time we dropped him off BUT when we picked him up he couldn't stop talking about it.

You might ask is this affordable??? OH YES it is take a look.

$820 - cabin for 4
$100 - round trip transportation
$150 - Jeep Excursion
$362 - gratuity, drinks, pictures ( I had to have these with frames)
$30   - trinkets
$1462 - TOTAL - but to get all of that for the cruise, Catalina, Ensenada and everything on the cruise plus time as a family, extended family and couple can't be beat.

Our next cruise we are thinking ALASKA.

Have you been on a cruise?


I was loading up the kids tonight to head to the store and dinner and I was just COMPARING them on everything. It is easy for us to do because they are only 1 year 1 week apart. I can remember that our daughter was FULLY potty trained by 16 months but it took our son nearly to 2 1/2 and 3 without night time diapers. Both of our kids were fully talking, sentences, questions everything by ummm 2 years old. So tonight as I had to open the door for my daughter and buckle her in I think WTHeck am I going to be doing this forever. I say that because our son can open the door and buckle by himself.

BUT I have to pump the brakes here. I shouldn't be comparing them, I just push or get mad just because one can do something and the other can't. It is just sometimes plain hard not to.

I have read in plenty of magazines that comparing kids is not healthy for you as the parent or the child. That kids will learn at their own rate. BUT again that is very hard.

So with writing this blog today I just want to remind myself that when I get to comparing TOO much that I need to stop and breath and remember that they are two different children.

I can remember from the moment our daughter was born the differences. Our son used Enfamel so we thought lets pre-buy so it isn't that much of a burden on us - big mistake she could only tolerate Simolac. Then our son slept all through the night with just laying him down OH NO our daughter cried herself to sleep for the longest to this day our son will go straight to bed where our daughter will talk to herself, her babies for about an hour.

Differences can be good too don't get me wrong because being that one child is the adventurous one and the other more reserved reflects their own personalities.

A vacation from a vacation

Today is my Friday for 9 days. It is nice to be taking a family vacation and we have been looking forward to this for over a year. We are taking a 5 day/4 night cruise with our family - us, kids, mom, brother, grandparents and cousins a total of 11 now (some can't make it). It is also to celebrate my mother's 50th birthday! A vacation for me is much needed but the BEFORE stuff well sometimes is vacation worth this??

Lets see house settled, dog sitter, bills paid, clothes washed/packed, medicine packed, pre-grocery shopping because by the time we get back won't have time, load books on kindle, passports/ids, what can and can not go on the ship, helping my ENTIRE family check-in online because they can't do it, finishing up everything at work as much as I can because no one does it while I am gone, watering all of the plants, is there enough dog food, is my camera charged, did I bring the charger, what is the weather like, the list goes on UNTIL I hit that boat and forget all my worries with a margarita baby!

Beside the normal above items I am glad we are going BUT I really do think we should get a vacation from our vacation because I am already tired thinking about it :) hehe

Does anyone else feel this way?
Am I alone here?

Vacations Rock but I wish I had a full-time helper before and after :)

Don't Judge me.... Guilty Pleasures

As a mother FITting it all in I believe in doing everything for everybody except myself. Does that sound like you? Being busy 150% of the time, working on projects at all times, pushing our kids to be the best they can be and while I am doing all of this I also want to be the best WIFE (in every sense I promised sex 3 – 5 times a week), mother, full-time human resources manager, co-owner to a new company, party planner, blogger

 twitter madness, shutterfly and the list can continue. So to keep this lifestyle running and keep a little sanity in what I call LIFE. I have indulged in a few guilty pleasures.

The definition of guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it.

For me I sometimes get a little twinge of guilt when I do something for myself because that could be time that I devote to my kids, my husband, my work, my family, my friends etc. Do you catch yourself literally returning all of your clothes or even putting back that $8 dollar shirt at Target just so your babies can get the shoes they want/need. This happens to me all of the time. It is normal. BUT what isn’t okay is you feeling guilty. I have to remind myself that sometimes MOMMY just needs a break. It is okay to take a break. Take a look at my top 7 “guilty pleasures” I do to get a little me time. With this list I want to let everyone know that YES they are my little guilty pleasures but it is the small things that mean the most. A little pleasure goes a long way. 

1.       Family ABC Channel. Sometimes I need just a little me time or QUIET time. I have a time or two (or several more) turned on that channel to tune the kids on to something else just for a bit. While the kids learn about the color rainbow on Mickey’s Clubhouse I indulge in whatever.

2.       Angry Birds. Ahh this addicting game. Not only can I get lost in this craziness now our 4 year old son can get distracted for a while as well. Just the other day I NEEDED a little pampering, I went to the nail salon to get a mani and pedi and as I relaxed and zoned out my little man was propped in the chair next to me just playing away. He played and smiled for the entire time.

3.       Romance Novels. I live to read anything from free kindle ebooks to anything from Susan Mallery and Debbie MacComber. Not only do I enjoy quick reads but also to experience the romance that I imagine each time.

4.       See’s pound candy. Did you know that you could pick out each and every piece that goes into that 1 pound box? Not much more to add to that J

5.       Tori and Dean: OBSESSED. I watch (really DVR) all of their shows. I follow them on twitter and facebook and my hubby is taking me to invenTORI for my valentine’s gift.

6.       Clearance Sections. No matter what store, what items I hit all of the clearance sections. Clothes, shoes, groceries, household items I just HAVE to look (and maybe buy too).

7.       Elliptical. My favorite type of exercise because it is in front of my TV with all of my DVR shows on it. You can catch me watching TV working out up to 5 nights a week.

Everytime I indulge in one of my “guilty pleasures” I have to remind myself that YES I am doing this for me BUT that is okay. Doing a little for yourself is an amazing thing. It has taken me nearly 31 years to have the confidence in myself to put myself first sometimes. With taking the little things and time for myself I am a better person for my kids, my husband, my family, my job!

Do you have any guilty pleasure?

An oldie but goodie

Today was a wonderful day I was able to get on my hands and knees and play with my babies. We started playing with Lincoln Logs. This was the highlight of my day!