The wonders never cease when you have a little boy

Well having a little boy is what I know BUT sometimes things still shock you. Just yesterday we woke up at 6 am (yes on a Saturday) to a little boy that picked his boy that there was blood everywhere. On his face, his shirt, his pillow (soaked through to the actual pillow), his top sheet, his fitted sheet and his comforter. I do not know how he could have bled that much. Of course for me it was a freak site (wish I wasn't so freaked so I could have taken a picture just so you would have believed me) and the fact that I brought out the Spray N Wash right away. NOTE: all of the blood came out!!!

Well later that day we all took a late afternoon nap and my hubby and I woke up to our little boy screaming in the bathroom. He had woke up to use the restroom and after he went pee he closed the lid on his pee-pee. He was yelling so loudly I felt so bad. He was telling me that it was bleeding - rest assure it was not bleeding or showed any sign of being externally hurt. My little man. I cuddled with him and he finally fell back to sleep.

I tell you being a mom of a little boy it is ever throwing me curve balls!! (no pun intended)

Going to the DENTIST - Sucks

So with a wonderful birthday week behind me I head into Monday with a dentist appointment. It WAS suppose to be just a regular 6 month cleaning. Yet again I leave there with a sore mouth and a follow up appointment. I use to love the dentist NOW I detest having to walk through that door.

How I feel

Currently my hubby and I are blessed with DUAL insurance so procedures are not AS expensive. About 4 months ago I finally broke down and spent a little money on my own teeth ( to back up here I think that we have spend ummmm about $3 -4000 if not more on his teeth) hoping Alexee girl doesn't get her daddies teeth. So this time we decided he would get the option that was free with the dual insurance and I would go and get the new On lay process. $800 dollars later I walk out with a mouth that just doesn't feel right for months. I am stubborn and oh yeah TOO busy to go back so I just live through it. When I arrive today the Dentist tells me that I have a cracked tooth and cavity on the on lay that they did a few months ago. She states that I need a full crown. NOPE I have decided that I do not need anything else in my mouth worked on until I have a problem/pain (First this is not the mind set you should have but I am tired of the pain and oh yeah spending tons of money). She says OH NO let us fix it. You already paid we will take care of it... FISHY to me. I think they messed up my teeth a few months ago AKA why I have had so much pain and they need to fix it super fast. Well 4 hours later and a temporary crown I am off to another scheduled appointment tomorrow.

I just hope that this is it for awhile.... My mouth is still hurting :(

An end to the best birthday week yet

Woo wee!!

I have to say that this birthday week is one for the books!!! It has been amazing. You were able to see in my earlier posts about the beginning of my celebrations and this weekend wrapped it up. We started out Friday night with another date night (thanks mom for watching the babies). We went to see Horrible Bosses - let me tell you GREAT movie, belly hurting laughter. That wonderful date night rolled into a play date for our kiddos. My close friend Jennifer dropped off her little man Nicholas for the day. The kids had so much - HOWEVER I do have to say that having 2 boys the same age - woo wee!! A fiery bundle of non-stop energy those two. Poor Alexee girl felt a little left out (so hint hint people have a girl)!!! It was nice for my hubby and I to see all of the kiddos just playing and having a great time!!

When 5 o'clock rolled around it was time for another family get together. We had invited over my mother-in-law and all of our siblings/spouses for a "low" key evening. Seriously I made frozen pizza and we had veggies and dip (tons of cucumbers thank you soooo much) and the best desserts ever (I made homemade coconut cookies and 130 calorie chocolate pudding yummy and brownies). The evening was one of my favorites. We all just talked, laughed, ate, played with the babies and everyone of them made my birthday even more special!!! I want to do a shout out to mom/nana, Taryn/Benjamin, Kristyn/Byron/Jeremy, Austin/Kelsey for coming over and spending some "low" key amazing time with us for my birthday!!!! They blessed me with great time, wonderful sweets, a matching plate (love it), a nice indoor plant, gift cards, WINE, snacks and some of the most thoughtful cards and personalized notes!!!

