2011 Goals

Hello Everyone,

As we look back on this year I have experienced a lot of ups and a lot of downs, however out of all of them I am learning and growing. I want to look forward, look positive and start focusing on all of the good. I don't know about others but in my life I always seem to be holding my breath for the other foot to fall off. I never take the time to really focus and enjoy the good that is happening right now, right here! Well I am going to start! Accidents happen, people happen, emotions happen. I choose to be happy, I choose to be focused, I choose to enjoy all that I have and all of the things I want!

With that I have comprised my list for 2011 - professionally and personally. Here we go!

2011 Goals


• Increase my knowledge and experience with human resources, legal, claims, depos, insurance

• Expand my knowledge within the construction industry

• Acquire new duties

• Take thinks less personal

• Expand into more managerial decisions

• Be more involved within the safety realm

• Grow into a leadership role

• Grow/learn/enhance myself into a position to acquire at least a $10k raise

• Take the LSAT


- Build savings account

- Become fit and trim

- Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week

o Spinning

o Jump rope

o Marathon???

- Lose 15 lbs

- Spend quality time with my husband and babies

- Find me time

- Pay off debt and do not use credit cards

- Read 50 books

- Find a charity/volunteer that interests me

- Relay less on what others think/expect/influence

Well I wish everyone a safe and fabulous New Year. Here is to making our dreams come true and enjoying all of the steps to obtain them.

Spicing up Life

Okay I am 30, happily married for over 5 years, have two young children, a full time job, our own business and just all of the normal responsibilities of life. So how can we spice up our lives??? The time for just the two of us seems to have disappeared and I need and want it back. There was a life before all of this for us and there will be a life after this but what about when you are in the middle??? I looked up SEXTING, and they have rules - I like rules but the rules apply to people that are SEXTING people other then their spouse. I need rules for SEXTING my spouse!!!

WELL LADIES and gentlemen I found a rule list. If you are not interested no worries, but if you are here you go. I am a mother, I am a full time worker, but I am a married women too.

Good luck!!! And if you have any other ideas. I am open!!!

The 10 best sexing tips are tips that everyone should use. Using the right words and phrases can surely get your partner in the mood quickly. Learn how to get those hormones rising instantly--be a good sexter.

1.Ask your partner what they have on. Asking your partner what she has on is the best way to start a sexting conversation. It's always great if she responds that she's in her undies.

2.Sext something dirty to your partner. Use dirty words. Don't be afraid of sounding too sexual because that might be just what she need. It's amazing what a couple of words can do.3.Tell her how bad you want her. Telling your partner you need and want her is a sure way to get them in the mood.

4.Tell her you want to touch her/him all over. Let your partner imagine being touched or she may even touch herself pretending it is you doing the touching.

5.Sext them moaning words. Use words like "ohhhh" or "ummm." Those words can spark wild desires in your partner.

6.Tell your partner you have nothing on. Even if it's not true, tell her that. People get aroused by imagining others naked. If you're naked at the moment, it makes it even better.

7.Mention her name a lot in sentences. Using your partner's name is a good way to get her aroused. Everyone loves for their name to be called during sex. For example, "Judy, you're a very bad girl and it's turning me on."

8.Tell her things you are imagining. Sexting what you are imagining creates a mutual image for the both of you. This is a great tip when wanting your sexting partner to keep up with you.

9.Tell your partner what you want to do to her. Believe it or not, this makes your sexting partner want you even more. Your partner might even get so aroused she might show up at your front door if the conditions are right.

10.Use exclamation points! Exclamatory phrases are more intense expressions. For example, "You make me feel so good." and "You make me feel so good!!" Do you see how the first sentence is simple compared to the second one? Exclamation points should be used to express extreme emotion.

