Holiday weekends DINK vs DIK

Here is my weekend as a DIK (dual income with kids)
What a relaxing great weekend I am coming off of.

Day 1 - I personally kicked this holiday weekend off with a trip to OMG not going for about 6 months really caught me off guard. Then I raced home to get my daughter's hair cut, Starbuck smoothies for the kiddos and water for me (thank you gift card), then to a little lunch at Subway (okay I am in LOVE with their $5 salad and they have Buffalo sauce - but man they put way too much) with my mom and brother and then we packed up our truck with snacks, drinks, blankets even chairs for our first family drive-in experience - KUNG Fu Panda 2. It was a hit even though it was freezing and I made hubby turn the truck around so we could sit in the cab :)

Day 2 - Ahh Sunday we actually slept in until 7ish and I made pancakes and eggs for the family while I bite into my normal Multi grain Cheerios and 1% milk (3 points WW). Then we were getting ready for our trip to Big Bear to check out the zoo. My hubby stated that it would be 40 degrees - YEAH right it is May!!! Well he grabbed our THICK jackets any ways (THANK HEAVENS FOR THAT). As we ventured to the zoo with my in laws we were shivering and watching the outside temperature drop to 38 degrees. As we braved the small zoo we then raced to get some steamed milk for the babies and hot chocolate for us. On our way out GUESS WHAT we were hit with SNOW!! REALLY? May snow??? I was blown away - and thankful for my hubby driving and that he packed us jackets. On the ride home to avoid getting carsick I quickly took a nap until we turned on our street. From there we put the kiddos down for a nap and oh yeah US too. It seemed like 6 pm rolled around very quickly so we had left overs for dinner and I raced out of the house to do the weekly shopping. 3 stores, under 2 hours, around $140 dollars and we now have a full refrigerator!!

Day 3 - WOO HOO extra day off!! Started off lazy dazy. We were having a FAMILY BBQ at my grandparents. We got over there about 10ish where I went to burning paperwork from 2011 (the last year I have anything to do with my old life)  and then a little eating, a little sunbathing and a LOT of family laughing. Let's see we had: me, hubby, r 2 kiddos, my cuz, his daughter, his gf, my other cuz, his 2 kids, his 2 cuz, my other cuz and a friend, my brother's gf, my grandparents and my mommy!! What a great day and oh yeah I got sun burnt (I have been drinking tons of water, aloe cream, and showers to restore hopefully).

Day 4 - really??? back to work!!!!

All in all the weekend was greatly need and appreciated a time to just relax be low key.

DO this is what life would have been like as a DINK (dual income no kids)

Day 1 - 4 Lake HAVASU, boating, drinking, eating, friends, sleeping in until whenever, staying up until whenever, doing whatever!!!! 

WOW what a difference!!!

I have to say that you can see the big differences between being a DINK and a DIK BUT when it comes down to it I have already did the DINK role and sometimes it is very appealing but I wouldn't want to be without my babies or my life.

Life is good, life is blessed.

What did your Memorial Weekend hold?

Have you dreamed of being a DINK again?

5x7 Folded Card

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A little lift Positively Positive

"If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul. - Rabbi Harold Kushner"

I found this above quote on Positively Positive on facebook and thought it was an amazing way for me to look at ALL of my situations in life - NO I am not going to give you a play by play of everything today anyways.  But with the week I have been enduring and a not so happy financial situation on the horizon I need to find the GOOD in every situation.

Just last night I came home in a grumpy mess and my little girl told me "Mommy everything will be fine" that is when I found the GOOD - that I have to incredible children. & that maybe we are raising them well.

So for tonight I am going to be positive and hope for the best in all situations.

So I recommend everyone look up and become friends with Positively Positive on facebook because they help pick you up, keep you up and just give you something to think about.!/positivelypositive

What positive do you have to share?

Are you going to make this a GREAT weekend?

Wow how a day can really turn around

Well today started off as a really crappy day. I had to do parts of my job today that are not the most pleasant (the day in the life of a human resources manager can get you down). By the time my work day was over I was ready to crawl into bed with a bottle of my favorite wine and wallow the night away. WELL life continues on even if at that moment I just wanted to veg out.

