Wednesday Wish - A clean slate

As I was driving to drop of my kids for school today I was thinking how in just a few moments they can go from being trouble makers or NON listeners to the wonderful little ones that stop everything to tell me that they love me and want a hug. HOW CAN KIDS DO THAT???

I think kids have the ability to forgive and move on very quickly and that is a trait I am learning as a mom. One minute I am about to pull my hair out due to frustration/stress and the next I am hugging them so tightly.

As adults I think we try to do this as well (sometimes not as successful).  Adults can do this when you move, start a new school, a new job or even meet a new friend. Your SLATE is clean - no worries, no concerns of the past just a fresh face a fresh thought.

I wish we had a code for our current situations that we could just blurt out and the slate starts over again CLEAN. Now don't get me wrong you can't do this 100 times and expect it to still work but in those moments that you have either had your fill of the crap or have finally learned that hard lesson and you would like the opportunity to be this new person or try something new you could!!!

So that is my Wednesday wish!!!! (WOW I am feeling a theme coming on)!!!

So today I wish that I could give and get a CLEAN slate to many situations and people. I want to go in with a CLEAN knowledgeable slate for both sides!! See giving and taking what a concept :)

Would you like an opportunity to have a clean slate on something???

Tuesday's Thoughts

Today I am back to work after a not so hot day yesterday. I am learning the VERY hard way that my body is not processing any type of spicy food anymore. This upsets me but I realize that my body is telling me that I need to avoid these things.

So like everything else in my life I take it on head first and full boar. On that note I have now given up the following items that until recently I loved dearly: jalapenos, flaming hot Cheetos and extra spicy Chinese food.

So that lead me to my thought of today.

Success - to me is being great/best at what ever I set my mind to. For me that includes my children, my hubby, my family and friends, my career and my faith. So I have started a list that can be added to, changed, embellished and a guide for all.

Ingredients for Success:

- Do the right thing
- Never let them see you sweat or CRY (okay this one has been difficult for me)
- Always protect your people (your family, friends,etc...)
- Never take no for an answer   - this is the quote at the bottom of all of my emails "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say can't be done."
- It's all good (even when it's bad)
- Don't be stubborn to just be stubborn, admit when you are/were wrong and move forward

The above list has proved me well, hopefully it will serve your well.

Do you have tips on success? What are they???

Family, Food, Celebrating the reason...

Ahhh as I finally sit for the first time today I am basking in what today held. I woke up refreshed and eager for the day. Due to Him we are able to sleep, wake, and bask in the joys and pains of life. Today is a true blessing.

Today our babies were spoiled with love and family all day.

We headed over to my mother's house the babies call her Grandee. When we arrived our newest additions were waiting for Alex and Alexee already. Let me introduce you to Bambi and Dumbo (yes named by the kiddos). They are just too cute and we thought it made the almost perfect gift for the holiday (only a lamb would have made it even more perfect). The babies hugged, kissed and ran around with them all day.

The day consisted of bonding with the family, hiding/finding eggs too many times to count, lunch, snacking, and even ended it with a egg toss fight. It was remarkable we are so thankful for each other and the time we get to spend together. So once again I have to say thank you to HIM.

getting through it

Last night I had a breaking point over baking cookies. Have you had a time where you just go and go and you still have so much to do and yet things continually go wrong which means it takes even longer to accomplish? Well that was me starting with last night. One thing after another went wrong with the baking for my babies school party of Friday. I thought I was ahead of the game starting on Wednesday so they could cool and be iced on Thursday then packaged and delivered on Friday. OH NO it took me two batches of cookies (my new pan burnt the first batch) and about 45 minutes of freezing and thawing of the dough to roll it out to cut out the shapes. At one point when all of the dough was stuck to the cutting board and the roller I literally started weeping right there! I just wanted to quit but I couldn't because 1) - I don't like to give up and 2) - it is for my babies - accordingly to my husband I do it to myself but hey I want to do everything I can for my babies!!

EASTER Cookies

Well after finally baking and cooling all of the cookies today I planned on icing them. So what do I greeted with when I finally drag myself in the house today after 630 pm??? My husband and kids eating 1 each of the cookies. SERIOUSLY!!! OMG I wanted to scream!!! Needless to say I ended up having enough cookies but come on babe!!!!

On top of the cookies we also colored eggs and made crafts for their teachers and friend across the street.

So facing today I put on my positive lets have a great day attitude ONLY to keep getting hit with the negative nancy stick.