Just a December so far recap 12 16 2010

Well a lot is going on in my head right now. 1st I got on the scale today and I have gained 1lb - and I am freaking out. I have always had troubles with my weight and now that I am somewhat comfortable where I am it has not gotten any easier to keep it off. Also, since my surgery I have not been able to exercise. With seeing the 1lb increase on the scale I tried working out last night - and it is just too early still. So since exercise is not an option right now it is time to crack the wipe hard on the eating. So I started my day with my 3 point multi-grain Cheerios and I have an orange tucked away in my bag for my snack. It is not fun!! I am sitting here resisting while there is a fresh home made meal being cooked outside :( at work! It is our famous office Xmas breakfast... Well with the additional 1 lb I now have what 11 - 15 lbs to lose before I can reach my ultimate weight goal!! Once the New Year starts I will be picking up again on spinning, the elliptical and I want to start a class through the city a few nights a week on top of starting with 25 to 50 sit ups everyday! Come on 2011 I can do it!!!

On to the FUN stuff. Last night we baked cookies for the kids school! It is so much fun to have kids at an age that they understand what you are saying and are eager to participate! It was a family affair - Even daddy helped :)! We made cookies for each student in their classes and their teachers! Oh boy do the kids love their teachers!!!! It is teacher said this, teacher said do it this way - too cute!

On to another note. The kids went to Knott's berry farm on Tuesday with their grandma and grandpa. They had a blast but I think the weather and long day of playing wore them out. They have stated home with their wonderful dad for two days recovering from a minor cold.

As for Xmas we are done!! woo hoo. The presents are wrapped and under the tree, only the hubby has about 4 gifts for the babies that he has to put together!

Well thanks for reading my vent for the day. I hope everyone is happy, healthy, loved and loving others!

Tis the Season

YEAH I am now ready for the holiday. The Christmas tree is up, the lights are up and the presents are wrapped. And we have decided that we will be hosting the dinner at our house (I am excited - Tyson not so much he he because he has to clean everything).

Our Tree
 It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas. We also have plans to go to the Mission Inn and also go see the lights in Brea with Kristyn and Byron!

This season brings everyone closer, love grows and heals all. I want to thank him for everything.


Well this week has been amazing. I have been off all week and enjoyed myself very much, alone time with my hubby and catching up on all of the DVR shows. THANK HEAVENS for preschool being open during the week!

Almost all of the family
 Thanksgiving was such a great day. We spent it with a lot of our family. It was so much fun to be with them. The holidays are just so fun for me - because family is the most important item in life. Food, Family and Fun = THANKSGIVING.

Living Life full of love NOT drama

I want to live my life full of love not drama. I have either been part of the drama, brought on the drama or that crap follows me - either way I am moving on. I have spent the majority of my life dwelling and focusing on the items/people/situations that need to be fixed or are not working easily. Well I have too many things/people/situations that are positive, perfect (in my eyes), caring in return and never ONCE do you have to double guess what you say,feel or hear! I have caused, created and generated and even avoided most of the problems - however from this moment I am not looking back. My true friends and true family know and love me for me! They would never turn on me or tell 1/2 truths so others would side with them.
I love myself, I love my husband, I love my children, I love my mom, I love my brother, I love my grandparents, I love my aunts/uncles/cousins/nieces/nephews/sisters/in-laws, I love my friends (the ones that really fall under the family category), my book clubbers, I love you!!!
It is funny how it takes a not so happy moment for you to realize that you need to hold your beliefs tight, your love even tighter and your spirits high at all times.
30 is turning into the year for self discovery. I have lost a great deal but oh man I have gained so much more.

"People come into your life and people leave it... you just have to trust that that life has a road mapped out for you."

I can list so many examples for this (now that I have seen some of the other points on my map)

- Nick - my first husband - he came into my life and held a space for 7 years. We separated and at that moment I didn't know what to do... Well in walks two people that I could not live my life with out.
- Erin - my best friend - she came into my life at a moment that I cherish at all times. We went through a lot together, held each others hands, and helped the hearts to heal and on that path found ourselves.
- Tyson - my hubby now :) - he came into my life when I didn't want love or anyone. He showed me what TRUE HAPPINESS was and is!
- My kids. Opened my eyes and heart to the possibility of TRUE MIRACLES.
The list can go on and on. I have learned people come people go but never live with regrets. I don't regret anything in my life.  I have learned from the pain, I have grown from love and from the truth!
At the ripe old age of 30 I am still learning. I forgive but never forget. I learn and grow!

Just because I have said, done or liked things one way doesn't mean that I continue to think and operate that way. One who admits to a mistake and grows from it is a person that is evolving!