As I dart from work - to get kids - to get home get hubby - to RACE to meet my family for my grandfather's birthday I was even more exhausted then before. I even texted on my facebook that I needed a fing drink after my day. As we arrive at Carino's Italian restaurant I throughout any notion that I was sticking to my Weight Watchers points because TODAY was a day to indulge myself OKAY gorge myself on foods that I just do not eat anymore. So I skipped drinking my calories and I DOVE head first into the bread, italian nachos AND my favorite dish the spicy romano ( I really hope that doesn't come back to haunt me later yikes).  The dinner table was held with food, laughter and fun. I was actually letting the burden of my day slip away. After dinner we all headed to Fast Lap for a little fun at gas indoor kart racing. The first group of my hubby, mom and grandpa took off. Grandma and I set and watched as the babies ran around enjoying themselves as well. My hubby came in 1st :) - He is so dang competitive ;) wink wink.

Well it came time for heat #2 and they through me in. At this point it was me and my hubby and 4 other people (2 dang slow girls and 2 guys). I have to first let you know that I wore a dress today and had no intentions of racing. So I slip on my moms (too big for me shoes) and I wrapped her shirt around my waist to cover (so I hopefully didn't have a Brittany Spears moment). Off we went. Of course hubby took off being that he was in car #1. And here I race after him. I was zooming around the other ladies (lapping them I might add) THEN there comes my hubby to pass me SERIOUSLY???? I was cursing in my helmet and going faster then ever. At the end my competitiveness came out and I was smashing him into walls and everything. Needless to say I did come in 2nd but if I had my own shoes on and pants I think I could have smoked him - I am thinking REMATCH!!! 

We had a blast!! My night proved to be the highlight of my day. After an intense race and did I mention WAY toooo much food we finally got home to brush teeth and put our babies down for bed.

As we say our prayers and give our good night kisses and hugs I am just so thankful for every moment I have with them!!

Ahhh with the babies fast asleep and my hubby watching a movie I got to bask in my great evening by finishing one of my favorite books EVER: "The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" by Ree Drummond. PLEASE check her out. Great recipes are her thing but I think after reading this book - writing is her thing tooo.

So as I sit here thinking over my day I can start to feel the stress of the day ease away and the blissfulness of the fun we had tonight seep in.

Wednesday's Wishes - a better economy

Today I wish that the economy would IMPROVE. I wish that I could feel secure in my job and our finances. I wish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish list: (to do about the economy)
- People could save/stay at their jobs
- People could start saving more and spending more to SPUR the economy
- The government would learn how to spend and make money
- That people who "NEED" assistance received
- That people would STOP abusing the system
- That the housing market would turn around
- That the banks would be more understanding to those WHO are making their payments
- That we NOT get stuck back into this horrible cycle

I am sure this is much more to WISH for and the list can go on for ever.

I am hopeful that this will turn around it is just the waiting period that is getting tougher.

I already had set my "Publish Post" for this evening and I was browsing my own blog and I ran across one of my older posts of "WHY AM I HERE?" and I started reading it and the last line was that I wanted to make sure to end every post on a good note. So I can't go and let myself down. So here I am to end this not so happy POST with a little ticker of happy.
Today is my grandfather's 73rd bday. We are going out tonight as a family to take him to dinner and to take him to FAST LAP.
He is super excited - just like a kid going into a candy shop. It is so exciting to spend time with my family and to look across the room and see 4 vibrant generations of women all in the same room/table. Thank you LORD for blessing us with great family.

What do you think you can do about the economy?

How are you holding up in this time?

Tuesday's Thought - feeling a little lost

Today NO this week has been soooooo long and yet it is only Tuesday. It seems when there are things that have you down time slows down but when you are having fun and enjoying yourself time flies. This week has been comprised of family health issues and work related worries. I feel that I have aged a great bit so far. So when I get down like this I have to start TRYING very hard to remember the good times or even try to make more good times.

As I write this I have gone back and forth what I should write or even if I should. I have been trying to keep Positive Pam around YET Negative Nancy is part of our lives. There will always be good times and bad times but it is how we handle the bad times that matter. So I thought I would brave it and SPEAK the truth of everything even the BAD.

I am relying on my family and my will to succeed to get me through this rough patch. I tend to be a take charge kind of person and rely mainly on myself but times like this is when you need to allow others to assist you and look to a greater power.

