Plan, Planner, Planning mode

To know me is to love me. One of my qualities is the fact that I like to pre-plan EVERYTHING. So as you can imagine I am not good with surprises (that is a whole other conversation piece). Well our babies are turning 2 and 3 this year. Time flies. We have decided to combine their birthdays again and this year we already booked the indoor jump house. We are going for the wild animal theme.
1. Place - check
2. Time/Date - check (September 25th)
3. Theme - check (wild animal)
4. Give-a-ways - check (got them in yesterday)
5. Clothes - semi-check - I bought personalized shirts for both and a cute tutu for baby girl. We are going with the lime green and pink theme (no pink for bubba :))
6. Birthday pictures - booked and so excited
7. Invitations - going out next week
8. Food - just have to order from the place and a few sides (thanks mom)
9. Gifts - have my list and some already bought

Well my list is coming together and on my way I found two great people. 1 the photographer (Fortin Foto) we have her booked for September 19th!!! Our first professional outdoor photos. Well when I talked to her I told her that I was looking for an outfit for my baby girl and she referred me to Celeste (! Super excited. I just ordered the above tutu and about a handful of other items with a discount. Then she gave me better news. I can host my own online party and you can get a discount too!

Please check it out use the promotional code andrade10! The sale is good from today August 25th to September 1st so buy quick! Great items Great price.

Thank you for your support!

What a great weekend!!

We had a great family relaxing weekend. On Saturday we used our annual pass to the LA Zoo. The weather was incredible and the babies enjoyed seeing all of the animals. We like the LA Zoo not only because it is close but you can bring in your own food. We packed a little picnic and only spent $5 bucks the entire day. We had to enjoy that fresh kettle corn :) and we used the reusable cup for drinks!

After a day with the animals we all went home and took a nap. Ahh it was pleasant and a nice change of pace for all of us. When we woke up my baby boy wanted to show me how well he drives.
He even took his sister and dad for a spin.

As for Sunday we just chilled around the house and then my mother came to watch the little ones while we went to PBR. Professional Bull Riders!! It was a great afternoon. I don't know how the riders keep doing it but they do put their lives on the line for adrenaline.

Trying to be workout and weight watcher crazy

Well I am trying to go workout/\weight watchers crazy again. The word "trying" is the big one. So I found a few things that are making it easier for me. Working out is great. I am enjoying spinning a ton and now I am trying to incorporate the p90x tone workout series. I did my first night and oh man I didn't like it, however I do have a new workout partner. My little man wants to help me. Take a look. Bye bye bean and cheese burritos and fire feta boo hoo.
So positive foods: 0 point jellos :) - my favorite, fire roasted veggies with small Greek salad 5 points, and 1 point breads :) yummy.
So hopefully I can lose this now 13 lbs by December 31st, 2010.
We are doing the bow pose


A camping we will go PART II

Well we are back from our weekend get-a-way trip safe and sound. I need to threw "safe and sound" in there because man on man. This weekend was not the vacation that I envisioned. We started out the trip on Friday. We loaded up our entire house (or I thought), our two dogs, our two dogs and my mother. It was a great ride. Dual DVD players are a necessity in our life. Well we are about 18 miles out from our campsite and BAM two tires blew! Well our trailer only has 1 spare tire so we called AAA because we purchased the extra trailer coverage. They told me NO on bringing tires so I asked can we be towed to our campsite. They called me back about 20 minutes later - while my hubby is still changing the tire on the side of the road at 11pm. N E Ways they stated no tires and the tow truck they have can't tow an RV??? WTH???? 

This is the tire we drove on
We did make it to our campsite by 1am and finally all went to bed. I have to say that the babies and dogs did very well for all of the time spent in the truck.

We did wake up to the most beautiful weather and scenery. We already want to plan another trip for next year. Our campsite was just a walk away from the water. Before we got to enjoy all of the beauty we did have to find tires. This was a great experience because we found a nice gentlemen that was able to come out and fix the tires at our campsite. So $504 dollars later we were good to go!!! Thankfully we were all safe and the good LORD was watching over us. THANK YOU!