Today is Friday woo hoo!!!

Well this week has gone by fast woo hoo! While I sit here listening to a Webinar about the new elections a lot is about to change again. CHANGE - I get a little (okay maybe a lot) scared of it. But I have this great quote " Things do not change, we change." - Henry David Thoreau. CHANGE we all do it, it happens when we do and do not want it but the fact is that there is a change.

I want to be in front of the change. I want to make my own change, my own choices and chances. So as we look at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 so close I want to concentrate on my personal and professional goals. I have already started my list. Personal that one is easy (easy to list anyway). For the professional one I have ideas and thoughts of what I want but I am actually meeting with my boss next week for lunch to go over my professional goals and what the company thinks (fingers crossed on this one)! I love my job and I love what I do but I really want to learn, grow and do more!

As soon as I finish my list I will post it for everyone to see - and hold me to it as well!!

So I am challenging myself to change and I am challenging everyone else to do the same! What are your goals?

Live Laugh Love motto

Well I started my day by putting on a nice dress and making myself feel pretty again. With all of my working out I have lost 5 lbs and I want to see it stay off and keep toning on my way. Today also was the day that I changed my quote on my work white board - I have a thing for quotes. I like things that are real and inspiring for me and others.

"Things do not change, we change." - Henry David Thoreau

Well that statement is so true yet so hard to absorb all the time. I am a person that fears change however when I finally adjust or do the change I can tell it was meant to be.

The most recent change in my life was my babies. We have had a change in our daycare situation however it is working out so nice. They are happy and healthy and that is what counts!

So why did I label this post Live Laugh Love. WELL because that is what I want to focus on.

Live - Living my life to the fullest with the ones that I want to be with and the ones that want to be here. Family and friends that should have been family.

Laugh - ENJOY... Laugh at yourself, laugh, be happy. Control what you can and let the other crap go!!!

Love - MAN oh MAN do I have love around me. Love from my wonderful husband, my beautiful kids, my close family, my friends that are family and you know what LOVE for myself!!!!!

Again I will tell you 30 is going to be a great year!!!

Can you believe October is already here??

Well it looks like it has almost been another month since I posted last. So much has been going on. I have been on a family emotional roller coaster and have finally just got off that bumping ride - but don't fret I am still in the amusement park hehe.

Since my last post - my babies turned 3 and 2, we took our first family camping/riding trip and Alex even rode his new quad, I started working out daily (yes everyday for the last 14 days!! I am trying to hit 21 straight days to form a habit - I hope so!), I have made a personal decision that all of you will see shortly and also the fact that my hubby and I are basking in the fact that we are more in love today then we were 6 years ago.

The babies birthday party was so much fun. Everyone adults and children alike enjoyed jumping and laughing and of course eating those great cupcakes.

VACATION -- all I can say is THANK YOU. I am a very high stress always on the go person and never seem to stop. However, when we go camping/riding I enjoy every second of our time there - okay I can not lie I still have my blackberry and laptop but only for short stints not the entire time. I truly get to relax and enjoy myself so much on these trips. We are heading out again in November and January.

Working out has been great. Since I set myself on this goal I make myself due it no matter what. I can already feel a difference and even my hubby saw my belly the other day and stated WOW it is getting firmer woo hoo. I have also been squeezing in workout items in my down time. Doing arm squats on the bathroom sink when I am waiting for the shower, etc... I also ..... put on a pair of previously tight jeans and they fit!!!! I have mainly been concentrating on using the elliptical, sit ups, arm squats, spinning and I am actually trying a new workout class on Monday.

A personal decision - this one will be seen later.

Hubby love. My hubby and I are approaching our 5 year wedding anniversary and just past our 6 year dating anniversary. We are an awww as to how our relationship continues to grow and expand. We have our ups and downs but it is what you do together to get through them that counts. I can say I love him more today then every before.

Well enough catching up for now. Talk to you all soon

My babies birthday pictures and prep

Well I am in full birthday party ready mode. With the help of my bff Kim we were able to bake and decorate 75+ cupcakes for the birthday celebration tomorrow. I can't wait for my babies to enjoy them!