With the family I wrote about that yesterday BUT this week is also casting a shadow on my home life as well (not health wise but economically). We are safe and sound - so no worries there!!! The economy seems to still be struggling for some - that would include my employment and my husbands. We are in an industry that has been hit rough and the uphill battle is still continuing. So I worry about paying the bills, paying the $1600 school monthly tuition, the cars, etc.... I offset that with ALWAYS looking for a bargain or a COUPON/GROUPON :) but sometimes that isn't enough.

So my thought for TODAY - don't dwell on the things that I can not control. As long as we have our health, family and happiness everything else will come or can be found/got again.

What is on your mind today?

Do you have a POSITIVE/NEGATIVE thought for today?

Doing all that we can

I am a person that I want to help, I want to fix and I want to DO and unfortunately a family health scare has hit our family and there is nothing that I can do fix the situation at hand RIGHT NOW, however with a lot of soul searching and research my husband and I have found something that we would like to do to not only help our pain through this time but might help others to NOT go through what our family has endured and is continuing to endure with this disease. The disease I am referring to is Alzheimer's. It is so sad to see how this disease not only affects the person who has it but everyone around them. I have seen the family suffer so much and have no way of controlling or changing this course. So with that my husband and I found this great item to participate in. We can walk and raise money for a cure!! We already have so many people supporting us in this quest. One of our friends even wrote that they would give up all possessions for a cure because it has affected him and his family so much.

The event is the WALK TO END Alzheimer's. It is a 2 mile walk in Ontario, CA on October 29, 2011 (much more information to come on this). However, if you want to walk with us, support with us or pray for us and everyone that is affected by this disease please do.

This past weekend we celebrated FAMILY. We went to Disneyland and acted like kids, we went to church and bonded and prayed for strenght and we had a family get together to hold on to our memories while creating additional memories for our babies.

If you are interested in Supporting us please click on this link:

If you are interested in Joining us please click on this link:

ahh I found my new obsession

I have been on Weight Watchers for 5 years and I LOVE it. It is a great plan and it is so helpful when you find something you NEED and have to HAVE and within your point range.



Nestle just came out with Skinny Cow - candy. I was at Wal-Greens yesterday and had a craving and I picked these up. only 2 points and worth every finger lick!!! There are about 5 - 6 pieces in the bag and cures that chocolate craving without falling off of the "health" band wagon.

So I want to say THANK YOU to Nestle for providing me with a 2 point chocolate option - NOW I just have to find the dark chocolate version and I will be buying cases of this product!!!

Cleaning out the closet

 Well yesterday my babies went to the doctor to get their check up due to their allergies. Well that visit turned into mom having to take the rest of the day off due getting meds, etc... So off to Wal-greens we went and $185 dollars later we had all of our medicine. Mom got home and gave the meds to each one and laid them down to take their nap.

I decided it was time to go through my closet. So as you can see I was taking stacks and stacks of my clothes out of my clothes and laying them all on the floor. Let  me tell you
I TRIED on all of my clothes. If it didn't fit, didn't look nice, I was getting rid of it. So two hours later and a full bag for the goodwill I was very pleased with myself and on top of that exhausted. It made me feel good to cleanse myself of things that I just really don't need or want.
HOWEVER, once my hubby saw the bag he said OH NO I feel a shopping trip coming on!! hehe He knows me ahh to well.

But cleaning out my closet made me start thinking what else I can clean out??? I think it is time that Negative Nancy stays away and that forgiveness is given. I am realizing it is what you do and how you handle things that matters the most. Always give without expecting anything in return. I am forgiving everything and everyone without wanting/expecting/needing it in return.

Is it time to clean out your closet?

Can you think of anything else you can clean out?

Duck-a-thon Family Day

This weekend was the annual Duck-a-thon at Huntington Beach. We attended today (despite the rainy weather in May). It turned out to be a blast and a great cause to assist with Please check it out for next year.

While we were there today we got to enjoy great weather, great vendors and yummy food. It was so nice to just be me, hubby and the babies. When we first arrived we strolled to the pier and browsed all of the vendors. My baby girl got the cutest purple headband to match her outfit and TRY to control her crazy hair and then we bought matching necklaces. The necklaces have real miniature flowers inside them. As for my honey and bubba they opted for matching leather bracelets. The event also has one end of the vendors that is made up of everything for KIDS. Jump houses were the big hit along with large parrots they could pet and other fun games.

