Today.goals change

Today. today my goals are changing.
I have decided that I am a goal person (well duh) and with that I need goals. But my goals are changing. They no longer are going to be centered around a number, a scale, a pant size or even food. The goal is to be......


I just want to be happy. 

I have to say that being happy  - that also changes day by day and item by item. But I don't want to be ruled by anything other then being happy. 

So today...HAPPINESS is on the mind.

I am happy with my husband.
I am happy with my kiddos.
I am happy with my career. 
I am happy with ME. 
I am happy with my life. 

This is a journey. A life long journey and man oh man I hope that at the ripe old age of 36 I am finally getting that. There will always be ups and downs and zig zags along the way but I am striving for a lifetime of happiness. 

Now don't get me wrong I still want to be healthy and finding that balance in life. I want to be able to grow old with my husband and spoil my grandbabies at some point in my life (my kids listen up - no need to rush on this I plan on being here a long time a grandma in 25 years or so haha ). 
Since it has been such a long time...

Here I am in all of my glory :) 

Just living life as I can.... 

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Catch up time

Who knows why I don't write much anymore and who cares. I do miss it however at the same time I have been focusing on enjoying the moments we are creating instead of writing about them every minute. A torn view I guess. 

To catch up.... Well I finally hit a wall on my health. I feel like I am slowly finding what that balance is. I don't want to be crazy food tracker for my life but I also don't want to be unhealthy and unfit. So balance I am finding. I have decided I do need cardio in my life....insert sad face here. But ultimately I know it will benefit me mind body and soul. 

Here is me today.... Lighting sucks. 
A little black leather pants, blue and gold! And today is a day I feel great! Take it day by day! 

As for us...well we had our first of many parent/kid dates of 2016 just the other night. The boy wanted a date with me to the arcade, movies and fro yo. Holding my hand the entire time. I think dates and one on one time is fabulous. 
While we were doing our thing. The girl and dad went ice skating (thank god  she picked him for that activity) and redbox and fro yo as well! 

We also started marriage counseling - it is an amazing thing. It helps you with clear communication and strengths your relationship for sure. 

This weekend was one that a lot happened yet felt amazing. We did a few crafts and finished up a few projects. 

Then to finish off the weekend we went shooting with my bestie and her soon to be hubs. 
I love spending time with her and we are learning to protect ourselves! 
So all in all. Here we are. 

Mind body soul
Live laugh love

Until the next time...

Positive mind

Boy doesn't this ring so true. I am still adjusting...yes still ...from the show. Some days I feel defeated others I feel like a million bucks. It is all adjusting. When you workout 6-7x a week and live at the gym - that does it to you. It is finding LIFE again. 

Today is Valentine's Day and the first thing I have to do is love me! And love me in each stage of my progress.
And let me tell you where I am right now is a place that I can grow from, a place I can get fit at, I can only go up from here but down in weight. I don't want to focus solely on the number but the number is bad! But beyond that I am not feeling well...literally I don't feel well in my clothes...
So I booked my trainer 2 days a week and I already have a spin session tomorrow. The workouts keep me sane and I want that for arm and bikini body again...but don't worry no starving myself or working out 6-7 x a week haha.

I do have to get my food back in the control section for sure. Mind over matter. 

So positive I am leading with plus a big side of determination and I will get my will power back! 

Upward and onward! 

The Emotional Diet

I am what 7-8 weeks from my bikini show and due to having a horrible coach, a meal plan that literally wrecked my system up I am having struggles.

Since the show I am up 6lbs - part water, part eating normal food, part boycotting anything that the trainer did to me. 

As the days go on I have come to the point that I have to work through this stuff and admit that he treated me wrong, I paid him to coach me and he damaged me. I am strong enough to admit that. This isn't passing blame but literally accepting and releasing it. The more I talk about the more I release and can get back to me. 

I have gotten back into the swing of things ....kind of. 

I workout 3-5 x a week. Concentrating on HIIT and muscle building. 

Food I have slowly increased my calories up and macros on point. 

Here is the issue because I was given a "meal plan" of pure crap.... 12 almonds and ground turkey and green beans several times a day - I was deprived off so much and what a shitty way to do it.  