Too Cute for words

Happy Birthday from Mrs. Lori
 I also made 3 dozen small cupcakes for their school today. Talk about spoiled hehe :) !

Today was an amazing day. 3 years old where does the time go!! Love you baby boy!

Tomorrow is the birthday party for both them get ready to get wild at the bounce house!!

Plan, Planner, Planning mode

To know me is to love me. One of my qualities is the fact that I like to pre-plan EVERYTHING. So as you can imagine I am not good with surprises (that is a whole other conversation piece). Well our babies are turning 2 and 3 this year. Time flies. We have decided to combine their birthdays again and this year we already booked the indoor jump house. We are going for the wild animal theme.
1. Place - check
2. Time/Date - check (September 25th)
3. Theme - check (wild animal)
4. Give-a-ways - check (got them in yesterday)
5. Clothes - semi-check - I bought personalized shirts for both and a cute tutu for baby girl. We are going with the lime green and pink theme (no pink for bubba :))
6. Birthday pictures - booked and so excited
7. Invitations - going out next week
8. Food - just have to order from the place and a few sides (thanks mom)
9. Gifts - have my list and some already bought

Well my list is coming together and on my way I found two great people. 1 the photographer (Fortin Foto) we have her booked for September 19th!!! Our first professional outdoor photos. Well when I talked to her I told her that I was looking for an outfit for my baby girl and she referred me to Celeste (www.babytakeabow.com)! Super excited. I just ordered the above tutu and about a handful of other items with a discount. Then she gave me better news. I can host my own online party and you can get a discount too!

Please check it out www.babytakeabow.com use the promotional code andrade10! The sale is good from today August 25th to September 1st so buy quick! Great items Great price.

Thank you for your support!

What a great weekend!!

We had a great family relaxing weekend. On Saturday we used our annual pass to the LA Zoo. The weather was incredible and the babies enjoyed seeing all of the animals. We like the LA Zoo not only because it is close but you can bring in your own food. We packed a little picnic and only spent $5 bucks the entire day. We had to enjoy that fresh kettle corn :) and we used the reusable cup for drinks!

After a day with the animals we all went home and took a nap. Ahh it was pleasant and a nice change of pace for all of us. When we woke up my baby boy wanted to show me how well he drives.
He even took his sister and dad for a spin.

As for Sunday we just chilled around the house and then my mother came to watch the little ones while we went to PBR. Professional Bull Riders!! It was a great afternoon. I don't know how the riders keep doing it but they do put their lives on the line for adrenaline.

Trying to be workout and weight watcher crazy

Well I am trying to go workout/\weight watchers crazy again. The word "trying" is the big one. So I found a few things that are making it easier for me. Working out is great. I am enjoying spinning a ton and now I am trying to incorporate the p90x tone workout series. I did my first night and oh man I didn't like it, however I do have a new workout partner. My little man wants to help me. Take a look. Bye bye bean and cheese burritos and fire feta boo hoo.
So positive foods: 0 point jellos :) - my favorite, fire roasted veggies with small Greek salad 5 points, and 1 point breads :) yummy.
So hopefully I can lose this now 13 lbs by December 31st, 2010.
We are doing the bow pose


A camping we will go PART II

Well we are back from our weekend get-a-way trip safe and sound. I need to threw "safe and sound" in there because man on man. This weekend was not the vacation that I envisioned. We started out the trip on Friday. We loaded up our entire house (or I thought), our two dogs, our two dogs and my mother. It was a great ride. Dual DVD players are a necessity in our life. Well we are about 18 miles out from our campsite and BAM two tires blew! Well our trailer only has 1 spare tire so we called AAA because we purchased the extra trailer coverage. They told me NO on bringing tires so I asked can we be towed to our campsite. They called me back about 20 minutes later - while my hubby is still changing the tire on the side of the road at 11pm. N E Ways they stated no tires and the tow truck they have can't tow an RV??? WTH???? 

This is the tire we drove on
We did make it to our campsite by 1am and finally all went to bed. I have to say that the babies and dogs did very well for all of the time spent in the truck.

