Domestic duties except for....

Ok I think I do the "wifely" duties pretty well in our home. I LOVE to cook, I do clean (don't like that), I grocery shop, pay the bills, clean the kids, organize our family calendar, laundry and the bathrooms and much more HOWEVER a few tasks just do not go with my role. I don't know if I was never taught them or just really don't know how or like to do them.

1st - IRONING - don't do it, just within the last what 5 years I finally bought one (Tyson had to have one and an ironing board). My belief is either it goes in the dryer or the dry cleaners. WELL we are recently trying to find ways to save money so dry cleaners OUT. YET I don't iron. SO here steps in my wonderful hubby and he is now our official "ironer". Look at him in action! He is a real trooper! After working his normal 10 hour work day and then going to clean pools I came in the living room with a LARGE smile and white pants in the other hand and hoped that he would be willing to do this for me - as you can tell I have nice crisp pants to wear tomorrow - THANKS babe.

2nd - CLEANING the inside of the microwave. YIKES I just ummm I don't do it. If something spills, runs over - whatever it may be I just don't clean it. I don't understand this about myself because the rest of our house is pretty clean but this item - I don't do it. My recent excuse ( 5 years ago when we moved into this house) was I am too short because it is up above the oven/stove. This got the hubby to do it and KEEPS doing it - again thanks babe :)

IS there anything that you don't like to do? Don't do at all?

Blah Day

Do you ever have those days that you just feel BLAH? Today was that day for me. As I woke up I started feeling that way - so I decided to dress to impress myself. I started with curling my hair - guess what I found ANOTHER gray hair - seriously?? At the time I decide NOT to dye my hair anymore here comes the gray hair. So that was a great start to my day. As I touch up my hair and put on that dress I am out the door (rushing like always). WELL the dress and nice hair didn't make my day. I just felt BLAH still. As work rolled on and day came to an end I just kept feeling bad.

I started thinking why? - well I weighed in on Friday and I have lost a total of 5 lbs since January 2011 and I felt good. I ate a little treat (cheesecake yummy for my brother's birthday) and with this heat I haven't had the desire to workout. So on top of a little treat and NO exercising I think it just all hit me today.

So after grocery shopping my wonderful husband hooked up TWO fans to hit the elliptical machine in the garage so I could get my WORKOUT on! So after 45 minutes and a HOT shower I am feeling so much better.

So today went from BLAH to GOOD!

106 degrees - REALLY

I think I just want to melt today OR have it fall and winter again!!!

With the weather reaching 3 digits here in our town we had the air running all day (only at 83 degrees) but still on since last night.

After we did a few errands, signed Bubba up for winter t-ball and had lunch with my brother we were still kind of wanting to do something BUT what in to do in this heat.
Finally it came to me SPRINKLERS. Don't you remember as a child running around in the sprinklers laughing, rolling, playing just enjoying summer. Well my kids finally got to do just that!!! They were running around laughing, screaming have a good old time. I even got to give the dogs a bath in it.

THEN it happened the ATTACK of the black ants. They were everywhere. Alexee girl got them in her hair, her EYE and everywhere else. I ran them into the shower stripped them down and my hubby ran to the store for some ant spray.

Well as I sit here typing this I am still catching ants crawling on me! So today goes down in the memory books and I guess we will have to find a different activity to keep us cool during this heat wave!

Saving Grace for Mom's Like me - SCHOOL PHOTOS

Let me start out by saying I just LOVE the private pre-school/day care that our children go to. They have the most amazing teachers, staff, curriculum, activities and one of the best extras for me - PICTURES!! Yes they take pictures like every other month (so far I have bought all of them - yikes). But they come out so nice, I don't have to go take them anywhere extra and the teachers have the ability to get them to smile just like Picture People! The package prices are not that bad PLUS most of the pictures taken they put both of our kids together so I can get those amazing sibling picture!!

So thank you to our pre-school/day care for making one more thing EASY for this
mother to FIT it all in!!!

Here are just a few...

Cowboy/Cowgirl pictures (used this one for their upcoming bday stuff)

August 2011 School Picture

August 2011

Sibling Picture

1st Cupcake Baking Session

As everyone knows I have a perfection personality and the "working mother over compensating" personality - meaning that if I do something I am going to commit myself 110% no exceptions! So I have found a hubby that I just love - baking!! Good think I don't like eating them. So ever since my friend Kim told me that I (she did help me) could bake the cakes/cupcakes for my babies birthday the notion of buying $100+ cakes is out the door and here comes the baking mother.