Tyson, Sister Rachie and Drew
Jennifer and ME
On Sunday we (hubby, kiddos, me) were able to make it to our church (we love that they have a 9 o'clock service)!!!

After church we headed to my grandparents for a day in the pool! Another low key affair of hot dogs, ice t, WINE (yikes it seems to be a trend), FAMILY and fun!!! Again another wonderful day!! This was a relaxing, carefree, laid back day. I was talking with everyone while I carried around my wonderful "its my birthday" wine glass - some how that thing was always full. As Mike told me he got me the "MeraLOT" size bottle - hehe loved that!!!! Today was filled with even more great presents - the wine of course and the WINE GLASS, purse, gift cards and my granma made me my starter knit kit - so sweet!!! So as I sign off on this 31st bday I want to say thank you to the most wonderful family in the world. You are with me through the good, bad, and indifferent!!! I love you all so much!!!

The best thing about this 31st birthday of mine was I got everything I wanted and much more!!

It was DRAMA free!!!!

Ahhh I hope this is a start of a new trend!!!!!!!
The family
Amazing Gift
My cuz Ashley
My BFF Erin
Ahh my little swimmer/jumper
Me and Cynthia

Blessed with a great Birthday due to amazing family

WOW I was looking through my past posts and one of my number one viewed posts is my TURNING 30 post. Well exactly 1 year has passed and it keeps getting better. 31 is even better then the last.

This year I asked for (you read it a few blogs ago) a DRAMA FREE time. So far so good!!! It has been amazing. My birthday celebration started a few weeks ago with a date to dinner and movie with my honey (due to my excitement I already posted about it hehe). It was then followed by a DATE NIGHT - yes another evening with just adults. Great wine tasting ( umm the pizza was better) and conversation. We celebrated a combo birthday with my long time childhood friend Jennifer and her hubby - we really need to plan an evening together at least quarterly!!! The next day we enjoyed a great weekend lunch with my mother in law, father in law, sister in law, brother in law, and our nephew!! It was a lovely day that included a wedding, lunch and reception (also mentioned earlier). After a day filled already my hubby treated me to golden spoon and a NEW digital camera ( you will tell how much better from now on our photos will be).

With a weekend filled with great times I was able to extend it further. On Monday my friends for work treated me to lunch at Pick Up Stix (I had the Kung Pao Steamed Chicken!) - they are the greatest friends!!! They also spoiled me with a gift card to AMAZON - did you know you can buy ANYTHING from there!!! After work Kimmy and I were able to squeeze in massages at Massage Envy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH is all I need to say :)

Well for the first time I took my actual birthday off!! We went to Forest Falls for hiking - so beautiful!! I was able to enjoy this day with my hubby, brother and sister-in-law (soon to be... hopefully). The hike is about 1.5 miles very vertical. This is my type of hiking. It was cool, shaded and not crowded.

After hiking for over 2 hours our belly's were calling out. We headed to Oak Glen - Cynthia has never been before. We arrived just in time to enjoy a wonderful lunch at Apple Annie's and of course get some CANDY!!!

When we finally arrived at home it was time to see my babies and use my bday gifts. My mom got me my Kitchen Aid Mixer and I used it to make homemade coconut chocolate sugar cookies and it even made my mashed potatoes so fluffy!!
Along with my great mixer my brother and Cynthia got me this amazing shirt that I think fits me to a tee. All in all this birthday has been filled with tons of love, family time, great memories were made, awesome gifts and so far DRAMA free and just think I still have a family hangout night to go and a pool party!!! This year is amazing!!!

So as I end this post I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that shared their love and birthday wishes with me and for me - this birthday will go down in the books as one of the best (so far)!!!!

And I couldn't end it with out a hug and picture with my wonderful babies!!!!!!!!