I wanted to turn this day around for myself before I crawled into bed. I picked up this great little book that my mother-in-law gave me "Encouraging Words for Women" and it fell on to this page and I think GOD is looking out for me:

- Look around - and be distressed, (been doing this all of my life)
- Look within - and be depressed, (I can get this way)
- Look to Jesus - and be at rest. (right now I am getting there)
In fact, that's the only way you can be at rest when you face an impossible situation: Look to Jesus. .... Yes, faith means that you face reality - and then make a conscious choice to believe and trust God.

So as I sit back and finally relax I am hoping to make tomorrow a better day, it already has being FRIDAY going for it!!

Stay home mom vs working mom... NO make that HAPPY mom vs unhappy mom

Today I was talking to my therapist - YES i have a therapist and I LOVE HER. I have been seeing her for a little over 5 years and she has helped me through so many things including this topic.

I am always struggling between being a stay home mom vs a working mom. I KNOW that I am not Full time stay at home mother material, however that doesn't make it easy when I feel bad about missing things that my kids do or need. I have realized a long time ago that it benefits not only my children but myself for me to be a working mother. Despite knowing that it is the right choice that we made the other feelings sometimes sneak up on you, I do think they we have made the right choice and it is confirmed time and time again with their growth not only socially but academically!!! However, it does get to me when they have a classroom party I can't attend so what do I do?? I stay up for two days baking and creating a wonderful creation for them to share/show off at school on the day of the party. This is my way of "overcompensating" for the fact that I am a working mother.

So to come back to the topic. I was talking to my therapist about this struggle and she SAID no Sharee' it is not working vs. stay home it is HAPPY vs UNHAPPY. And happy over takes everything and everyone. If the kids are happy, if you are happy, if your household is happy then you have made the right choice!!! So with that GREAT piece of advice I am going to try and back off of the quilt that I feel sometimes and focus on the happiness of all of us. Enjoy the time together, the experiences and education they are receiving and the happiness that we get that we can still bake 2 dozen homemade cupcakes and place them on that themed holiday platter and make it look awesome to show off at school take to school for everyone to enjoy.

So today I want to say THANK YOU to my therapist for opening my eyes to the real battle and know that I am actually winning this one!!!!

Do you have this battle?

Are you winning it?

ill prepared

"Ill-prepared" sums up the tri-events race for me and my bff. I have to say for myself I have worked out and trained more for this event then ever before in my life - and I think the same goes for her as well.

We trained, worked out and even swam a few times in our rented wetsuits before the race. We have our clothes ready and we even "carbed it out" the night before. I spent the night at her house so we could carpool and save money on gas and parking fees.

We arrive at the park a little after 6 am and there are a few things we see that have us feeling out of place:

1st - we are the ONLY people that have bikes that are mountain bike style tires and all. NOTE: to self next time get a street/tri bike for the event or at least new tires!

Off we go to registration. The lines are long due to the computers were down - but we did pre-register so not that bad.

Our first event is the swim. So off we go to swim and race up the hill to transition into the bike portion. Then it hits me no one else is wearing bathing suits under their wetsuits. I had "assumed" I would have enough time to run back to the truck change into my biking/running clothes and leave the wetsuit. OH NO. You have mere minutes/seconds to strip the wetsuit off (SO HARD) and pull on a shirt and shorts and your click in shoes to race across the line. So here we are one piece bathing suits to boot and no where to change and no time to change either. So what did i do?? I put a sports bra and shirt over my bathing suit along with my workout pants and off we went. We also just left all of our belongings right there where are bikes were parked.

So we ride our bikes slowly through the course to only have to WALK parts of it because for me the terrain was too steep (incline and decline) it scared me too death.

The run portion for me was the WALK portion as well. So with over 2 hours used in this race we chalked this one to a training exercise to what we really need to do over the next year for training.

So I didn't want to leave this event discouraged but leave it with a REAL sense of what I need to do to finish it with a great pride next year!!!

1 - Get a new bike - or at least the proper tires
2 - Do not wear a bathing suit under the wetsuit
3 - Change and be ready right at the bike transition
4 - TRAIN TRAIN and TRAIN more
5 - Know that they have a relay race if you can or only want to do part of it!!

All in all this was a great bonding experience for me and my bff. I don't have goals to become a competitor by any means but I do NOW have a goal to finish this thing in a way better time and fashion. So here is to us going after and ACCOMPLISHING our goals!!!

Would you ever to an event?

Have you ever done one?

Is it a goal???

Ahh another day in my competely insane NO i mean normal life

Today I woke up feeling great. My bff Erin and I have been working out steady to get ready for our race but better then that I have been able to spend a lot of time with her and it is like when we were two single girls that only had to worry about feeding our dogs. Ahh memories...

Work was a day that reminded me "job security" :) busy busy busy.

Well two things happened today that I didn't see coming:

1) Our air conditioner on the house went out and it is costing us $2200 bucks. So it is a feeling off of no we have to use our savings for this but then again at least we had the money.

