June 29th, 2010 Marathon Day

Talk about a MARATHON DAY! It started out with tons of nerves. I went to take the PHR test (Professional Human Resources). I have studied for MONTHS and did not feel good about it all. I set there taking the 225 questions thinking OMG I am not going to pass. Well after 2 hours and the longest 5 minutes ever the screen finally popped up with a..... PASS. I was so excited I almost cried. I called my hubby, my bff at work, my bosses and my nanny before I even put the key in the iginiation!!

Well that is done so I can finally focus on the next thing. Back at work the day continued hectic like always.

HOWEVER, the highlight of my day was opening the door to have my babies run into my arms. My baby girl didn't want to let go. That is the homecoming that made me feel the best. Tonight we took the babies to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes game (Tuesday's are bring 10 cans/bottles and get a free ticket for each person).

I even squeezed in 20 minutes on the elpitcal and a little facebook viewing and this blog. With the test done and passed I finally get to start doing things I enjoy and start working on my list to achieve by the end of this year. I will be working on reading Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber!!

Good night for now

June 28th, 2010

So today was a busy busy day. I planned on studying all day at work - well it didn't happen. HR duties called. However, I was excited to hear the results of my review and I am pretty excited about it! I also went to the doctors today and tried studying in the waiting room - what do you know the day I take stuff to do there is no wait????

After a long busy day at work I came home to a clean house and dinner prepared - thanks to my wonderful hubby! I finally got a little studying in at home and took a short 30 minute break to work out. Part of my goals is to lose weight and that has not been going to well. I have increased my exercise however I think I need to decrease my intake (ahhhhhh)!

This has been all possible due to two of my favorite people having the kiddos over for a weekend-extended sleepover (thank you j & a). I miss them so much and can't wait to see them tomorrow.

It is funny my hubby and I were sitting on the couch last Saturday and we both laughed because we feel so bored and lost without them. Now that we have kids we don't remember what we did before them. They fulfill us!!!!

Well off to more studying and hopefully when I report tomorrow I will have GREAT news!!!

June 27, 2010

I thought I would give a little better update since I have been gone for so long.

Over the last few months I have been focusing on elements of my life that are important. With the help of my best friend I put together a list of items for me to work on and accomplish.

WOW - I came to a very simple realization the other day - more really of something that is common sense but I some times forget - LIVE GOES ON. No matter what happens to you, what work does, what happens happens. I will still continue to wake up, take care of my kids, love my husband, make lunches/dinners, feed the dogs, etc...

Throughout my day i am focusing on my family, work and every other little thing that life has and on that path I have forgotten ME so with this list these are items that I want to acheive for myself - a better mind, body and soul.

It is important to me to be classifed as a Full time working mother of two and wifey of 1 but more importately live life to the fullest and not feel selfish when I take a little time to do things for myself!

A great friend sent me her list and it encouraged me to put mine in writing as well.

I wanted a list of obtainable goals within a 6 - 12 month period.
Here it is:

1 - Pass the PHR Certificate test
2 - Lose 15lbs by 7-19-2010
3 - Cook/Bake - new recipes weekly
4 - Read 50 books by December 2010
5 - Climb the wall by myself in the mud run (August 2010)
6 - Dinner with a girlfriend or girlfriends every 6 weeks :)
7 - JOin a book club

They I decided the list should accommodate our other goal of saving money and paying of bills.

So here is the list and I hope to acheive them (at least a majority of them).

Signing off for today (this time it won't take me as long to come back.

As for the kids - OMG they are doing so well. My oldest is doing great in his toddler bed and potty trained (except for the nights wth????). As for my baby she is just not a baby anymore. She is also potty trained however we are keeping the crib as long as possible. They both graduated from pre-school on Friday (such a proud momma).

As for the hubby doing very good. He has been working out steady for the last month and is excited to go to the river.

Me I am working on the list!!!!

It has been awhile

Well this weekend was full of studying, cleaning and house stuff. I haven't seen my babies in a few days (they are having a sleepover) and getting things done is easier, but my hubby and I decided that are lives would be just plain boring if we didn't have them.