What a great day

Siblings ready for the wedding

Father and Son

Mother and daughter

Dad and the kiddos

Mommy and the kiddos

Today was WONDERFUL. We were not able to attend church today BUT we were able to spend quality time with family, extended family and meet new friends. Today we attended my husband's cousin's wedding. It was held in Long Beach right by Aquarium of the Pacific. This was the time of wedding that I loved. It was casual and all about LOVE. On top of that my hubby, me and the babies got to match (of course hello). I personally enjoy dressing up and having two children gives us the opportunity to MATCH. To have them ahhhhhhh love.

The wedding

Well after MOM got tons of photos we were off to the wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL. My brain starts going crazy and I think that NOW I will be prepared for a lovely, low key, cheaper venue for when my brother finally pops the questions (wink wink).  After the wedding we went to lunch for my birthday lunch (more details to come in an upcoming POST - So far this is becoming one of my favoriate birthdays so going to wait until all of my celebrations are over to post more detail) headed to the reception which was held at Bolsa Chica. Very nice!!! Our kids even got to play in the sand and hang out with their cousin.

While at the reception is was nice to rekindle with our extended family and at the same time meet new family and friends.

The view at the wedding

All I want is PEACE and QUIET NO DRAMA

My birthday is approaching very quickly. I don't even know how it got here so fast. As 31 approaches for me I FIRMLY stressed to my wonderful hubby that I would like a birthday filled with FUN, CAREFREE, PEACE and QUIET - NO DRAMA.... Presents are great don't get me wrong BUT this year I really just want DRAMA free time.

Fortunately, we started out my birthday celebration the beginning of this week with my FREE birthday dinner at Benihana (if you go to you can sign up and receive a $30 gift certificate to use in the month of your birthday). It was so nice to just be me and my honey at dinner no worrying about watching the kids, making sure they don't fight, don't throw anything -  just us enjoying our time.

After a wonderful dinner and a memento photo we were off to the movies. My hubby wanted to see Transformers 3 - full of action and of course a little love story line as well. The movie was good HOWEVER a little long. Despite getting home at midnight it was a wonderful evening - the most important thing is it was DRAMA free.

So do you see a trend here??? DRAMA free.

So here is to ringing in my 31st birthday with PEACE, QUIET and DRAMA FREE.

TLD # 17 - Love promotes intimacy

Nothing rivals the closeness that's experienced between a husband and a wife.

TLD #17 - Determine to guard your mate's secrets and pray for them. Talk with your spouse, and resolve to demonstrate love in spite of these issues. Really listen to them when they share personal thoughts and struggles with you. Make them feel safe.

This dare I feel is something that you should demonstrate ALL of the time. I think it is great that they included it in the book to have you be reminded.

What a week can do!

When I last posted about needing a swift kick in the a**! I got it. I realize that it takes 21 days to form a habit but I am 7 days into and loving it!!

Since my first session I have worked out everyday but 1 and I have been tracking my calories on - amazing website please check it out!! With having the app on my phone I have easy access to all eating options. Even today I had a vendor call me to take me to lunch before we could go I looked up what would fit into my calories and off we went (CPK yummy roasted veggie salad)!

I have not got on the scale yet BUT I feel amazing. I even got up super early one morning to workout. I plan on doing it tomorrow as well.

I am looking forward to more a** kicking!!!

If anyone is interested please check out my personal trainer or!/debbiegfitness

So if you need anyone to help motivate you or workout with let me know. I know losing weight and sticking to a workout with another person is so much better.

Another thing that I am doing to keep my cost low and my attention high with exercising I am trying new things via the help of groupon, living socal and amazon. I will be starting Boot Camp in August in Rancho 3x a week!! I even got a deal on a pole dancing class that I am going to try!!

What is your favorite exercise?

What can you recommend for me?

Would you like to take a class together?

TLD #16 Love intercedes

According to

–verb (used without object), -ced·ed, -ced·ing.

1. to act or interpose in behalf of someone in difficulty or trouble, as by pleading or petition: to intercede with the governor for a condemned man.

2. to attempt to reconcile differences between two people or groups; mediate.

Well I seem to do that with everyone in my life (some call it being in their business I see it as helping).