We did wake up to the most beautiful weather and scenery. We already want to plan another trip for next year. Our campsite was just a walk away from the water. Before we got to enjoy all of the beauty we did have to find tires. This was a great experience because we found a nice gentlemen that was able to come out and fix the tires at our campsite. So $504 dollars later we were good to go!!! Thankfully we were all safe and the good LORD was watching over us. THANK YOU!

My dirty baby girl
When the tires were done we headed off for a little bit of hiking and swimming. Here are a few photos of our family enjoying the water. PS - I left mine and my hubby's bathing suits at home :) hehe

The kids had so much fun not only in the water but in the dirt (as you can see). And who ever knows me my kids being dirty is hard for me but on this trip - go for it babies because we have a shower afterwards!

All in all this trip turned out to be pleasant. Next year we will plan and pack more accordingly and hopefully nothing will happen to the trailer.

PS - I am on the phone right now with AAA with a complaint!

Me and my baby girl
The females of the trip

Do you like Baseball?

Yesterday at work a fellow co-worker asked if I liked Baseball - Sure. Well here is 4 tickets and preferred parking to the game. I was excited to get out and do something - and HELLO it was free.

Father & Son
I got my babies dressed and out the door by 545 pm. Off we went to pick up dad from work. I have an Angel jacket from when I worked there (many moons ago) and my little girl has an Angels two piece outfit (Thanks Kayden). With us all in our red we headed to the stadium. To our surprise the place was packed on a Tuesday evening. We walk in and we are given very nice Angel hats (now we know why the lines). Well now my hubby and my baby boy get to be twiners to!!
Look at that smile - it melts your heart away.

Our View
The seats were awesome as well. The seats were located on 3rd base side and you could see everything.

All in all it was a great evening with just us! No fighting, no yelling, no screaming, no crying - all smiles and tons of fun.

Me and my baby boy
My and my baby girl

2 kids did I mention 2 kids under 3?

This weekend has not been one of my best. The kids are coming off being sick and us being away from them due to our getaway has caused a little crankiness and aggravation. This entire weekend has been a struggle. For me I wanted to be a parent so bad and it took a great deal to have two of them. They truly are my miracles and that is why when I feel down like this it makes me feel like a horrible parent.
I love them so much and I am so blessed to have them here but man oh man on times like this I can't be positive.

So my positive outlook is today we will go to bed and tomorrow we will wake up to a new better day - and oh yeah a day I go to work :)!!

Being a parent of 2 young babies is more then I ever thought it would be. Having 1 is having 1 but having 2 is like having 10!!!! Man what does that equal if you were Kate Plus 8????

A camping we will go...

We just booked our camping trip to the Kern River for an upcoming weekend. We are super excited. We are staying at Frandy Campground. I have never been there but a friend on fb suggested and off we go. This trip will have a lot of our family as well. Last weekend we celebrated my dirty 30 well now it is my cousin's turn (I will post pictures when we get back). I am excited to spend more time with the family but also to just have a simple camping trips with my kiddos and dogs.

The great thing is we were able to book everything right next to each other. We have 2 campsites for tents and 1 campsite for our RV. We are all next to each other and the price is pretty cheap.

This will also be the first trip with the new truck - ekkkk. Hubby says it will be fine so I trust him. The only thing I worry about on this trip is the 4 hour drive to the place. 2 kids under 3 in a truck with pets and nothing to do oh noooo. I did buy the dual dvd player for the kids so hopefully we can get a few movies in with some piece and quiet :)

The River Trip to remember....

My hubby and the boat
This past weekend we went to the river to celebrate my dirty 30! It was a trip to remember. My hubby and I celebrated with my cousin Shane, Chad, and Tina along with their significant others Dana, Vanessa, and Andre. My mother went along with my brother and my friend Matt. To say the least us 11 had a blast!! Friday night consisted of drinking my favorite drink - WINE!!! We also rented a boat for the two days. The boat is a tri-ton with a 190hp motor. I swear every time we go to the river I am like - yeah lets buy a boat! Hehe yeah right. Another payment and more upkeep - we will just keep renting one on the weekends.
The ladies under the London Bridge
The boat was able to hold all of us and still tube and wake board!
The guys of the trip

The girls of the trip
Me and my brother
My thing to do is layout and just relax and for me that is the hardest thing to do.

