Here it goes... I have not lost a pound. I also foresee weight packing on this holiday season if I do not start doing something RIGHT now. So I have decided to hit WEIGHT WATCHERS hard core again. The first time I lost idk probably 40 - 50 lbs with just straight food. Now I am incorporating a great workout regime (FitCamp, elliptical, walks) but it is not enough. The eating has to STOP. You are probably thinking, umm Sharee' you are baking a lot what do you think would happen?? Well I actually don't like the sweets I am baking I am either a dark chocolate/truffle girl or salty. So it is just the control factor. I do eat a lot healthier but this last 10 lbs is not coming off.

So if anyone is interested in going to WW with me let me know. I am attending a session this week during my lunch time at work and PAYING for the sessions, start up kit, calculator you name it I am doing it!!!!

Baking like Crazy

This weekend was filled with CANDY making, baking and more baking. I had to start and finish all of the candy for my sister-in-laws baby shower and halloween for our house and our babies school! I enjoy baking so this weekend was nice (the clean up on the other hand yikes).
Bee Hives Baby Shower

To top off this baking crazy weekend I was not 100% so it took a lot of energy to finish up - But I am happy to report that as I type there is only a sink full of dishes to go BUT all of the candy making and baking is DONE!!!!

Candy Corn Cookie Alex's Class

Alexee Ghost Cupcakes

Alexee Orange Cucpakes

Spooktacular Staff Candy

Walk to End

Yesterday our family participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's 2k walk in Ontario, California. We were able to raise over $255 dollars to get closer to a cure through research and medicine. By going to the walk and looking at the below link I didn't realize how much this disease affects people. Over 5 million!!!! For more information check out and also take a look at this YouTube video.

Grief affects everyone differently. For my hubby he wants to preserve his memories of what was before the disease hit, me I like to do what I can that is why this walk meant a lot. My cousin came out to support us along with dear friends from work and my long time high school friend was also there for her late grandmother. Taking a moment and experiencing this was incredible and hopeful for the future. We want to make this an annual event until the walk isn't needed anymore.

I am an addict to!!!

I am an addict to!!!
to list a few:
1 - Grey’s anatomy
2 - anything kardashian
3 - tia & tamara
4 - kendra
5 - csi - Miami
6 - csi - original
7 - ncis
8 - top model
9 - private practice
10 - parenthood
11 - Charlie’s angels (new)
12 - up all night OMG Amazing
13 - SOA
14 - mike & molly
15 - the NEW 2 and 1/2 men
That is what I can remember right now. I am also a DVR user. We only watch our shows when the kids are not around/awake. I typically watch them while I am on the elliptical!!!

What do I have for myself??

Family, Work, Bills, Meals, Shopping, Planning, Laundry - what my life is consumed of
BUT what is for me???
What do I get to enjoy myself??

Working out??? - Well I can't say I enjoy working out BUT it does give me about an hour to myself several times a week and it is a health benefit.

Bathroom??? - YES the bathroom I would love to just sit on the toilet for hours because the door has a lock on it, read a book, just peace. Again is this for me well it is a natural thing that happens but really how long can I sit on a toilet and lock out life???

Wax/Facial??? - YES again about 1 hour to myself - but having hair torn off and your face scrubbed off WELL not the most pleasurable time. And this occurs about monthly if I am lucky.

Reading?? - I love to read. My kindle is one of treasured items. When do I get to fit this in?? In the bathroom hehe, sometimes during lunch, right before bed. Still just squeezing it in.

Baking??? - Now this I enjoy. This has been a great thing for me. Creating and making things for others to enjoy and since the holiday are approaching I can squeeze this in as well - BUT does anyone want to babysit the kids for me :)

Shopping?? - LOVE THIS however lately the only shopping I am doing is grocery shopping - boo

Book club - now this is/was so for me but it is hard for us mothers to get together as often as I would like.

So what I really want is an activity that I can do for myself, by myself, uninterrupted. Any ideas???? I tried knitting- ummm made me more stressed out.

How does my husband find things to do???? He LOVES quad riding - he just came back from a guys weekend trip - he gets in about 2 a year.

So I think that is the answer I need 1) to find an activity that I can do around our house that can be interrupted if need be 2) a girls WEEKEND - Palm Springs, Vegas, Anything!!!!