This section is amazing because the very first line is something that we ALL need to understand about ourselves, our spouse, and anyone in your life!!

"You cannot change your spouse." - WOW isn't that what most people try to do or think they can do???

There is no guarantee that anything in this book will change your spouse BUT the likelihood that you will be personally changed from the inside out.

TLD #16  Begin praying today for your spouse's heart. Pray for 3 specific areas where you desire for God to work in your spouse's life and in your marriage.

On this day (this was my dare a few days ago I am a little behind) and everyday since I have prayed for my husband in the following areas:

1) That is head/brain will be fine and grow stronger over time (My hubby had a cracked skull when we were 7.5 months pregnant and we ended up in the hospital for a few days - a miracle happened and he is doing fine other then a little memory lapse sometimes)

2) That he does NOT lie or omit the truth on the small or large things in life.

3) That he is healthy and happy to be with us forever.

I hope that the LORD is hearing my prayers on the above matter because I do love him very much!!!!

TLD # 15 - Love is honorable

Parts of this section just got caught in my mind and heart -

There are certain words in our language that have powerful meanings - one of them is honor. Right away that makes me think of my honey.
Give you mate your full attention. They matter.
love dares to do - to say "Of all the relationships I have, I will value ours the most. Of all the things I'm willing to sacrifice, I will sacrifice the most for you. With all your failures, sins, mistakes and faults - past and present - I still choose to love and honor you."

TLD #15 - Choose a way to show honor and respect to your spouse that is above your normal routine. It may be holding the door for her. Show your mate that he or she is highly esteemed in your eyes.

Today we woke up with our children suffering from a small summer cold (hopefully small). I was suppose to go to a Chino tradition the FFA/4H Live auction sale. Hubby said he really didn't want to go so I could go without him and he would watch the babies. However, I decided that I would stay home with him and take care of the babies - which means after the babies go to bed it can just be me and him and watch movies. I texted him that I would make a homemade dinner and even have ice cream for him. He simply texted back "I love you, thank you".

TLD # 14 - Love takes delight

Today was another jam packed day. Do you have those days that you start out and now exactly what you want to accomplish and how you will fit everything in? Well that is how my day was SUPPOSE to be BUT work had another notion for me. I ended up having to drive out to a far job site (lucky I was able to carpool) for a few personnel issues and try to race back to the office in order to finish up a few things. NO such luck. By the time I got back to the office I barely had enough time to check my mail and turn off my computer for the day.

I raced home to start dinner for my kids and hubby (BBQ baked chickensticks and shredded zucchini/potato bake). Then they came in and I kissed all 3 of them and I was off to pick up my mother and head to our 1st personal training session.!/debbiegfitness
We went to Debbie G Fitness - woo wee I can feel it and I know I will tomorrow. I am so very excited for this journey and her help. She worked us hard tonight and gave us our "to do" list for the rest of the week. So after this blog I will be off to track my food intake and my exercise for the day.

After that great workout I headed home to enjoy a little time with my babies and hubby. Baths, brushing teeth and reading.

So you ask where is the Love Dare???

Ok here it is TLD #14 - Love takes delight

Purposefully neglect an activity you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse. Do something he would love to do. Just be together.

Well today this was so EASY to do. With being away from my hubby for so much today all I wanted to do is be with him. So normally after a long hard day I would want to curl up in bed and catch up on my reading instead I am sitting here (multi-tasking) watching a movie with my hubby. To just sit and relax with him is a rear thing so tonight it about being with him.

I need a swift kick in the a**

Okay so I am not writing this for people to say, "Sharee' you are not fat, etc." I am writing this because if you have ever been fat before you know how easy it is to get fat again. I am so afraid of gaining all of my weight back that I have kept off for over 4 years that it is getting me in a funk which means I want to eat more (aka emotional eater - just great).

