All we want for Christmas...

This is the first year that the kiddos really picked out what they wanted. The Target and Toys R Us toy book came in and they were busy looking over every page. She HAS to have baby dolls (note: she has been telling everyone including Santa at Mission Inn that she is getting a baby - they assumed I was PREGNANT. Even the teachers at school asked me. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT she wants a toy baby doll!!!).

As for the boy he HAS to have racing cars on a track. He loves speed and making the noises.

The hubby we really wants items for his bike, the trailer and his new Kindle Fire. Amazon baby here we come :)

As for me I am having difficulty picking out material items that I would like wrapped up. HOWEVER, I have finally came up with an item I just can not live without the MAID. We have talked with her and we hope she can start this Thursday (if not we have a backup we found on Craigslist).

Just having help with keeping up the house will be a great blessing to all of us ( the hubby does a lot of cleaning too). I remember we had the maid prior to kids and then when we had our babies it came down to cleaning vs. childcare - you can tell which one we picked!!!!

I can just imagine clean floors, folded laundry, sparkling refrigerator/toilets and microwave!!!

Christmas time is here

LOVE this time of year. It is the smell of the tree, the brisk fell outside, the warm clothing, the ability to spend time with your loved ones, baking, cooking, quality time.

We already started this season right. This year hubby was able to take the day off after Thanksgiving and we ran to Home Depot to get our 6 - 7 foot Noble Fir for only $46 dollars (with tax). This is the BIGGEST tree we have ever had. It is amazing. It is tall but round as well. It is a tradition that my mother and brother and us get our tree the same day!!

The picture doesn't give it justice!!
Stop by to see it!!

Last night we were able to put all of our outside decorations up and the inside decorations as well. Our tree has the same blue/white/silver theme each year (The ornament collection has been in progress for over 11 years) and we just buy more each year to add to it. Well with the lights hung, the stockings up and ALL of the breakable ornaments up I headed into the room for a little on-line shopping :) and hubby was mopping the living room - ALL OF a sudden the loudest noise occurred. THE CHRISTMAS TREE fell forward smashing about 70% of all the ornaments. Luckily the kids were tucked safely in bed but the ornaments were not that lucky. It actually brought tears to my eyes then we rolled up our sleeves anchored the tree and started the clean up process. Everything was reset and the notion that Tyson and I can still continue to grow our collection together is the way to go. To be honest I look forward to more decoration buying anyways :)

As for today we enjoyed another family filled day with beer brewing for the guys and candy making for the gals while the cousins ran around enjoying the festivities. It was a day filled with more laughter, talking/chatting and bonding (thanks mom for setting this up).

Tis the season....

Thankful for so much

FIRST I want to say that Thanksgiving was a wonderful family filled day and I personally am thankful for so much. This year we celebrated the holiday at my grandma's because I have been out of town of and on over the the last two weeks and I FOR once listened to my hubby when he said don't STRESS yourself out!!!

As we headed over to grandma's we loaded up the kiddos and treats for the day. With 20+ attending we broke up who was bringing what. This year I was in charge of baking cupcakes, bringing decorations and homemade cornbread-sausage stuffing. My wonderful mother and sister-in-law (in my eyes anyways :) ) came to help out.

We had so much fun talking, eating and just being silly. FAMILY is the best. Here is one of our creations. A turkey cupcake :)

With these wonderful treats in tow off we went.
The house was full with family and friends and FOOD was everywhere. This year we all shared what we were thankful for.

For me: I am thankful for my wonderful supportive husband, two healthy amazing kids, an incredible brother who also is one of my closest best friends, a mother that I could not live with out and a soon to be sister in law that is already in our hearts along with the most amazing family unit that anyone could ask for. Not to leave in one out : Grandma, Grandpa, Shane, Dana, Caila, Chad, Aunt Russel, Uncle Fran, Debbie, David, Maria and the list goes on!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to share this day with us!!!!


We had our first experience into the cheer leading world. I don't think I was fully prepared for this. We just enrolled our daughter into her first activity about 4 weeks ago. After enrollment ($40), pom-poms ($25), uniform ($75), sweaters for the family ($75), shoes and gloves ($20) and a cheer leading bag ($25) and oh yeah pictures ($25) we experienced our first performance.

With her on the floor with 135 cheerleaders from around the area it was a little much for her. She ran off the stage not once, BUT twice to the comfort of mommies arms. My heart was pouring out to her but we wanted her to try. WELL finally when it was time for her class to perform she did it!! We were so excited and mom was crying of joy. She came running to me with the biggest smile ever. After that she was into it!! She wanted to hang out with her class and watch the big girls. At the end she received a trophy almost as big as her and she even asked us if she could be like the big girls when she grows up!!

I hope she continues to enjoy this!! She will have her first parade experience in a few weeks.

Live Laugh Love to Ride

The Family that rides together Stays Together

We just got home from a wonderful camping/riding vacation. As I put the 100th load of laundry in the washer I just can't stop beaming about what fun and relaxing time we had. From eating way too much food or playing hopscotch we enjoyed every moment of it. For this trip we (mom, dad, brother, sister, auntie, grandee, great grandma and great grandpa and the dogs) headed out to Stoddard Wells. This place is close enough but far enough away at the same time. The riding was AMAZING. It had trail rides that I enjoy and a lot of open space for the kiddos to ride to.

Watching our babies ride by themselves at the age of 4 and 3 makes us so happy. For me it is making sure they are given every opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. By exposing them to new things, new adventures opens up their minds and hearts.
As my hubby and I watched them this weekend it made us both so proud.

Also, the time with family can't be beat. We just have fun, joke around and enjoy being with each other (we missed my brother this weekend though).

Sibling Riders


Smores anyone???

50 cc all of her own


Weight Watchers Points Plus again

Okay it is official I joined WW again. This time it is a little different and I need to adjust. FRUIT is free which is good and I need to take advantage of that BUT man on man the foods are so much higher then before.

With my first weigh in down I was given 29 points to eat daily. I have to admit the first day was trying to say the least.

Multi grain Cheerios (1 cup) with 1% milk (1/3 cup)
Sandwich (1/2 orowheat size)
Pretzels (11 thins)
Onion Blossom (yikes on points)
VEg soup (no points woo hoo)
4oz filet (yes meat )

GRAND TOTAL: 31 points - oh no I already went over!!! That is okay I will do better tomorrow!!!!

So I have started my 3 month journal.
My goal is to lose between 10 - 25 lbs within 3 months!!!!!!!

If anyone is interested in attending classes with me I will be going to the one in Rancho Cucamonga but I will be willing to alternate week by week to other places for support!!!!!