I just wouldn't be complete without my great, wonderful family.

So here is to the next 10 years!!!

Book Club

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I formed a list for self goals. Two of those goals I am so happy about. I joined a Book Club with longtime high school friends (recently reunited via Facebook :) ). We meet almost monthly and I have enjoyed the meetings along with the books so much. The other goal is trying to meet my 50 books this year. So far so good. I just finished book #29 and I have a stack waiting for me as well. I will be taking a few with me this weekend for the river!!

The last book that we read was "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson. It was AMAZING. I finished that book (it has over 500 pages) in about 3 or 4 sittings. I would have finished it earlier but my eyes started burning. This is not a typical book that I would read but once I got past the first few pages I couldn't put it down. It is a thriller, a romance (of sorts), a mystery and has a serial killer in it. The book kept you intrigued the entire time and when you thought there was no answer one appeared. Great job! I already have book #2 and #3 ordered!

A vent session

Well I just got off of the phone with Bank of the West - ahhhh.
My hubby and I recently just purchased a new vehicle - lets be honest his vehicle I have drove it once. It is his dream vehicle. 2010 fully loaded and 4x4. The only think I cared about was that is was white and not Chevy :)!
Well anyways we got a killer deal on it and the bank that gave us the lowest rate is Bank of the West. Well we got a letter in the mail saying that they do not send out ANY statements on the loan account so I go online sign up and wait for it to be active. I go online and the only thing that the website lists is the current principle balance. It doesn't show payments or how they were applied ANYTHING. So I call up the bank and they say they do not list history for short term loans and they also do not do statements. - WTH??? How am I suppose to monitor our account? How am I suppose to ensure that they are applying the payment correctly? How am I suppose to see the additional money I put with my payment is being applied to the principle?

After I am transferred to 3 departments with each one saying oh no we don't do that I finally get in touch with a (I want to say nice lady but she was actually very short with me) person that said oh yeah we supply one history statement each year free of charge. HOWEVER, it is only available after January of each year for the previous year and you have to call and request it. So my feeling is yes they do it but you have to ask and they give you the run around. Now I see why the interest rate is so low their service is too. So here I sit venting and putting a reminder in my calendar to call them January 4th - the day I return to work after the holiday!

To make my point even more crappy one person I talked to said oh if you open a checking account you can see the history. I was okay sign me up. I mailed them $100 and they opened a savings account instead of a checking account and BY the way you can't see the history even with the new account. To top it off they put a 10 day hold on my check for a $100 and it has already cleared my other bank account.
Man on man I just love Bank of the West!!!!

Girls night out at 30

Tonight I am heading out with my bff Erin to hangout. I called her this morning to confirm. She asked where are we going to dinner, I said " Um I have a gift certificate to BWW" she said hey we can go to the movies I have a gift certificate to Harkins. We both started laughing, what a long way from my first birthday we spent together in 2004. We actually had my birthday party at a bar in Chino. We even asked everyone to wear hot pink and black and we brought in balloons, cake and food for everyone. Now it is a dinner and movies because we have gift certificates. Life in your 30's is sooo different from your 20's!!!

However, despite the comic appeal our night has we are looking forward to it sooo much. An evening without the hubby and kids is a rarity. Spending time just the two of us is something I took for granted a little over 6 years ago. It use to be me and Erin for everything now we have to pencil in our time between: work, home, school, sports, exercise,etc...

So here is to a fun-filled night of being with my bff!!!

Ahhh officially 30!!!

Today was the day! It happened I let the 20's go and welcomed the 30's.

The day went great. My friends at work made me a cake! Kimmy is awesome. She asked me what cake I like best - I couldn't decide between lemon and strawberry. SO what did she do she did both but look at it!!! It came out so beautiful however the real surprise was when we cut it open. BUT before I get to that I have to tell you that this was the second cake because the first one did not come out perfectly. If you know Kimmy you know that she is a perfections and it has to be perfect which is great for me because I knew that the cake would test on so yummy!!! Well we cut that cake open for our morning snack ( don't think this one is on weight watchers but I didn't care you only turn 30 once)!.