Over 4 years ago we had a family crisis that made me wake up and take notice of my lifestyle, my weight and my behavior. I quickly got on Weight Watchers and within 4 months I lost over 40 lbs and went down to a 4/6/7 size (sizing is so weird on things). I would say this is the smallest I have been since I was 16 and started wanting boys. I felt better, I can do a lot more, I became more active, I was happy about my appearance, I gained a lot of self-confidence and I was super proud of myself. Even my sister told me I was her inspiration to also lose weight and NOW she is my inspiration! She is so active - running, jogging, yoga and eating so healthy. She looks amazing, she is healthy and happy!!

Well I have lost that urge to get this last 10 lbs (15 if I get very lucky) off.  Do you know that I waited to go to the women's annual appointment for over 2 years just because I didn't want to get on the scale at the doctor's office???? YES I put my very own health on the line just so I didn't get a number wrote in my chart.

SO what do I need to get my a** in gear?????? Working out - I love to  bike ride (yet my daughter is not there yet with being able to ride her tricycle), I love to quad riding (man it is hot right now), I love to go on walks - this one needs to be worked out, I love to try new excerises (spinning, pole dancing, krav maga - the problem is the high fees to continue). Eating - I know what I need to be doing and eating I just need to start curbing myself again on portions. When I find something I like it is hard for me to limit myself. Balance - WHO has balance????

So as I stress again about my weight I am setting my goal right here in WRITING for all of you to see - and help me remind myself of it - help me succeed at this.

I am giving my self until July 1st, 2012 to get a routine down, lose my 10 - 15 lbs, firm up my arms/stomach/thighs and eat ONLY the right things. I am starting this quest out tomorrow with my 1st personal training session - I am hoping to go at least 1x a week for as long as I can to get the ideas, thoughts, motivations, skills and her yelling at me to accomplish this goal. If all else fails I am not afraid to go under the knife (I think surgery is like tattoos once you start you can't stop - oh wait is that the Pringles motto???) hehe :)

What do you do to keep yourself in shape? Give me ideas?

A little tid bit of a lie....

As most of you know my son is a very hard little one to get veggies down in. So I have for the last 3 years tried various things to get veggies into his diet and his eye sight. Of course I have done the puree option and added a mixture of veggies to regular meals: mac and cheese, meatloaf, re fried beans, mashed potatoes - you name it and I have mixed veggies into it. Then I went to having the veggies cut up very small on their plate and forced then to eat ONE yes just ONE and still causes him to force him throw up. YES he makes him self throw the minute he sees it or it touches his mouth. So hence why I am sneaking with putting veggies into almost everything - including cauliflower banana muffins.

So here is another tid bit of a "lie" last Sunday night we took the kids to see Cars 2. BUT going to the movies = SNACKS. Since we were going to the drive in I can take anything in I want. We went to Trader Joe's and loaded up on "healthy" snacks - cucumbers, tomatoes, edamame, hummus, nuts and ice tea and I was super excited!!! Well for the kids I bought whole grain pretzels, watermelon and oranges. When I brought out my edamame I told Alex that it was CANDY!!! He took a handful and popped them in his mouth as I tried not to gasp and have my eyes pop out of my head. He ate them all up but made that funny face and didn't want anymore - but a small lie turned into a small step closer to him eating green food, veggies and NOT throwing up.

So I am not too upset that as a parent I had to "trick" them a little to get him to TRY things that are good for him.

TLD #13 - Love fights fair

"If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand." Mark 3:25

What a great saying to open this section. It always makes me smile to know that when we are on the same page TOGETHER we can do anything. It is when you are at odds that even the smallest task can be overwhelming.

A list is given of "we" rules during fighting/having a disagreement but the one that sounds out the most for me #7(go figure - both of our favorite number) - FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Whatever it takes, we will work this out.

TLD #13 - Love fights fair - Talk with your spouse about establishing healthy rules of engagement. Resolve to abide by them when the next disagreement occurs.
There are two types of rules "me" and "we". I would like to start out on the list for myself.

"Me" - LISTEN, ask questions before I accuse, use a lower voice to express myself
"We" - LISTEN - this is the BIGGEST one for both of us.