We then ventured to find us some lunch. We ended up eating at Luggatti's  WOW what amazing food. We went for a thin crust pizza 1/2 sausage and 1/2 artichoke and mushrooms. As you can tell my hubby ate the meat side and me and the kiddos shared the veggie side!! DELICIOUS.

After a great meal we headed down to see them DUMP all of the rubber duck's in the ocean. Today's ducks were sponsored by businesses and the idea is that they all get dumped into the ocean from the middle of the pier and the 1st one to the shore wins a prize. It was cute to watch - but the wind picked up crazy and we headed back to the car. On the way to the parking structure we got "Sucked" into The Scoop on the Cookie - YUMMY again. You pick two cookies and what ice cream you like and bing bang you have you own creation.

A short car ride home while the kids napped ended such a great relaxing day.


What did you do on this great Sunday??

Breakouts at 30, REALLY????

Can you believe at the age of 30 I have more breakouts then 15 years ago??? I have been frantically calling my BFF and she says the same thing.  BREAKOUTS!!! I am a person that takes very good care of my skin. Over most of my adult life I have treated my skin to facials at least every 6 weeks, I ALWAYS where daily moisturizer with SPF 15, I don't wear make up and I even cover my face at the tanning bed. SO WHY the sudden breakouts in the last 6 months or so???

Well on Friday I treated my mom and myself to our Mother's Day gift of facials. This facial included Micro Dermabrasion and a signature Facelogic facial. As the women is performing my treatments she asks if I have any problems? I SAID yes look at these HUGE pimples on my forehead. So she started asking about them. I told her that the last six months they have been popping up, I have been working out harder then ever and it is driving me crazy.

GUESS WHAT she said??? She asked if I was washing my face - YES I am once in the morning and at night. Then she asked are you washing your face before your workout?? Ummm NO!! Here is the problem. With daily life my skin gets dirty, oily, sweat, etc... and then I workout which makes me hot and opens my pores allowing all of my daily life to soak deep into my opened pores - YIKES. So she suggested that I wash my face BEFORE and AFTER I workout - well let me tell you I started that very thing on my next workout!! Here is to the hope of CLEAN BREAKOUT FREE skin!!! So thank you to the lovely lady at Facelogic!!

What do you do to pamper yourself?

What do you do to take care of yourself?

I am so sure...

I am having one of those moments - I know people that are acting so poorly not only to myself but my wonderful children It is crazy how often I think - "are we in high school again?".

I will be the first to admit I have previously been in a situations where I have not acted my age, where you react so fast and badly that maturity is never even thought of. HOWEVER - (a very big however) it is horrible to continually see someone acting like a child or without any regards to others.  Just recently I posted a comment on my facebook account in regards to a person blocking me from their page - I can not see their status, pictures, wall anything - yet they can continue to view my items and show up as my friend. So in essence they "de-friended" me without anyone seeing that they did that to me. Why would they do that??

I realize that facebook is a great way to "snoop" and be nosey into peoples lives but for me everyone that I have on my page is someone that I like having them see my items and also gives me the ability to stay current with their lives as well especially because I don't have the opportunity to see them often.
But to be so ummm I don't the know right word to use.

NOW I have to admit the old Sharee' would have called out that person right a way to ask why?? what??? etc... I like answers I push and push. BUT not any longer. I will continue to be reserved and realize the only person I can control is MYSELF (and my kids for a short while hehe). I can control my emotions, my reactions, my feelings and I will not worry about others or worry about them influencing me.

Of course I had to talk to my therapist about this and the first thing she told me was DELETE THEM, but I told her no I am not doing that. I have no hard feelings or problems with that person and they can choose to do what they feel they need to do, but it does make me wonder why this behavior continues. I had mentioned earlier that I posted a comment in regards to this on facebook and so many people gave great comments: they seem to not be good friends, you should delete them, I can't believe you can do that - things like that.

I have decided to let that person live their life and I will not bug or ask why. It does sadden me that people can act that way to people and NOT grow.

Everyday, every experience I am learning as much as I can.

What suggestions do you have for this situation?

Do you have similar situations???

Tuesday Thought - roll-over house

How many of you owe more on your home then it is worth?? WE DO WE DO. And let me start out with saying we bought our house about 5 years ago at the height of the market. We made what we thought would be an investment move NOT a long term situation. When we first bought our house we moved from a small two bedroom condo in Ontario, CA to a 3 bedroom house in Fontucky. This move was PURELY for the investment so we could then sell it and move to where we want to go Rancho Cucamonga (due to the schools). Well fast forward five years and we now have two kids that will be entering school sooner then we ever thought and a home in a not as highly rated school district. SO WHAT DO WE DO???

