Near death experience

Have you ever had a near death experience? I did today and it was the worst moment of my life. It is that moment that you freeze - I can't even fully explain what that tight chest feeling really felt like.

Today after I picked up our children from school I took them to Target. I had promised bubba that he would get new sunglasses if he was good at school. According to his teacher he did amazing! As we finish up our shopping trip ($6 dollars glasses and we end up spending $35). As I am holding their hands - note both of them on my right side LUCKILY. We walk out the door crossing the parking lot I notice a car with his reverse lights on I avoid him and walk way around him. HOWEVER, the car next to him barrels back - before I could move, jump anything he was on me. His car was brushed up against me all I can do is SCREAM at the top of my lungs STOP!!!!!!!!!!! He stops I pull the kids out of the way and my baby girl just starts crying. I hold both of them so tight and just pray THANK YOU GOD that we are okay. I was in shock I am for sure. My only thought was to get them in the car. A women stops us to check on us but it wasn't even registering to me.

After I get them in the car I just break. Crying shaking just shock. My little girl comes up to me in my seat and she just says Mommy it is okay, you are okay. It had me crying even more.

It was that moment that is now making me cry at every emotion I am having. Reading her goodnight story crying, hugging them crying, saying our prayers crying. Even as I type this I am hoping that the laptop can withstand the downpour that is happening.

My reason for living!
 What I am getting from this near death experience is TO NEVER ever let a moment go by that you don't hold on to those that you life super tight and tell them all the time that you love and care about them.

Thank you LORD for giving us another day. Thank you LORD for my wonderful kids and husband.
Thank you LORD!!!!!

The Last Resort Self Defense

I posted a few weeks ago that I am doing side business for a company, The Last Resort Self-Defense. I started looking into side work a few years ago and came up with business aspects that I excel at. One of them is business management and marketing. I can take direction, give direction and see visions. I wanted to help others grow their business the same time I am. My only requirement is that I have to BELIEVE in the product, the person, the company. Well The Last Resort Self Defense - I BELIEVE it, I want their mission statement to be the goal!

To help keep the women of the world safe by teaching simple, effective self-defense.

I think the concept and the ideas are great and I am ready to DIRECT them in that fashion.

Just today another FEMALE student was attacked. We would like to help her and EVERY women to defend themselves if this situation was to come up. Our teachings, DVD's and lessons can save your life.

We are hoping that we can reach out to the schools, the people, the women and make a difference!!!

Please if you know how we can get into the schools, get in front of women, TEACH please let us know.

Angie's Run - Riding Trip Octillo Wells

Angie's Run is a ride that my brother's girlfriends family started last year. Who is Angie? Angie is the sister that was lost unexpectedly a few years ago to domestic violence. She is the sister to my brother's girlfriend. Their family is OUR family already so this is a way for all of us family/friends to get together to celebrate her.
She loved to ride, she loved her family, she loved to have fun.

We get together and celebrate on her birthday. The below pictures is just a little insight to the fun we have in her honor. I didn't know Angie very well but each year I feel a little closer to her and her family. You can tell how much these people care for her!!

In honor of her they also create new t-shirts each year to raise awareness to domestic violence. If you are interested in joining us next year let us know. If you are interested in helping out this great cause you can donate and/or buy a t-shirt !

David, Hubby, Brother after their ride


The ladies ride

Watch out

The riding begins

Luv 2 Camp

The new toy mom wants!!!

THe Girls of the trip

The men of the trip

The whole gang

The way to start of the trip

Look at our xmas tree

A weekend with no plans

Father and Daughter walking (ok I don't know y they are being loaded sideways)

Who ever knows me realizes that my calendar seems to get booked fast (not being arrogant here) but with kids, family, birthday parties, events, etc... the list can go on it fills up. I like it full because I am a planner and I like to be suber uber busy as much as possible. This type of lifestyle has been in me for a long time and just recently I have given up even more control in my life THE CALENDAR being full. Sometimes with your calendar full (don't get me wrong our babies party is already set September 30) you miss out on just relaxing or new adventures. Well this weekend was one that we didn't have anything planned. We woke up Saturday morning and tried thinking what we could do. My dear friend Erin mentioned La Brea Tar Pits. I have never been there so we decided what the heck lets give it a try. We headed out. We walked around the Tar Pits, explored the museum, took a tour of the grounds. It was a cheap enjoyable unexpected family trip. (Sorry I don't know why the pictures are loading this way).

After our trip to La  Brea Tar Pits we decided to try a restaurant that is not in the local Inland Empire. OMG The Counter is amazing. I am not much of a hamburger person but oh man the food was amazing. You get to build your own burger from the bun, cheese, meat, toppings and sauce! Look at our creations. They might not fit into the WW points plan but as a family time it was the RIGHT thing to indulge in! (Don't worry I worked out the next day you will see). After our amazing day in LA we were able to get home and take a family nap before SUPERCROSS.

On Sunday we woke up to another day with no scheduled plans. Lets see umm lets go for a hike. We headed out to Etiwanda National Preserve. It was a round trip hike of 4 miles and the babies did amazing! The hike was nice, relaxing and ONLY for cooler weather there is no shade or covering the entire time. We took several breaks for the babies to have snacks and we made the entire trip in about 2 hours. The top was amazing. Beautiful waterfalls and nature. We have found a new activity that as a family we enjoy doing together and is a great exercise!

How do you get yourself out of a FUNK?

