Christmas FUN

I have been away from my phone, email, facebook, twitter, shutterfly and blogging to enjoy the time with my family. It is amazing how much more I pay attention and focus on only them and the fun. BUT you know I love do all of the above so I am NOW squeezing in all of that them while the rest of the family naps.

Facebook - check, email - check, shuttefly - check, BLOGGING doing right now and twitter later! Phone ahh it can stay off for a while longer.

Well this past holiday season was amazing. We were able to spend the time enjoying the kids and family.

Christmas Eve my sister-in-law (9+ months pregnant) held the festivities - we had a blast. The best part for me was watching the 3 cousins run around, laugh and just enjoy each other. Of course the adult company, wonderful meal and presents were amazing as well.
This year mom decided to use RECYCLE bags for all of the gifts. I think it is very cleaver BAG (has all of our last names). As for me they are already in our car for the next shopping trip (target you get $.05 cents per bag). We did a gift exchange and even our little Catherine received gifts (already spoiled in the womb). We stayed out pretty late for the kiddos so when we arrived at home they were fast asleep within minutes NO make that seconds.

SANTA arrived at our house around 2 am! The kiddos woke up to many presents and two happy parents!

We had so much fun watching the kiddo get so excited present after present. Even us parents were spoiled this year. This year the hubby and I decided to SHOP for each other - well worth it!!

After presents more family arrived for a wonderful Italian lunch and relaxing.

And today while we made a few exchanges and returns and even took in a movie it is about time to bid farewell to Christmas for this year and step into a year of endless HOPES, dreams, love and success!!

Dear God,

Thank you for everything that you have provided for our children, each other, family and friends. Thank you for who you are and what you stand for. I hope that 2012 brings the BEST year yet for everyone!

Love always

Finding the middle

I think I have mentioned a time or two that I regularly see a therapist. IF NOT people I see a therapist regularly. I have been going to her for close to 7 years. I started seeing her with the stress of NOT having a baby and have been maintaining my insanity with monthly visits since then.

At today's appointment I finally realized that I am finding the middle of life. WHAT does that mean? For me that means I am finding my path on things in a more calming, successful matter. Throughout my life I am either an instant reactor or a person that lets things stew before I discuss or solve it or get over it. I am finding my way to be more in the middle with items in my life. I am trying to not REACT right away on certain items and by doing that I am able to make more decisions based NOT on emotions. As for the other parts of my life I seem to hang on to things for a LONG time. I am more at a spot that I am more in the middle on most items in my life!!!

Another key thing is NOT wishing my week away. NOW don't get me wrong I LOVE our weekends however now I am not waking up Monday morning and wishing it was already Friday afternoon. I am waking up day and embracing and ENJOYING it to the fullest.

I have found myself enjoying things more - crafts with the kids, baking, working out and even just watching a show or two with the hubby.

I think with the help of my doctor I verbalize emotions that sometimes I bypass or just ignore!!!

So finally being in the GRAY is a good thing - for me anyways!

Christmas festivities with the family

Nights like this is why we work so hard - so we can play hard with the ones we love.

We started our night out with dinner then it was off to walk the lights in Rancho Cucamonga. We bundled up and enjoyed this rear COLD weather in Southern California.

Grandee, Alexee, Travis, Cynthia, Me, Dad and Alex

We had an amazing evening of laughing, joking and just being happy!

Ugly Sweater Party

OMG!!! WE had an ADULT only event last night and we had a blast. Our family had an Ugly sweater party!! Of course my hubby could not be stopped when it came to his outfit! He took home the first place prize!!! For the girls my cousin took first as well. We drank, ate and were MERRY!!! But the best part was the PHOTO BOOTH. Take a look at our funny photos. We are going to have the company come to our babies party (yes I know it is in October 2012 but you know me)!! Check him out

Homemade gifts

Last night we set down with the kids to make a few holiday gifts. Throughout the year I save all of the broken and miscellaneous crayons just for this project - holiday themed crayons. The kids were SUPER excited to be able to break them and take them apart. We used our holiday cookie pan and look at what we got! We are going to make more over the next few days to give out to our young friends and family.