So this leads to my Tuesday Thought. Why don't the banks allow you to roll over your negative equity like they do on cars????

My hubby and I would gladly tack on the negative equity in order to move into the area, house, school district that we desire. With the rates and prices we would be able to afford what we had intended to buy anyway. What does it matter where we pay the negative equity??? One way or another we would be paying it anyway. This way they sale our house to another family that can afford it and get the money from them, taxes, etc.. then the NEW house my hubby and I buy they get all of the normal interest, payment, taxes and the negative equity of the other house!! I think it is a WIN WIN for everyone involved.

So Bank of America, Wells Fargo, any other banks that do mortgages let us know when we can do this!!!!

Would anyone else be interested in this???

What other suggestions do you have for this situation???

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Ahh what a great weekend. It started off on Friday when my children's school hosted a cookie and juice event. I was welcomed with two happy children, two homemade gifts and sitting with my babies.  It was such a special treat for me!! After our cookie and juice the babies came back to work with me for a few hours (Thank you Brutoco for being such a great place for me).

Saturday my hubby went on his 29 mile bike ride for the Cucamonga Challenge. We are so proud of him - he received several sponsors (thanks mom and Cheri)! He was able to finish the ride in less then 2.5 hours!!!! Me and the babies headed to Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga - it was the start/finish line. They had several vendors and raffle prizes and best of all for the kiddos a PLAYGROUND. This was a great event for my  hubby and we loved being there to support him.

On Saturday night we celebrated mother's day with Tyson's mom and sister. We had a blast. A small picnic  at Carbon Canyon We enjoyed food, family and fun. The babies including our nephew were all over the playground - even us "kids" enjoyed the playground. It was a peaceful relaxing time.

Sunday was even more fun. I woke up to the best card from my hubby and kids that slept in until 8am!! I couldn't believe it, since they are generally crawling into our bed about 6 am to wake us up. After breakfast we headed out to Tom's Farm This is one of my favorite places to go. We walked around in all of the shoppes - the SOURDOUGH wheat bread yummy :)! The babies also wanted to ride the horses - and let me tell you that makes mommy so happy. I told hubby that one day soon we will have to get horses (he isn't too happy about that). After horse back riding, car rides and eating the best pizza EVER, we headed home.

By the time we hit the freeway baby girl was out for the count. After all of the babies (including dad) took a nap they brought me another gift - a beautiful hanging plant for outside!! I am so blessed and loved by them.
We ended the night with my mom, brother and sister-in-law (soon to be or someday soon) and a homemade dinner.

I had the best weekend ever. Quality time with those that you love can not be beat!! and the fun of mother's day isn't over yet - bowling on Tuesday and facials on Friday with my mom!!!

What did you do for Mother's Day???

Telling the truth...

Truth be told is was my motto on EVERYTHING. I felt it was best to ALWAYS tell the truth, however with that policy I wasn't looking at what others were feeling or what could happen if I told my truth. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that you should LIE - oh no you shouldn't BUT ( a big BUT) you don't always have to tell people what you are feeling or what you feel the truth is. I have taken that roll my entire life and with in recent time have decided that I don't have to apply the same policy to all sections in my life. I think this decision came as a hard lesson (the only way I seem to learn things) when I married into a large family. My entire life it has been just me, my mom and my brother. So when you get an entire extended family filled with mutliptle dynamics it makes you think differently enlightens you.

I like being Sharee' - I am me!! However, this lesson taught me to be truthful to myself but be more reserved and to be in a holding pattern instead of the full force that I generally pride myself on.

So telling the truth is still my game but I have learned in life that different games (extended family, work, social groups, etc...) have different rules.

Do you tell the truth too much?

How do you learn lessons? 

Wednesday Wish - Mother's Day

With Mother's Day right around the corner it makes me start thinking about being a mother and having a mother of mine. My mother means the world to me. We have a relationship that I can talk to her about anything and I know that she will always listen to me and love me regardless of what I say or do. I can remember telling her when I lost my virginity - scared to death but knowing that she would not be mad but support me to be safe. I hope I have that type of relationship with my daughter and son - no matter what the topic is (let me tell you I am not looking forward to the sex talk AT ALL) or how hard it is they can and will come to me.