So now  I don't want to restrict myself and I am learning to regain my emotional behavior. 

That has lead me into interviewing new trainers and rebuilding my self from a scientific way! And guess what you eat food?? Gasp !!! And fitness and food are part of my life NOT my life. 

This has also lead me to having the right people in my life - supportive people and ones that want to help me not be harmful. One trainer recommended this book to me and I am loving it. It is about living a life that is healthy, happy and trim. The first chapter already captivated me - we are not driven by logic - we are driven by emotion. 
I feel that I have the power to get through this and be the best I have ever been. 
But the first step is admitting that I need to this for me! 
So follow me on my journey of coming back from a bikini show and heading to a life that is a balanced bikini healthy lifestyle. Mind body soul! 

What is a FIT mom???

I was asked what is a FIT mom....

I literally have no clue --- but what I do know is ---what I do day in and day out.

I am a mom.
I am a full time working mom out of the home.
I am a wife.
I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Being that my schedule is packed from the moment I wake up to the moment I lay down...this life is an organized chaos that is a well balanced lifestyle. 

So as a FIT mom I focus on eatting from home about 90% of the time - what does that mean??? I make breakfast, lunches, dinners for all 4 of us daily/weekly. We pre-plan meals and utilize services like Farm Fresh to you for our fruit and veggies and we started using Hello Fresh as well. We buy a lot of items bulk from sams. 

Working out?? - well I focus on 4-5 days a week at the gym. Now I have to say I utilize our wonderful after school daycare for this. I FIT in the gym and then race to get them to have dinner, homework and family time. What about the Hubs and kiddos? Well the hubs goes before work and the kiddos have PE two days a week and gymnastics. We also enjoy walking to school when we can. Also as a family we try to be active as we can with hiking, bike riding and even kid play zones! 

So what is the key??? Scheduling, balance, FITting it all in. 

I have to say this is a lifestyle ...a journey with no end... Just keep going. 

For me I have to say also having a supportive other half makes this journey worth the time and effort! Common goals and lifestyle! 
We do this because we love ourselves and want to set an example for our children!!!! 

Look I even created my own HIIT workout....a lot in a little amount of time... I should also say 2+ hours in the gym - no way! Nope! That is not a balanced life. I need quality not quantity! 

It works....wraps

So I bit the bullet and I started the wraps!!!! Results to be posted soon! I love this stuff.  

The product is easy and affordable...

I use it on my stomach!!! Will be trying it soon on my legs as well!! 

Do you want to join me....

Have you tried that Crazy Wrap Thing?

Cooking light

Oh how I have missed cooking...and for my hubs he misses my baking. 

I love to cook. 
I love to try new things. 
I have been storing up my food magazines waiting to be back to normal. 

Because of having such a high protein intake for so long from meat I wanted to find other ways to get in my protein... 

Tonight's menu included 

Clean veggie burgers from cooking light August 2015 magazine...

A whole of natural items and no meat woo hoo. I have decided to try out some meatless meals for my entire family to enjoy. 

Tonight was a big hit...
I layered it with an avocado/salsa verde topping, Ezekiel bread, red onion and pickles. Yum yum - the hubs and kiddos added cheese. 

Easy peasy 

1 can of black beans - I get no or low sodium 
Olive oil 
Shallots/red onion 1/2 
Uncooked quinoa 1/3 cup 
Mushrooms 4oz I used can 
Minced garlic 
Cilantro I used dried 1 tsp
Red chilies 
Cumin 1 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Chile powder 1/4 tsp
1 large egg 
Tomatillo salsa 

Put 1/2 can of black beans in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. 

Put in food processor - other 1/2 of beans, all seasonings, chilies, egg and 1/2 of the quinoa uncooked, mushrooms 

In a sauce pen sauté the other 1/2 of the quinoa and shallots. Then add to the food processor. 

Once all of the food is processed put in a bowl and add the 1/2 can of beans from oven in it. 

Divide into 4 patties and put into a pan with olive oil leave for 10 minutes first side and 5 on the other.