So last year I bakes cupcakes and with the help of Kim we made I think 75. So this year I am on my own (she is pregnant with TWINS). So as Kim got me hooked on this venture I have been dabbling with cupcakes and muffins. The hubby has been eating them up for breakfast and the kids have enjoyed them for their treat when they finish all of their vegetables. I even started making them with vegetables in them and substituting apple sauce for the oil.

So fast forward a year (yes can you believe we are at ANOTHER birthday party for the babies???). We have decided on a cowboy/cowgirl them and cupcakes are the way to go - no plates, silverware or cutting needed!

I practiced on my own to have only produced lumpy cupcakes and runny icing. I began my quest for taking some sort of class. Michael's - booked or already started and they won't allow me to join in the middle or only come for the cupcake class. I looked into independent bakeries and I didn't find one that would do lessons. I even called the lady who use to bake the cakes for the parties and she doesn't have time.

Then one night it HIT me - an old co-worker went to school for baking. I gave her a call and the wonderful person that she is SAID yes to teaching me the SKILLS. She even got the groceries that we needed.

SO 1ST session -

Within the first 5 minutes I already found a ton of things that I wasn't doing right.

- Start with dry ingredients and add ONLY 1 wet ingredient at a time. When you add it fully mix it and then scrape the sides. You do this until all of the ingredients are mixed. You even do it for each egg!! Let me tell you these cupcakes came out so fluffy and amazing!!

- Bake the cupcakes half the time then rotate them in the oven and do the other half of the time.
- ICING - do the same thing 1 ingredient at a time - the consistency came out firm yet movable and oh so yummy!!

Take a look at my success, my wonderful teacher and a wonderful surprise for my cousin's hangout party the next night!!

We already have our 2nd baking session planned and on the calendar and she has so kindly offered to help me bake and decorate the cupcakes for their party!! Woo hoo for amazing friends!!


I just saw my mother in laws post that she is content. THAT is amazing. I feel that is ONE of the hardest things for me. Being content - with me, my life, my job, my family, my friends, my weight, my relationships, why things are the way they are.

If I could get a hold of that concept it would be amazing. I feel a lot happier and am accepting of things that in the past would drive me bongers! I have the overall mindset that things are already destined and I just have to enjoy the ride. HOWEVER, when my pesky heart gets in the way I think - hey I can fix this, if I do this one more thing it will work, if I... the list can go on.

So to be content I just have to believe fully in HIM and myself and the rest will fall in place. You can't please everyone because then no one is happy. I have to focus on our faith, our family and the rest will follow!

So thank you to my mother in law for posting that post and helping me re-focus on being content. Because I am surrounded by the most amazing husband, children, family and friends that can help me!!

"Apple of my Eye"

As I was listening to my new favorite radio station today (AIR 1 - 90.1 FM). A topic came up today: it seems to be very easy for us to point out what we don't do very well, could do better or something we just haven't done in a while HOWEVER instead she was challenging us today to say what we EXCEL at. With having a positive outlook we allow ourselves to shine - just as the LORD views us and vice verse. "Apple of my Eye."

Do you know where the phrase “the apple of the eye” comes from?

Well, if you guessed Bible, then your right! The idea that someone or something is a most prized possession, like the apple that is the best in the bunch, is found in the Bible five times. This is how God sees His chosen ones, and this is how we should see God and His Word. We are His prize and He is ours.

“He found him in a desert land And in the wasteland, a howling wilderness; He encircled him, He instructed him, He kept him as the apple of His eye.” -Deuteronomy 32:10 NKJV

“Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.” - Psalm 17:8 NKJV

“Keep my commands and live, And my law as the apple of your eye.” – Proverbs 7:2 NKJV

“For thus says the LORD of hosts: ‘He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye’.” – Zechariah 2:8 NKJV

“Their heart cried unto the LORD, O wall of the daughter of Zion, let tears run down like a river day and night: give thyself no rest; let not the apple of thine eye cease.” – Lamentations 2:18 KJV
So as I read this description above I want to SHINE, I want to live up to that standard - for myself, for my family, for the LORD. I am not ashamed to be good at things!!!