My dirty baby girl
When the tires were done we headed off for a little bit of hiking and swimming. Here are a few photos of our family enjoying the water. PS - I left mine and my hubby's bathing suits at home :) hehe

The kids had so much fun not only in the water but in the dirt (as you can see). And who ever knows me my kids being dirty is hard for me but on this trip - go for it babies because we have a shower afterwards!

All in all this trip turned out to be pleasant. Next year we will plan and pack more accordingly and hopefully nothing will happen to the trailer.

PS - I am on the phone right now with AAA with a complaint!

Me and my baby girl
The females of the trip

Do you like Baseball?

Yesterday at work a fellow co-worker asked if I liked Baseball - Sure. Well here is 4 tickets and preferred parking to the game. I was excited to get out and do something - and HELLO it was free.

Father & Son
I got my babies dressed and out the door by 545 pm. Off we went to pick up dad from work. I have an Angel jacket from when I worked there (many moons ago) and my little girl has an Angels two piece outfit (Thanks Kayden). With us all in our red we headed to the stadium. To our surprise the place was packed on a Tuesday evening. We walk in and we are given very nice Angel hats (now we know why the lines). Well now my hubby and my baby boy get to be twiners to!!
Look at that smile - it melts your heart away.

Our View
The seats were awesome as well. The seats were located on 3rd base side and you could see everything.

All in all it was a great evening with just us! No fighting, no yelling, no screaming, no crying - all smiles and tons of fun.

Me and my baby boy
My and my baby girl

2 kids did I mention 2 kids under 3?

This weekend has not been one of my best. The kids are coming off being sick and us being away from them due to our getaway has caused a little crankiness and aggravation. This entire weekend has been a struggle. For me I wanted to be a parent so bad and it took a great deal to have two of them. They truly are my miracles and that is why when I feel down like this it makes me feel like a horrible parent.
I love them so much and I am so blessed to have them here but man oh man on times like this I can't be positive.

So my positive outlook is today we will go to bed and tomorrow we will wake up to a new better day - and oh yeah a day I go to work :)!!

Being a parent of 2 young babies is more then I ever thought it would be. Having 1 is having 1 but having 2 is like having 10!!!! Man what does that equal if you were Kate Plus 8????

A camping we will go...

We just booked our camping trip to the Kern River for an upcoming weekend. We are super excited. We are staying at Frandy Campground. I have never been there but a friend on fb suggested and off we go. This trip will have a lot of our family as well. Last weekend we celebrated my dirty 30 well now it is my cousin's turn (I will post pictures when we get back). I am excited to spend more time with the family but also to just have a simple camping trips with my kiddos and dogs.

The great thing is we were able to book everything right next to each other. We have 2 campsites for tents and 1 campsite for our RV. We are all next to each other and the price is pretty cheap.

This will also be the first trip with the new truck - ekkkk. Hubby says it will be fine so I trust him. The only thing I worry about on this trip is the 4 hour drive to the place. 2 kids under 3 in a truck with pets and nothing to do oh noooo. I did buy the dual dvd player for the kids so hopefully we can get a few movies in with some piece and quiet :)

The River Trip to remember....

My hubby and the boat
This past weekend we went to the river to celebrate my dirty 30! It was a trip to remember. My hubby and I celebrated with my cousin Shane, Chad, and Tina along with their significant others Dana, Vanessa, and Andre. My mother went along with my brother and my friend Matt. To say the least us 11 had a blast!! Friday night consisted of drinking my favorite drink - WINE!!! We also rented a boat for the two days. The boat is a tri-ton with a 190hp motor. I swear every time we go to the river I am like - yeah lets buy a boat! Hehe yeah right. Another payment and more upkeep - we will just keep renting one on the weekends.
The ladies under the London Bridge
The boat was able to hold all of us and still tube and wake board!
The guys of the trip

The girls of the trip
Me and my brother
My thing to do is layout and just relax and for me that is the hardest thing to do.

I just wouldn't be complete without my great, wonderful family.

So here is to the next 10 years!!!