Well to my surprise I got both cakes in one!
Man it was delicious. The two flavors together ahhh it was amazing. Everyone who tried it were really impressed! Thanks Kimmy!! My hubby was excited as well!!!

After cake I also received presents and was taken out to a very nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory ~ however I was good there I didn't have any dessert!!!

I do want to say thank you to everyone who texted me, called me and facebooked me throughout the day with your happy birthday wishes. It truly made me feel very loved and special!!
I have to say the day at work flew by. It was 4:30 before I even realized it. I raced home and had my babies waiting for me! We were dressed and out the door to celebrate with my family. We went to my traditional place - Tokyo Kitchen. My mom, brother, Cy, my grandparents, my babies, my hubby, my sister Rachie, my cuz and Vanessa and my friend Matteo livened up the party even more. With great food, great laughs and a great time!!!!

I want to once again thank everyone for a great and special day. Turning 30 is just a chance for me to fully appreciate my life and to continue on this great path!! 

My birthday celebrating starts...

Today was a great relaxing day. We started it off with swimming at my grandparents. My babies are doing so good. My little girl wants to swim by herself (with floates) but nonetheless without mommy helping. At 21 months she is making me very proud. My brother and Cy came over as well. We even took the dogs for a dip.

After swimming for several hours we were heading home for nap time - as a parent one of the best times in a day :). My hubby went to help his sister move and I layed the babies down. The babies slept in the air conditioned house while I worked out in the "sauna" of a garage that we have. So in the 34 minutes that I worked out today I think I sweated the equivalent to over an hour!!

Then my pre birthday celebrating started. We met family for dinner at Zendajas (yummy veggie burrito). My sister in law brought me the most beautiful pink roses and everyone chipped in money for me to go and buy my spinning shoes (woo hoo - someone read one of my earlier blogs hehe )!!!

Then when we got home my hubby let me open my gifts early!! They bought me matching pj's and workout clothes!! I am so excited that I put a new set of the pj's on for tonight. Well I am off to bed and when I wake up tomorrow I will be the ripe ol' age of 30.
I am not afraid, scared or even worried about turning 30. I feel very blessed and happy about where I am in my life. I love hard, I play hard, I defend hard, I work hard!!!

Good night twenties and Good Morning thirties!!!!

The Day my babies walked down the aisle... as flower girl and ring bearer that is 7 17 10

Ahhh my babies are finally fast asleep after a fun family filled day. Today was the day that we got a new family member "officially". My brother-in-law found the women of his dreams and when he asked her to marry him he asked her to marry us all!!! Within this ceremony that asked if our two babies could be part of the celebration! I was EXCITED to say the least. Both of my babies in the wedding how beautiful!!

Of course being me I had to have us all match the wedding color scheme. HOT Pink and black!!!! Even my wonderful honey wore the HOT pink tie!

We had the rehearsal dinner on Thursday and we had the kids practice about 10 times by the end they did a great job! Today we got to the church a little early for practice OMG it didn't go well. Our baby girl was her typical self - running, screaming, throwing a fit right there in the middle of the floor. I was so worried. Let me tell you I used bribery, threat, reward anything I could think of to get her to act better. Well it came time for their big entrance. My hubby and brother-in-law were the individuals opening and closing the doors and they were prepping the babies. Well the doors opened... I turned to watch from my seat and they just stood there waiting, they were holding hands eager to go. As the music started they both walked slowly, no talking and held hands the entire time. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I started crying right away. They did soooooooo good, it took my breath away.

After the wedding the photographer came up to me and told me that they were the best she has ever seen, especially being as young as they are! That made for a VERY proud mom!!!!

After my babies opened up the show the event went beautifully. The bride came in so radiantly and the groom weeping with joy that the entire room could feel the love.

The ceremony was filled with love and faith! Items that will carry these two on for a lifetime!!

After being at the festivities (with no naps) for over 6 hours it was time to head home. As we pull in Alexee is sound asleep in the car BUT not in the house. They seem to have got another spurt of energy (dang power naps)! Finally about 9 we were able to put them to bed. ahhhh.

As I upload pictures, blog, shutterfly and facebook the night away my hubby is sitting next to me drinking the rest of my wine and watching a movie. Off to bed for us!!! Goodnight everyone