I feel that I excel as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, as the Human Resources Manager, as a marketing major, as a financial planner, as a go getter, as the team mom, as the YOU CAN DO it friend, as the cheerleader, as the event planner, as the driver, as the executive officer of our family, as the calendar keeper, as the co-worker, as the chef, as the cupcake maker, as the blogger, as the facebooker and as the reader!!! WOO WEE I am feeling proud of myself right now with this list. I hope that I can continue to shine just the way he intended!!!

What do you excel at??

SPORTS - sometimes you just have to wait

Sports season is up and running. I have to say that we have tried soccer and flag football and it WAS NOT successful, however, I think it is because we started Alex too young. We want to make sure our kids experience everything and give them every opportunity to succeed and oh yeah maybe get a scholarship to college :)!!

For soccer we didn't spend that much money maybe $35 to register but that was it. For flag football he was a little older so BEFORE he ever placed a foot on the field we spent about $150 for registration, pictures, gear and ball. Then when he stepped on the field he was not having it, oh no not Alex. My mom and hubby I think got him out there for 1 practice each and that was it.

So now t-ball was coming. We have talked about for weeks. Then he started asking for about it. Our first practice came around and he is hooked. Our son is the one watching the ball, trying to catch the ball, waiting for his turn to bat - he is everything t-ball. We also watch Sandlot on a regular basis, it is so bad that he sleeps with this t-ball :)!! So after that welcoming and exciting moment of him loving this we broke down and went and bottom him his first t-ball bag, helmet (it freaks me out to let him use the same one that everyone on the team wears), belt and t-balls! We are golden!!!!! I feel we have a future ball player on our hands.

Here are a few pictures.

My Kid's Dentist

OKAY if you can't tell by know I am that picture taking mother. I like to TRY to capture everything. Well today was the first trip to the dentist for both of our kids. We decided to try my KID's dentist in Rancho Cucamonga When I called to make an appointment the staff was friendly and helpful, they also are a paperless establishment. They sent all of their paperwork to me via email and I was able to pre-fill it out at home.

I am Ready mom

Superman getting xrays

I am a big girl

Superwomen xrays

getting ready for my 1st cleaning

Big brother is a pro

my shinning teeth
Once we arrived at the dentist's office today the office is clean and quiet (I guess it helps to make an appointment on a Thursday at 1pm). They also have a closed off section with movies, games and a fun zone for the kids to play. As we are called back the assistants are friendly and focus on making the kids feel safe and calm. The first stop was x-rays...yikes mommy thought. Well BIG BROTHER went first and he got to wear an amazing "superman" cape! Then of course sister had to be "superwomen"!! After the x-rays we were off to watch movies lying down with cool shades on. The assistants cleaned and flossed the kiddos teeth and THEN the dentist came in. Being a mom I was freaked out. A girl at work told me her son's first visit results in thousands of dollars of cavities and repairs. The dentist told us - - - wait for it PROUD mom moment - - - our children have GREAT teeth. We floss and brush them twice a day, no candy, no chocolate and IF they have juice it is watered down 80% water 20% juice!!! She said that this is the best time to form habits with them and keep up the good work... WOO WEE being strict does pay off :)

Well I have to say we already booked our 6 month appointment with them and I ran home and put our review on yelp!!!! I highly recommend them and encourage everyone to take their kids earlier then later!!!!

When you realize you have lost it

Just the other day we took the kids to my grandparents for a day of swimming and basking in the sun. It was a peaceful relaxing day (1 point hot dogs included). In the past we have let our kids swim ALL DAY and that has lead to melt downs and exhaustion. So on this day we decided to take them home for a cool nap in the air conditioner.

So I told them to pack it up. As my hubby watched them swim for a bit I went into the house to change out of my bathing suit. I ended up just changing out of the bottoms into my shorts and undies and left my bathing suit top on.

I am packing, picking up toys and loading the car and the kids are still in the pool. I go in the pool area to finally get them out and of course they say MOM just one more time. OK fine lets go. They wanted to jump off of the diving board and in order to do that we hold their hand. So I simply took off my shorts (not to get them wet) and off I went. WELL to my surprise I FORGOT that I had switched back into my undies. So here I am in the back of my grandparents house in my undies. I was so embarrassed I dropped my kids hand and ran for my shorts. I think this is a typical case of I HAVE LOST IT!!!