Jan 17th, 2010 - Give A Day Get A Day

Well today my hubby and I volunteered with the " Give A Day Get A Day" Program that Disney was offering. I thought it was a great idea - Give to the community and get something in return. Our kids are still under the age of getting in for free so just the parents had to do the work. It was nice to get out do something as well. Our volunteering was part of Kyso Kids - a club started by kids for kids - drug free!!!. We had a clean up day for different parts of Bloomington, CA. Let me tell you it was a great workout. We climbed up and down hills, picking up trash and carrying the full bags down to the bottom of the hill for pick up. We even found an old couch. After a day of giving back to the community and a workout we get to look forward to a Disneyland.

So parents this weekend we decided that we were going to see if our oldest would be okay in a toddler bed - actually we just took of one of the sides of his crib. OMG what were we thinking? Getting him to take a nap OMG crazy. I am glad I didn't send place order yet on amazon for his bed and dresser. Even as i write this we are going to Babies r us tonight to see if they have any deals - hehe :)

Well I am off to plan the meals for this week and get ready to hibernate with all of this rain coming in.

January 16, 2010 - Finding an activity

Well today is off to a good start. I have two children and both of them have been sick on and off for the last month. Finally we are on the right track!!!! My oldest just left to the store with his father and I am about to go get my little girl up from her am nap.

I am excited for what today will bring. The year 2010 is the year that I decided I need to do things for myself. Have you ever looked at your life and seen that you are living for everyone else?? - don't get me wrong I love both of my kids and husband so much, my job is great and we are paying our bills but still there is no activity just for me.

I tried rock climbing - LOVE it. I am trying to use my friend's free person each month method :) !!

For tonight I joined a book club and it is our first meeting. The first book wasn't that good - " A Friend of the Family" by Lauren Grodstein. Actually it wasn't that it wasn't good just not the type I like. I like to read but I want to enjoy what I read be taken out of reality for a moment and just take in romance or country living, etc... I will let you know how it goes tonight.

For now thank you and talk to you tomorrow!

The Beginning

I wanted to start this for me and see where it goes. I am a very busy mother wife and full time worker. I enjoy being with family and friends, taking tons of pictures (http://www.shutterfly.com/ - love them), reading, camping/quad riding and anything that includes my kids and hubby, love country music, and like to be on the go but embrace any down time I have. This blog is for me to express my feelings, beliefs, what I do and what I want to do.