2) My sister in law gave us this website:  it is a place for unclaimed money, property, etc... THANK YOU sister in law. My hubby has $130 and I have $1072. Woo hoo so GOD presented us a way to pay for 1/2 of our air conditioner.

So with having a week of work, working out, cooking, and having to fork out a lot of money we were also blessed with our health, great times with my family/my best friend, and unclaimed money!!

All in all Today was a great day.

God is Good, God is Great - thank you for taking care of me. Please help me to be kind to those that I love. AMEN

Procrastnation... when did that become the norm of my life

So my bff and I signed up in the beginning of this year for a Sprint Tri Events. We started training - going to the gym, swimming. Well as you know life got in the way of training. With colds, kids, school, work and wife duties training took a back burner. Don't get me wrong I still worked out more then I have in the past but not enough for this race.

Just Sunday we finally got to the actual path that we will be traveling for the race  and let me tell you OMG!! It might just kill me - but I am determined to give it my all. PS - boss I might be out sick/recovering on Monday.

So on top of not putting in enough training we are now training every night this week (should have started this oh I don't 14 weeks ago!), also we are trying to find/buy/rent our wetsuits, and planning our arrival and registration for the event.

All of this has showed me that i can not wait/procrastinate and I need to stay focused and determined.

So here is to my bff and I finishing the race and living to talk about. We are already going to sign up for one in October to ensure that we actual train for it.

How often does life get in the way of your personal goals?

How often is the kids and family ALWAYS put first? But do you really regret that?

Parent Teacher Conferences

This week we had our parent teacher conferences. I will back up a little okay November 2010 when we had our first conference meeting. OKAY what does a parent due when there is a conference for pre preschoolers??? I went to the first meeting with a pad of paper and pen to take notes. They had me sit down in the "kid" chairs and tables and it made me feel umm like I was getting a "talking" too. The first conference we were told that they both were progressing so well for their ages and were doing so well with their colors, numbers, etc... Then we got tot he part of what they are going to work on until the next conference  - both of them needed to learn how to be more flexible and do somersaults. So what did we do??? We enrolled them into gymnastics and have been going once a week for the last 3 months. So fast forward to our 2nd conference. Well again I am seated in the "kid" chair and here is what they had to day:

Alex - He can say and recognize all of the letters, he can count up to 50, and he can count to 10 in Spanish, he is excelling so much and guess what he is doing somersaults. woo hoo

Alexee - She can count up to 20, say the alphabet, runs, and acts like every one's mom at school and she can do somersaults :).

So asked what do we need to work on. Alex needs to learn to spell more words ( he can spell his name and Mom :)) like dad, dog, etc.. and also we need to work on "V" because he says "B" - so we are off to the store to buy dry erase boards and play doe so we can start spelling more often.  For Alexee she needs to assist with her eye hand coordination - we are off to buy Cheerios and new shoelaces to help her out.

Tyson and I are so thankful for the
best school and teachers!!

So here is to working with our babies and helping them grow and expand their knowledge and love for themselves and others.

Have you ever had a parent teacher conference?

Grateful is all I have to say

This past weekend we went on a camping/quad riding trip. We headed out on Friday to Johnson Valley. We were making such good time. All excited for a relaxing bonding time with new friends. As we pass the 15/215 exchange we are struck by a flying tire that took out our front passenger fender and door. I have to say thank you to FORD. The vehicle took a beating but kept us all safe and sound. So after a scary incident we were on our way. What should have been a 2 hour trip turned into a 5 hour trip - but hey we finally made it. 
When we arrived a lot of hubbies friends/co-workers were already there. We ended up having 5 trailers, tons of cool people, rhinos (my next toy) and quads everywhere.
This is the first trip that Alex rode his quad all by himself. He was amazing. And of course baby girl had to ride every quad. The weekend turned out to be a great relaxing trip and on top of it we were able to make some great "couple/family" friends.

We arrived home on Sunday just in time to do laundry unpack and get ready for the next day. Fortunately honey and I took Monday off as a vacation day a HUBBY and WIFE day only. We originally were going to go to Disneyland but I opted to first drop off the truck to be fixed
then we went hiking. We ventured out to Chino Hills State Park and we hiked about 4.5 miles. It was great - just me hubby and nature. I felt energized, excited and eager to spend more quality time together.

After a great hiking day we splurged and went to The Habit for lunch - yum yum.

With a day filled with just hubby and wife time we raced home to get our babies. We treated them to dinner and haircuts. This was Alexee's first haircut and she did amazing. I was so proud of my baby girl - and who would have known that she has such beautiful curls.

Does looking into your babies face make you smile?

When they race into your arms does it make you know that you are doing
things right?