DO NOT eat list

Well another one bites the dust. I just found out the hard way that Mexican Food is on the DO NOT eat list. I am starting to find out that my system is just not allowing me to eat things that I have LOVED for so long.

So far on the list:

1 - Flaming Hot Cheetos - this is (OK) was a staple traveling food. No matter what diet plan I am on this was a MOST for traveling - not anymore.
2 - Hot mustard and chili sauce - NOT even a tad bit can go on my food. It use to be the HOTTER the better now nothing.
3 - BWW Spicy Garlic sauce - loved this on my chicken wrap now I have to just go with the Parmesan Garlic
4 - Del Taco Del Inferno - loved when they came out with this now I can only use the mild packet.
5 - MEXICAN Food - chips/salsa/beans - all gone :(
6 - ICE Cream - dairy big no no

As the lists grow I am getting very upset that the things that I once loved to splurge on my body is punishing me if I do it.

Things on my mind today

Today has been one of those days that I have a ton of things on my mind and while things are on my mind I also am trying to get as much as I can accomplished around the house.

8 items in the cabinet
 1st thing occurred yesterday - I was on my way out to FITCamp and thought I would get a little protein before it. I chose to have an apple and LOWFAT peanut butter. I sliced up my apple and scooped out my 2 tablespoons of pb. I ate the first apple with pb and it tasted funny but I tried another and it just didn't taste right. Well I pulled the jar out and it expired JUNE 2011 - YIKES. Ok don't go crazy the lowfat is mine not the babies they eat natural peanut butter only. BUT back to the expired. I can't believe that I have something that expired so long ago. SO of course that brought up what else is expired. I started with bathroom and LOOK what I found... I am a little worried to get to the rest of the house. BUT that will be on the list later to do.

Today Tyson needed to work on the trailer (we had to replace the springs - the RV shop wanted over $1000 to fix it). He was able to fix it for under $225 dollars and with the help of my brother and my friend Jason. While they were fixing the trailer I HAD to run to Big Lots they had a 20% off today only!! I was able to get drinks as cheap as $0.24. Oh and don't forget my pig for our xmas decorations.

On our way home someone texted me about items on craigslist. They arrived at our house about the same time and we had a crisp $50 dollars in our pocket!!! Actually we have this rule that we put money in the kids accounts when ever we sell something - so $25 dollars for each of them!!!

NOW the kids are across the street playing in the jumphouse, Tyson is working on his quad for his guy trip this upcoming weekend and I am in the middle of baking cupcakes, laundry, dishes, catching up on my shows, talking with my bff AND blogging.

CUPCAKES you ask - I thought I would be done after the kids birthday. BUT I actually love it. I love baking, creating and having people enjoy them. When I dropped off the kids last week one of the teachers said, "I bought you these cupcake wrappers if you would like to bake for us." - Of course for me I am like YES they love my baking woo hoo :) So this is why I am baking hehe :)

When did I become a grown up??

Just the other day I was walking around my old college campus - Cal Poly Pomona (I was there for work). It only seems like a few years ago that I was wondering the huge campus - HILLS and all with a back pack and today I am walking around with a suit and heels on.

As I walk among the "young kids" I think dang it has been over 9 years since I graduated myself. I can remember thinking back then that I was so GROWN up going to college, fending for myself, making my own decisions, working and going to school YET now what would I give to go back to having only those responsibilities.

DON'T get me wrong I love my kids, my husband, my career BUT do you remember when all you had to remember to pay was your cell phone bill, write a paper and have a few dollars in your wallet for the vending machines. You didn't even have to worry about homework - because you either did it or you didn't no one bothered you about it.

NOW to be true to myself I don't now if I want to go back to college life but rather I wish I enjoyed it a little longer, a little more. I want to make sure that our kiddos get the full college LIFE experience - dorms, cafeteria food, campus life - it is like that first look into adult hood but with a parachute on.

So as I take a little bit of my own advice I am going to look back on my memories and be happy I had them BUT also be happy with exactly where I am. Enjoy the fact that I am an ADULT and all grown up!!!!

Celebrating LIFE, celebrating LOVE

LOVE how it begins

Sibling LOVE - keeps it going

Family Strong

Makes you stop and see the world through their eyes

Keeping traditions going