Can you believe October is already here??

Well it looks like it has almost been another month since I posted last. So much has been going on. I have been on a family emotional roller coaster and have finally just got off that bumping ride - but don't fret I am still in the amusement park hehe.

Since my last post - my babies turned 3 and 2, we took our first family camping/riding trip and Alex even rode his new quad, I started working out daily (yes everyday for the last 14 days!! I am trying to hit 21 straight days to form a habit - I hope so!), I have made a personal decision that all of you will see shortly and also the fact that my hubby and I are basking in the fact that we are more in love today then we were 6 years ago.

The babies birthday party was so much fun. Everyone adults and children alike enjoyed jumping and laughing and of course eating those great cupcakes.

VACATION -- all I can say is THANK YOU. I am a very high stress always on the go person and never seem to stop. However, when we go camping/riding I enjoy every second of our time there - okay I can not lie I still have my blackberry and laptop but only for short stints not the entire time. I truly get to relax and enjoy myself so much on these trips. We are heading out again in November and January.

Working out has been great. Since I set myself on this goal I make myself due it no matter what. I can already feel a difference and even my hubby saw my belly the other day and stated WOW it is getting firmer woo hoo. I have also been squeezing in workout items in my down time. Doing arm squats on the bathroom sink when I am waiting for the shower, etc... I also ..... put on a pair of previously tight jeans and they fit!!!! I have mainly been concentrating on using the elliptical, sit ups, arm squats, spinning and I am actually trying a new workout class on Monday.

A personal decision - this one will be seen later.

Hubby love. My hubby and I are approaching our 5 year wedding anniversary and just past our 6 year dating anniversary. We are an awww as to how our relationship continues to grow and expand. We have our ups and downs but it is what you do together to get through them that counts. I can say I love him more today then every before.

Well enough catching up for now. Talk to you all soon