The next item is the IDEA of going green! Reusable straw cups for the kiddos teachers. The kids helped by counting out pieces of candy for each cup along with a gift certificate for McDonald's (thank you After they were filled up and the caps screwed on they both colored Christmas trees and ornaments to put on them. Our son even cut them out himself!!!! We put them into the teachers stocking today. hope they enjoy them! 

Reflecting on an amazing weekend

What an amazing weekend. As a parent this past weekend is what it is all about. What you work hard for, what confirms that you have made RIGHT choices, what shows you LOVE is really the key to happiness.

Baby girl is the girl in the back behind me in red!!
 The weekend started out with baby girl's 1st parade as a cheer leading. This activity is so exciting for me because I was a cheerleader too!
I was lucky enough to be able to be a helper mom - LOVE that job. Getting to be with my daughter throughout this whole experience was amazing. She did so good! HOWEVER, mom forgot to charge the camera so luckily my brother took this from his phone. We walked about 3 blocks but for a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds it seemed like miles :)! Her dad, brother and uncle watched from the sidelines and were so proud of her. With this experience I have got the bug to be a helper or maybe even a cheer coach!
That is on my to-do-list to ask.

After that we treated her to lunch!!

Saturday night I went with my future-sister-in-law to her company Christmas party. It was nice to spend quality time with her and she even won our little boy an AWESOME remote control car that thing is the size of him hehe!

As for Sunday we had parent/child bonding day! The hubby took our son to the the motorcycle show. He loves his mo-mos!!! As for me and the little lady we started our day with baking the best tasting homemade from scratch cupcakes - Cherry Chip Cupcakes yummy :) We shared them with alot of our family and friends - COMMENTS: the best so far!!!

After baking (and mom cleaning) we were off to Color me Mine! Watch out world I was driving the hubby's truck - but look at this amazing parking job - 1st try!

Color me mine = FUN FUN FUN. She picked out a princess to color while I stayed with the fav ice cream bowl :) We painted, talked and giggled for several hours.

I even treated her to See's Candies! We then walked around and shopped and enjoyed a little lunch just the two of us. A cherished day for sure.

After all of the excitement it was time for a little down time. By the time we got home brother and dad were there and NAP time was taken with not even a "WHAT??"" hehe!!

The excitement didn't end there we were celebrating xmas with our family tonight.. It was a casual fun packed family filled evening. Just talking, laughing and eating!! The adults had a white elephant gift exchange and the kiddos of course had tons of fun and presents too. It is so cute seeing the family together all of us getting along and enjoying each others company. Our little nephew is getting so big I can not believe it!! Time is flying.

As the babies visited longer with their nana and cousin the hubby and I sneaked out to go visit one of my bff and her twins. YES TWINS. they are so cute and healthy..

So overall this weekend was AMAZING, relaxing, fun, family and bonding...

These weekend make everything worth it.

Mission Inn, Riverside, California

Pictures are worth a thousand words so I don't need to add anything else.

6 years of marriage

I can not believe we are at our 6 year wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone? I can remember walking into Montclair Yamaha over 7 years ago and meeting him and fast forward we are celebrating 6 years of marriage!

This past weekend we headed up to Lake Arrowhead (the location of our wedding). It was a nice relaxing weekend just the two of us. We stayed at The North Bay at Lake Arrowhead condo/timeshares. While up there we were able to EAT, shop, watch the local Blue Jay parade, RELAX and just be together.

This weekend was filled with love and peace. Knowing that you are with your best friend, your lover, the father of your children, your true happiness.

I do have to make NOTE on something. There is a Coach Factory store at Lake Arrowhead village. They had a HUGE sale - items were 30 - 50% off PLUS an additional 30% off after that. I found this amazing grey leather purse. I carried it around the entire store. The final price would be $127 + tax. We brought cash with us and we only had about $160 left. So with buying the purse we would not have much left and we DIDN'T want to charge anything!! Well....... I didn't buy it!! That was a big stride for me and I made myself proud!!!

While we relaxed in our condo/timeshare we had the fire blazing and we even watched the Harry Potter marathon.

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Lucky for me the anniversary extended to my hubby delivering me the most beautiful flowers to work on Monday with an amazing card.