Well I have been in a little funk due to a work related issue. It has been a rough 1st week of the year and it lead into this week. Let me state that the FUNK was only due to work. Needless to say FUNK. So today I BROKE it. In the past I would indulge into FOOD but since I am dedicated to losing weight (I stayed in my points today 1 to spare). So today I worked out like crazy, took a relaxing shower, picked out a cute outfit for tomorrow and I blogged (or blogging). And tomorrow I have my standing appointment with my therapist.

For now I am very proud of myself and the fact that I am getting out of this FUNK.

I would love to add a mani/pedi to this routine!!!!

Love what I do but to Make a difference WOW

For sometime I have been working on my side business Simply Success by Sharee' (ok catchy title  I think anyways). What I do is I help others with their company, their marketing, their image, their promotion, the list goes on. So far I have been doing this for "in-trade" items. Pictures, workouts, training, pest spray but I haven't got that hard earned cash YET. That is okay because I enjoy.

Well two of the companies that I am working on right now (in production I say). Is A-Bomb Pest Protection (under construction). One of the things that I pride myself on is ONLY working with those and for those that I agree with and enjoy their products. It is a principal thing for me!
For the pest company he does incredible work - above and beyond what the last place did (Terminx). He is friendly and communicates in the fashion that I like TEXTING. So please be on the lookout for more things to come from me and him!!! Also, if you are interested in pest control please give him a call and tell him Sharee' sent you. Ask for the owner Adam 1-760-953-6350.

NOW on to the MAKING a difference. I was approached by a friend to help his friends with their company. The Last Resort Self Defense!!! AMAZING. I truly believe this system can make a difference any your life. This approach lets you be prepared for the attack or potential attacker. They have brought me on to help brand, market, promote and assist spread the word on this. I am so eager and excited to start out on this venture. You will see more of this in my blogs because this is something that I enjoy and that can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in my life, your life, someones life!!! If you are interested please check out the above link. And follow us on twitter, facebook and website (all to come very soon).

Loving what I do, Loving to MAKE A DIFFERENCE even more!!!

Find the good in everyday

Just yesterday I ran into the grocery store to get a few items (lettuce, bananas and all the fixings for homemade fajitas). While the kiddos and I were browsing the produce department we walked past the floral department and this sign just popped out at me "Find the Good in Everyday". Isn't that an amazing line?? It is everything that we should all be doing. There are always UPS and DOWNS in life, in the day, in the moment but if we can FIND that one thing that was good today it pushes Negative Nancy further away. I am trying NO I WILL make 2012 the best year yet for myself, my family and my friends!

Today was a long rough day at work (not bad just GO GO GO). I added about 10 things on the to do list and yet I didn't get anything done on my list.

Today the GOOD in the day was in several forms:

- Lunch with my FF D'Lyn and my wonderful Christmas gift
- The high of our job winning our bid yesterday still floating in the air
- Coming home after this long day and playing, talking, relaxing with my family
- Staying within my WW points today

What was the GOOD in your day???

2012 New Year New You (or me)

me and my mom hiking mt.baldy

mom and the kiddos
Well for me every NEW year gives me a chance to refocus on what is important and WRITE down what I am wanting to do not only for myself but my family and our future. Of course I have the typical GET FIT idea. To accomplish this goal and lifestyle I have re enrolled with Weight Watchers along with doing it HARD CORE. I have also enlisted the help of my hubby and bff for fitness support. It is only the 2nd and we have hiked twice and done the elliptical for 43 minutes as well along with a little cardio with the kiddos.

me and the hubby

It is important for me to accomplish this goal with the help and support of my family and friends. Not only will we ALL benefit health wise but it is more time for us all to bond. Today in the pictures you see my mother, hubby, kiddos and I ventured out in the VERY COLD weather to hike Mt. Baldy - it was an amazing time. Clear, crisp, clean and cheap fun.

Another goal for me/us is to SAVE SAVE SAVE. To save the hubby and I are eating all meals at home or homemade. We are both taking our lunch everyday to work and I have started my routine of planning out the weeks meals and buying groceries that way. Typically if I plan it out we can eat the 4 of us 3 meals a day for 7 days for about 100 bucks average a week. Even today when we went hiking we packed our lunch!!!! With saving money and not going out to eat we are also trying to find any and all activities that are cheaper if not free. So if you have any ideas let me know!

Family time - has always been important to me - more now then ever BUT I have to build on the relationships that are meant to be and with people that want the same in return. I have posted before that I tend to work harder on things/relationships that are  broken then those that are amazing. This will mean leaving behind my notion of being the "fixer". At 31 years old I need to only be a fixer of myself, kiddos and hubby and those that ask for my "fixing". This doesn't mean that I will be a bitch or not be there when you need me or ask for me what it means is that I will be less available for those that really didn't want me there anyway.

I was just looking at my 2011 list take a look:

1. Read 50 books - ACCOMPLISHED THIS

2. Workout 4 days a week - sort of not all of the time

3. Eat healthier - could have done better

4. Go out with gf at least 1x every other month - went out a few times
5. Career path???? - no change yet

6. Pay off debts - GREAT PROGRESS on this

7. stop using credit cards - DONE son (except we put our kids school on it and pay off every month)

So 2012 of course my list will have some of the above okay all of the above BUT with added depth this time.

I also want to (and have been doing well at) slowing down. I am and will forever be a person that HAS to be going 1 mil minutes an hour BUT I am refocusing that energy in different areas. Like crafts, saving money, my health, our families health. You will see less photos and more actual memories will be built (don't worry I am still taking photos, blogging, twitter, facebooking, shutterfly, BUT much less).

The 2012 goals don't just end today they will be growing, changing, expanding and be accomplished on a consistent basis.

Here is to 2012 being the best yet!

Love all of you so much. Thank you for your support, advice and understanding and above all your LOVE.