But on this specific day I wish that my mother's day celebration would be filled with love, laughter, playing and relaxing. Hint Hint hubby of mine!!

My wish would be to experience an ideal day that I don't have to plan for, work for or clean up after!

I have a laundry wish list of material things that I just could find joy in but this year I would rather just be in the moment and appreciate everything that I have and love.

As I am typing I can think of a GREAT gift for not only myself but several generations. Right now we have 4 generations! My grandmother, my mom, me and my baby girl Alexee - that is it!! That is what I want a GENERATION PHOTO!!!! - I guess I have to will work on this one!!

So my Wednesday Wish for everyone is that everyone celebrates this day for what it truly is!! Acknowledging and loving mothers of all kinds: mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, step-mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, even aunts/cousins/friends/godparents that are "like" mothers as well.

What are your mother's day plans?

What is your wish?

Tuesday Thought : Happiness

Yes I seem to be writing or thinking about happiness all of the time BUT more then that I am LIVING it. I think happiness is so important in life and since I have found it, have it - I want to keep it as long as I can.

Today I was looking for a new quote for my board and I ran across this:

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

-- Allan K. Chalmers

Something to do = Live life to the fullest. Work Hard Play Hard
Something to love = My babies, my hubby, my family/friends, the LORD
Something to hope for = LIFE, be more, do more, help more, my babies growing up, getting old with my hubby, peace, debt to be relieved by all (the list can go on and on...)

With these three things HAPPINESS is a reality.

What is your something to do, to love, to hope for???

Kid less Weekend - Stagecoach

This past weekend was our annual "kid less" weekend. My hubby and I have gone to Stagecoach for the last 3 years and it is a blast. It is just a time to relax and enjoy the sun, company and great music. This year we left our wonderful babies with my mother for the entire weekend and we drove out. My brother and his girlfriend were able to go as well. We bought them their tickets as part of their xmas presents - so we were so glad that they could get work off to attend.

With our truck/trailer packed and all of us good to go in our cowboy hats off to INDIO we went. The weather was incredible except for the drastic cold on Saturday night. I even sent my hubby to buy me another sweater - it is so cute from Hodown Apparel!!

When we arrived on Saturday we went to our resort Shadow Hills RV Resort - OMG what a great place and we got the best site this year!!! This place is amazing and OH so much cheaper then camping on site. If you are ever down in the area check it out. They also have a great pool for sun bathing (that is all I do - I never swim).

Then of course we headed to lunch yummy Panera Bread before we headed into the festival. On the first day/night we got there in time to do a little walking around and check out the venue. This year was a little disappointing because they didn't have very many vendors and you know how I love to shop :) ! Even with only a few vendors we still bought a sweater and two hats!!! On the first night Kenny Chesney was the headliner along with Darius Rucker. Listening to Darius Rucker's Alright song made me think of my babies - that is Alex's favorite song!!

Also, on Saturday night we ran into my cousin and his girlfriend!! Love family!!! 

Sunday was the best day. A day that we slept in ... wait until you read this. 9am!!! Can you believe it??? When we all woke up we thought ahhh 7 maybe NOPE 9am. We never get to sleep in!!! It felt so good so refreshed. We got up to have breakfast (yes my multi-grain 3 point Cheerios) then off to the pool for sunbathing. I was able to finish a book on this trip and even start another one. After relaxing and getting a little tan we headed to Chiptole for lunch then we hung with my cuz and his gf before the show. The venue that evening was Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flats. Great music, great weather and great company (except the loud drunks next to us).

This weekend gave my hubby and I the relationship recharge that we needed. Having this weekend where we can be ONLY two married people just renews the love and life that we have.
So thank you to my mom for watching our babies and giving us piece of mind that everything is find.
Thank you to GOD for making all of this possible.
Thank you to my hubby for loving me each and everyday.
Thank you to my family and friends that joined us this weekend.

On Monday we were able to get home and get everything cleaned and put away so we could be with our kids. When my hubby and I went to pick them up from school it melted our hearts because the second we walked through the doors both of them ran up and kissed and hugged us telling us how much they loved and missed us. Now that made our days!!!!

Well here is to a great weekend and wonderful welcome home!! Back to the grind until the next time.

Do you get kid less weekends?

If you do what do you and your significant other do?

If you don't I would!!!