2011 Goals

Hello Everyone,

As we look back on this year I have experienced a lot of ups and a lot of downs, however out of all of them I am learning and growing. I want to look forward, look positive and start focusing on all of the good. I don't know about others but in my life I always seem to be holding my breath for the other foot to fall off. I never take the time to really focus and enjoy the good that is happening right now, right here! Well I am going to start! Accidents happen, people happen, emotions happen. I choose to be happy, I choose to be focused, I choose to enjoy all that I have and all of the things I want!

With that I have comprised my list for 2011 - professionally and personally. Here we go!

2011 Goals


• Increase my knowledge and experience with human resources, legal, claims, depos, insurance

• Expand my knowledge within the construction industry

• Acquire new duties

• Take thinks less personal

• Expand into more managerial decisions

• Be more involved within the safety realm

• Grow into a leadership role

• Grow/learn/enhance myself into a position to acquire at least a $10k raise

• Take the LSAT


- Build savings account

- Become fit and trim

- Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week

o Spinning

o Jump rope

o Marathon???

- Lose 15 lbs

- Spend quality time with my husband and babies

- Find me time

- Pay off debt and do not use credit cards

- Read 50 books

- Find a charity/volunteer that interests me

- Relay less on what others think/expect/influence

Well I wish everyone a safe and fabulous New Year. Here is to making our dreams come true and enjoying all of the steps to obtain them.

Spicing up Life

Okay I am 30, happily married for over 5 years, have two young children, a full time job, our own business and just all of the normal responsibilities of life. So how can we spice up our lives??? The time for just the two of us seems to have disappeared and I need and want it back. There was a life before all of this for us and there will be a life after this but what about when you are in the middle??? I looked up SEXTING, and they have rules - I like rules but the rules apply to people that are SEXTING people other then their spouse. I need rules for SEXTING my spouse!!!

WELL LADIES and gentlemen I found a rule list. If you are not interested no worries, but if you are here you go. I am a mother, I am a full time worker, but I am a married women too.

Good luck!!! And if you have any other ideas. I am open!!!

The 10 best sexing tips are tips that everyone should use. Using the right words and phrases can surely get your partner in the mood quickly. Learn how to get those hormones rising instantly--be a good sexter.

1.Ask your partner what they have on. Asking your partner what she has on is the best way to start a sexting conversation. It's always great if she responds that she's in her undies.

2.Sext something dirty to your partner. Use dirty words. Don't be afraid of sounding too sexual because that might be just what she need. It's amazing what a couple of words can do.3.Tell her how bad you want her. Telling your partner you need and want her is a sure way to get them in the mood.

4.Tell her you want to touch her/him all over. Let your partner imagine being touched or she may even touch herself pretending it is you doing the touching.

5.Sext them moaning words. Use words like "ohhhh" or "ummm." Those words can spark wild desires in your partner.

6.Tell your partner you have nothing on. Even if it's not true, tell her that. People get aroused by imagining others naked. If you're naked at the moment, it makes it even better.

7.Mention her name a lot in sentences. Using your partner's name is a good way to get her aroused. Everyone loves for their name to be called during sex. For example, "Judy, you're a very bad girl and it's turning me on."

8.Tell her things you are imagining. Sexting what you are imagining creates a mutual image for the both of you. This is a great tip when wanting your sexting partner to keep up with you.

9.Tell your partner what you want to do to her. Believe it or not, this makes your sexting partner want you even more. Your partner might even get so aroused she might show up at your front door if the conditions are right.

10.Use exclamation points! Exclamatory phrases are more intense expressions. For example, "You make me feel so good." and "You make me feel so good!!" Do you see how the first sentence is simple compared to the second one? Exclamation points should be used to express extreme emotion.

Just a December so far recap 12 16 2010

Well a lot is going on in my head right now. 1st I got on the scale today and I have gained 1lb - and I am freaking out. I have always had troubles with my weight and now that I am somewhat comfortable where I am it has not gotten any easier to keep it off. Also, since my surgery I have not been able to exercise. With seeing the 1lb increase on the scale I tried working out last night - and it is just too early still. So since exercise is not an option right now it is time to crack the wipe hard on the eating. So I started my day with my 3 point multi-grain Cheerios and I have an orange tucked away in my bag for my snack. It is not fun!! I am sitting here resisting while there is a fresh home made meal being cooked outside :( at work! It is our famous office Xmas breakfast... Well with the additional 1 lb I now have what 11 - 15 lbs to lose before I can reach my ultimate weight goal!! Once the New Year starts I will be picking up again on spinning, the elliptical and I want to start a class through the city a few nights a week on top of starting with 25 to 50 sit ups everyday! Come on 2011 I can do it!!!

On to the FUN stuff. Last night we baked cookies for the kids school! It is so much fun to have kids at an age that they understand what you are saying and are eager to participate! It was a family affair - Even daddy helped :)! We made cookies for each student in their classes and their teachers! Oh boy do the kids love their teachers!!!! It is teacher said this, teacher said do it this way - too cute!

On to another note. The kids went to Knott's berry farm on Tuesday with their grandma and grandpa. They had a blast but I think the weather and long day of playing wore them out. They have stated home with their wonderful dad for two days recovering from a minor cold.

As for Xmas we are done!! woo hoo. The presents are wrapped and under the tree, only the hubby has about 4 gifts for the babies that he has to put together!

Well thanks for reading my vent for the day. I hope everyone is happy, healthy, loved and loving others!