What a day, weekend...

Monday - do I need to say anymore?

To back track a little Friday was wonderful the start of our weekend and for me a little pamper time. I went with my mother to get our hair done and I took my little man with me because his sister was home sick with my brother. We went and had a great bonding time. To say the least my boy was so good and we had a good time. We arrived home to a not so happy Alexee and then we were able to go to bed. Saturday was wonderful low key and just veggin around the house to get ready for a fun filled day at Knotts. WELL guess what Alexee was recovering and Tyson was falling fast. He got sick just the same as Alexee but oh so much worse. What do they say "The bigger they are the harder they fall?"

We had to skip Knotts and I then concentrated on getting two of my family members well. So you go for the good old BART (bananas, apple sauce, rice and toast) diet! I tell you it works every time.

Fast forward to Monday morning - my most dreaded day of the week. Trying to get two children up and ready for school and myself included (note: today I forgot to put on deodorant due to the rush). Today Alexee was just not having it so that meant a rough morning. Today we were a few minutes late but it all worked out. Off to school they went and me to work, as Tyson slept away at home. Did I mention that the garage door opener/closer didn't work today either - go figure.

At work today I didn't get much done because I had to drive into LA today to do my EEO visit. However, these are the days that I love being out in the field seeing what we are building and who is doing it. After our meeting then we headed to lunch where I had a Greek Salad no dressing woo hoo! On the way back from LA I had a bladder attach and couldn't wait to get back to the office. As I settle down at my office for the first time today I am bombarded with more to do then when I started today! Job security, right????

After work I had to race home and get my grocery list to then take the entire family grocery shopping - can I say THANK you to Stater Brothers and the grocery cart with the car attached!!!!

Then homeward bound to put the groceries away tend to a sick hubby and cook dinner. Thankfully the babies were able to occupy themselves for awhile and finally at 6 pm we set down for dinner and only toast and bananas for my hubby :(! After dinner we treated the babies to a special dessert - Fruit tarts!!! It was such a sight - cool whip everywhere and two big smiles!

After dinner it was a world wind. Clean up, feeding the animals, changing the kids, hubby in bed, playdoe, brushing teeth, reading books and off to say our prayers and on top of that fit in a workout with Jillian and the SHRED!!!

As I sit here recapping my weekend I just cant that my heart is swelling because when I picked up my daughter she said mommy I love you. Before we went to bed to say our prayers the three of us heald hands and basked in our love. This is why I work, this is why I am who I am, I love hard, play hard and I cherish every moment - the good, bad and ugly!!

A day in my life

I was thinking that the title of my blog is so true. As I live each day I realize that I am all abut mother, wife and full-time worker. Here is a look into my day.

At about 4 am our daughter came to bed and I was too comfy to kick her out so we slept all together - okay didn't sleep well actually just dozed a little because then my hubby was getting up to leave for the gym.
6 am came way to fast and by that time my daughter was sound asleep and I am doing my morning stretch. I head off to the shower and within 1 hour I have to get all three of us dressed, feed, hair done, medicine, vitamins and breathing treatment and oh yeah teeth brushed.
7 am OKAY a little bit after that we are heading out the door... oh wait forgot to feed the cats. So finally on our way to school we pull in with THANKFULLY a lot of smiles and happiness.
730 am I finally pull into work and start my day job. Fortunately I am very busy and I love what I do. With my continuously busy day I barely get 1/2 hour for lunch and back to my desk. Before I can blink it is 430 pm and I am running out the door once again. On my way to pick up the kids I have to stop at home to get dinner started in the crock pot and change into my gym clothes. by 530 pm we are parked to go to gymnastics. After a fun time for the kids and us parents he he again we are racing back home for dinner.
Dinner, baths, clean up and the making lunches for tomorrow on top of preparing dinner for tomorrow. After all of that I finally get in a workout with my Jillian Michael's Shred DVD (loving it by the way) and now I am sitting down for the evening blogging and catching up on shows (since I haven't watched TV since I don't know).

This is what I my days are comprised of: crazy, busy, and going to the last minute but the way I love to live my life.

2011 A great year here we come

I am off to a great year so far. Mending relationship, growing relationships, enjoying life to the fulliest and adapting the following motto: (and yes I know that it is also the motto for AA but I just think it holds a lot).

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

I am thinking before I act ( on most things :), I am caring just as much but not as tight, I am being true to myself however growing from my experiences and others advice.

I am working, playing and PLANNING hard.

I love my career and hope to be more, do more and accomplish more, and assist more! As you all know I passed my PHR test and now I have the ability to put the intials behind my name! I get to take that with me for life! I also became the VP of Membership for a local HR group and I am going to Las Vegas this summer for our annual conference!

PLAYING - we are enjoying alot of time with family. Trips to Disneyland, Knotts (coming up), days at the park, Farmers Market, Quad riding/camping trips, Supercross.

Here is to many more trips, laughter and GETTING ALONG :)